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2 Energy consumption analysis M.S.E.B bill Load Factor Maximum Demand Power Factor Rs./unit M.S.E.B. T.O.D. Tariff P.P.R.H.D.P.E.P.V.C. Energy Management system Cumulative P.V.C. Others Extrusion division Grinder/ Pulvariser Socketing division Mixer division Utility Compressed air system Chilled water system Vacuum system Demand Management ENERGY CONSERVATION Real time measurement of consumption of Electric power 2

3 Energy Management System The entire manufacturing activity has been divided into different sub activities depending on nature of operations. Each power consuming equipment has been provided with multifunctional meter and at present approximately 200 multifunctional meter are deployed. Thus equipment wise and shift wise power consumption data is available at SCADA station. The energy balance is also checked at various levels of power distribution system. With this system it is possible to measure losses at various levels of power distribution system. The equipment wise power consumption data helps in evaluating the specific energy consumption of each equipment thus enabling the user t o under take gap analysis and formulating improvement plans. Maximum demand controller helps in monitoring and controlling the bill demand. 3

4 Energy Management System 132 kv MD Controller C & P (11kv)HDPE/PPR (11kv) PVC Pipe (11 kv) UtilityGrinderExtruder CanteenHMFROTOCPVCPVC LTPCC Grinder/ Pulveriser MixerExtruder SparesCapacitorsUtilitySocketing Grinder/ Pulveriser MixerExtruder Energy Management System (E.M.S.) Statistical Analysis Objective :- Energy conservation LTPCC 4

5 Energy Management Report PVCCPVC UnitsProductionUnits / KgUnitsProductionUnits / Kg For the day Cumulative HDPEPPR UnitsProductionUnits / KgUnitsProductionUnits / Kg For the day Cumulative Roto MouldingHMFC&PXF Total Units For the day Cumulative Daily Power Consumption 5

6 Energy Management Report Areawise Power Consumption Allocation SNSNSub sectionsPVCCPVCHDPEPPRROTOHMFC&PXF 1 Extruders 2 Mixer 3 Utility 4 Socketing 5 G/P 6 Others a) Plant Lighting b) Yard Lighting c).Offices d) Common Facility e) 11 KV Transformer Losses Total 6

7 Energy Management Report 1Areawise allocation Daily Variance Cumulative Variance 2MSEDCL units 3MD Controller Units 4132 KV I/C ( 1 OR 2) 511 KV O/G # 1 611 KV O/G # 2 711 KV O/G # 3 8MSEDCL MD 9MSEDCL (PF for Day) 7

8 Energy Management Report PVC ------ Performance of Specific Energy Consumption Sr No. U/Kg (Target)U/Kg (For the day)U/Kg (Cumulative) 1Extrusion 2Mixer 3Utility 4Socketing 5G/P 6Other Total 8


10 PROJECTS FOR ENERGY CONSERVATION 2010-11 S.N.Energy Saving Proposal Investment in Rs Remark 1 Use of PIR sensor for material conveying blowers room to switch off lights 5000 2 Control hot water flow in mixer and cooling water flow in cooler jackets to optimize cycle time and optimize Specific power - hot water from air compressors discharge / solar water system 378000 Trial conducted on Heater mixer, HM- 111 insulated on dated 10/5/2010. Saving observed 0.002 units/kg. 3 Change the layout such that air is blown at the bottom & behind all root blowers (auto mixer conveyor blower room) so as to carry the heat out through the other diagonally opposite opening at the top of the room. 1 blower can be removed and VFD for one bl 100000 Work in progress to be completed in last week of May-10. 4 Use of ADSC (Auto Delta Star Converter) for Mixer- 2/10/11/15/211 cooler motor 65000 Trial of auto start delta conducted at cooler mixer no-11 on dated 12/5/10 5 Optimization of Higher Specific power of mixers -2, 8,11,15 & 17 by maintenance etc 1100000 Work in progress, blade set to be ordered. 6Power analyzer for energy conservation purpose.80000For in-house energy audit. 7Ultrasonic air Leak Detector300000 For in-house checking of all air Leakages in the plant. 8 Stop use of blowers or optimize blower air flow used on heaters of Extrusion machines 525000 Implemented on 35 nos machine with controller setting. Saving 0.004 units/kg, remaining extruder requires temperature controller of make "SELECTRON" 9 Install close loop VFD on Vacuum pumps of vacuum tank at Extrusion machines PVC plant 2080000 Implemented on machine no-11. Saving 1.86 units/hr observed. 10

11 Use of Automatic Voltage Regulator (AVR) at Lighting feeder-PVC plant 400000 1 no. unit for hall # 1 to 5, 1 no. unit for hall # 7 to 12 of PVC / CPVC plant. 11 Insulation of chilled water lines & Calibrator vacuum tank to save surface cooling losses 160000 Implemented on M/C no-10 on dated 11/5/2010. To be implemented on balance vacuum tanks. 12Use of Genie energy saver with timer controller11000 To be tried on one A.C., then implement on balance A.C.'s 13Use of VFD for Air compressors at PVC rework division.110000 14 Use of VFD for ventilation blower at PVC grinder plant and open discharge damper fully 75000 15 Use of VFD for Dust collection blower -1 at PVC grinder plant and open discharge damper fully 90000 16Use of VFD for Air compressors E-45 / E-22110000 17Use of VFD for Air compressors E-15110000 11

12 18Use of VFD for Air compressors at ROTO/HMF division.110000Implemented in June-10 19 Use of photo sensors / timer controller for street light feeders-12 locations 10000 To be tried on one location, then implement on balance locations. 20 Use of VFD for Aspirator blowers - 1 & 2 at PVC mixer plant and suction damper fully opened. 180000Trial conducted. 21 Installation of Sandwich Energy Efficient Flat belt transmission system on main motor at Extrusion machines or Direct coupling of main motor to gear box and avoid belt system to save power as extruder is operated with VFD. 43077 To be tried on one machine then implement on balance extruders. 22 Replace motor and gear box for vertical screw feeder motors with PMSM at extrusion machines (13 nos)-PVC plant. 10154 To be tried on one machine then may be implemented on balance extruders. 23 Replace motor and gear box for Haul off motors with PMSM at extrusion machines (13 nos)-PVC plant. 11692 To be tried on one machine then implemented on balance extruders. 24 Modifications to present raw water system at Raw water treatment plant at PVC plant. 75000 25Use of Energy Efficient Vac blow air guns for cleaning.275000 26 Thyristorized control system for electrical heaters at extrusion machines - PVC plant. 70000 To be implemented on M/C no-10, after successful results it can be implemented on balance extruders. 27Use of premafrost for Air conditioners.---Offer awaited 28 Installation of flat belt transmission system on Pulveriser motors to save power consumption. 150000 29 Installation of cogged belt transmission system on Grinder motors to save power consumption 210000 TOTAL6843923 12

13 ENERGY SAVING PROJECTS 2011-12 1 MODIFICATION IN CALIBRATOR TO REDUCE AIR CONSUMPTION(5 EXTRUSIO LINE) 1.5 Monitoring the energy saving on continuous basis. 2COOL MIXER JACKET INSULATION0.40Reduce Heat load of Chiller. 3VFD FOR COOLER MIXRE MOTOR- Qty-14 Nos7.00 Energy saving by reducing speed of motor during idle run. 4 INSTALLATION OF FLAT BELT SYSTEM ON Extruder no--2 &10 1.3 3 to 4% Power saving due to improved transmission effeciency. 5 RESCHEDULING OF CAPACITOR BANK IN CRTAEs &PALLET(25 KVAR-2000T/25 KVAR-2400 T 0.1IMPROVE P.F AT LOAD END 6 FIXED CAPACITOR BANK-50 KVAR ON CRATE &PALLET TRANSFORMER 0.1REDUCED TRANSFORMER LOSS 7 APFC PANEL WITH HARMONIC FILTERATION-100 KVAR(ROTO) 1.5ROTO MOULDING-improve P.f at load end; 8 APFC PANEL -150 KVAR GRINDING SECTION(Grinder/Pulvariser) 1.0 Grinder / Pulvariser dept -improve P.f at load end; 13

14 11 USE OF PMSM MOTOR HAUL OFF EXTRUSION MACHINE-No-02 & 10 0.22 MACHINE 12 USE OF PMSM MOTOR EXTRUDER FEEDER MOTOR. MACHINE no2 &-10 0.182 MACHINE 13USE SYNTHETIC OIL FOR SCREW COMPRESSOR0.15 Monitoring the Benefite as well as life of consumables(oil filter & separatos) for six month period & then decide for other compressors. 14 CONTROL OF WATER PRESSURE FOR SEC.CHILLER & SEC PROCESS CENTRALLISIED EATER SYSTEM BY USING VFD & PLC 5.5 Order to be released in the first week of Nov 2011. 15 CONTROL OF HINGNA PUMPING STATION (Man Less Operation) 6.5 16 WATER TREATMENT SYSTEM WATER PUMP -7.5 H.P (EEC SERIES)- 04NOS 1.32Using of Energy efficient water pumps. 17 600KVR HT CAPACITOR FILTER BANK FOR 132KV SUBSTATION 5.25 1) Improve P.F of sub station.2)Quotation & technical discussion with supplier in progress. 18 OPTIMIZE THE TRANSFORMER LOSSES 132 KV BY LOAD SHARING ---Minimse No load losses. 19 USE VFD FOR DUST COLLECTION SYSTEM FOR HALL NO-07 TO 11 & MIXER AUTOMATION HALL NO-02 TO-03 - Qty - 03 nos. 6.0 Energy saving due to speed control during low output requirment. 20 OFF LINE SOCKETING MACHINE (HEATING LOSS MINIMISATION)- Qty - 09 nos 0.36 Energy saving due to reduction in heat losses 21 GLAND TYPE PUMP CONVERTED INTO MECH SHAFT SEAL -QTY-25NOS 0.753% energy saving. 22 INCREASE SUN LIGHT TO REDUCE LIGHTING IN DAY TIME FOR ALL MIXER HALL --- Energy saving by eliminating the use of lights during late evening hours. 14

15 23 REDUCE THE HEIGHT OF STREET LIGHT ON BOUNDARY Qty - 30 nos. 0.15 Improve the lux level & reduce the no. of lamps. 24 INSULATION FOR DIE ZONE HEATERS TO REDUCE THE HEAT LOSSES. Qty - 64 lines UPVC 3.2 Energy saving due to reduction in heat losses 25 INSTALLED DEMAND CONTROLLER IN CRATE &H.D.P.E DIVISION 0.8 Control of Individual division max,demand 26 Alluminium Fins provided to BZ3 zone for control friction heat. Qty - 02 nos. 0.54Save energy & Improve productivity. B AWARENESS OF T.O.D UTILZATION FOR FOLLWING SECTIONS 1)Roto Moulding division- Extruder, Grinder & Pulveriser 2) UPVC & CPVC,HDPE/PPR divisionGrinder & Pulveriser Total Qty - 25 nos. 2.00 Energy & Hour meter providing for indivdual equipment for assessing specific energy consumption during various time slots. 35.92 15

16 Salient features As policy, we have decided that we will buy efficiency 1 motor with all new machinery. we will be replacing the existing motors with efficiency 1 motors at opportune times. We have introduced conditioning chemicals for water treatment. The parameters like STD, COC and LSI are being continuously monitored. This has resulted in drastically reducing the frequency of acid descaling of heat exchangers. The better heat transfer at heat exchangers of chillers has resulted in achieving optimum SPC of chillers. Waghur river water lifting pumping station is run on MSEB power supply as far as possible despite the fact that power feeder is a rural one having very high load shedding cycles. this has resulted in minimum use of D.G. power & hence substantial saving in power cost. Solar lighting was provided at truck terminus. The performance is being assessed for wider applications. 16

17 Source :-Values Of Performance Characteristic Of 4 Pole Energy Efficient Induction Motors IEEMA – 19 - 2000 Rating Output kW Full Load Speed Min.Rev./Min Full Load Current Max. Amps. (415V) Efficiency (equal or above) Effi. 2Effi. 1 0.3713301.466.073.0 0.7513602.273.082.5 1.513803.878.585.0 3.714108.184.088.3 5.5142011.485.789.2 7.5143015.487.090.1 11.0144022.088.491.0 18.5144036.090.092.2 30.0145056.091.493.2 45.0146084.092.593.9 75.01470134.093.694.7 90.01470164.093.995.0 110.01480204.094.495.2 125.01480234.094.795.5 132.01480247.094.795.5 160.01480288.095.095.8 17

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