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COMPANY PROFILE “Working the extra miles is our culture to exceed customers expectations…..”

Founded in 1999 by Hj Taib bin Kaman Originally set-up to conduct trading business Inspired by his previous employment with Shapadu Group of Companies and Distripark in Port Kelang he applied for Customs Brokerage Licence. Awarded with customs brokerage licence in the same year A mandatory licence to conduct customs brokerage and clearance works in Malaysia for commercial market Approved Customs Agent

Started with small customer base handling local customs clearance, Pro-Active emerged as one of most active Bumiputra customs agent in Port Kelang Due to demanding market for total logistics services, Pro-Active expanded its business into warehousing and land transportation to cater customers total logistics requirement Registered with MOF to qualify for handling of government cargo under RM 200,000 contract in 2004 MOF Registered Agent Registered with MOF now to qualify for upto RM 500,000 logistics contract for government cargo

4 MOF registered customs agent qualified to handle contract below RM 200,000 and below
(Certificate No.) BP (Registration No.) 09/07/ /07/2017 (Validity Period) MOF Registered Customs Agent Mandatory Requirement Service Code – Customs Clearance Agent

5 Worldwide Networking Today Pro-Active is represented in more than 60 locations worldwide to cater ‘door to door’ shipping services

6 Scope of Services Customs broker for customs clearance documentation and handling services Haulage services for total distribution scope of works including warehousing, pick & pack and re-packaging Packing and removal for personal effects Packing and removal for industrial market Multimodal freight services incorporating combined movement by sea + air + rail + land services Chartering and ship-brokerage Duty and Tax Exemption application and management for plant materials and equipment

7 Scope of Services Customs documentation and clearance services
This service includes preparation of customs documentation. Filling up of this document must adhere to customs procedures as per Customs Acts 1967, Royal Malaysian Customs & Excise Clearance works will include verification of tariff codes for each product declared and examination of goods by customs officer to ensure all goods intended for import or export are in accordance to descriptions provided in customs forms. Only qualified staff are allowed to handle this job as they are certified by the Customs Dept through its training programs.

8 Scope of Services (cont….)
Having been involved in many projects Pro-Active provides storage services for both bonded and non-bonded cargoes. The bonded services will assist customer to effect clearance only when goods are needed at their production areas hence the need for cash upfront for payment of import duty is preserved according to requirement. To complement this services Pro-Active provides transportation services especially for ready goods directly as requested by customers. Pick and pack services is available for small consignments Warehousing and Distribution Services

9 Transport Fleet (Distribution Services)
2 units of 3 tonner trucks 3 units of 10 tonner trucks 4 units 40’ trailers

10 Scope of Services (cont….)
Packing & Removal – Industrial and Personal Effects Personalized service provided by our staff has earned us the trust from our regular customers and induced more supports from new customers especially from government department and agencies. This progress has virtually forced us to form a team of professional packers to perform packaging works for both personal effects and industrial market in our removal, plant transfer and exhibition projects

11 Scope of Services (cont….)
Multimodal freight services - Combined Transport In today’s demanding market innovation and creativity in transport services are the important elements positioning us in the driving seat of market leaders in freight forwarding services. Combined transport mode involving sea, air and rail services has created today’s prominent word of ‘multi-modalism’ in transport industry. With massive agency networking worldwide, Pro-Active offer this service to assist customer to reach out to their customer where seaport is not available as choice of transportation e.g. Turkmenistan, Kazakhstan and other CIS countries.

12 Road/Sea/Air/Road Service (RSAR)

13 Value-added Services Overall project logistics for infra-structure, power, energy, oil and gas industry, aircraft parts and military equipment From pre-delivery study upto door to door delivery from any point of the world including project inventory management reports Value-added services including customs brokerage, packaging, heavy haulage and lifting, barging (shipping) and positioning or installation of equipment Duty and/or tax exemption application for full plant equipment and materials Multimodal transportation mode involving rail/road overland, sea and air transportation including chartering of specialized vessels for heavy-lift cargoes.

14 Pro-Active as Tax Exemption Consultant
To ensure our customer to enjoy maximum benefits of the Import duty and sales tax exemption Pro-Active works along with Freight Forwarders in each of it’s project logistics management. Accurate data input between freight forwarding or shipping documentation along exemption approval will ensure qualification of each item for exemption from duty/taxes and avoid delays in delivery of goods to project site. Right partnership in this tax consultancy is vital in any mega project like RAPID.

15 Tax Exemption Consultancy
Pro-Active Vision Sdn Bhd is a well experience tax consultant in Malaysian project businesses since 1992. We have jointly executed various projects with various freight forwarders in the past successfully Pro-Active employs staff who has hands-on experience in freight forwarding and shipping business to ensure better understanding in executing its exemption application works since they are related to customs HS codes used during importation of goods or equipment

16 Relations of works – Tax Consultant & Forwarders
(MTO) All submission for duty and tax exemption will be done in accordance to HS code used in customs clearance process during importation of goods Importation of goods MUST comply to terms and conditions given in each exemption approval Failure to comply to exemption requirement and any discrepancies of data in shipping document as against approved data in exemption application may result in disqualification of exemption or cause delay in customs clearance MTO will ensure/coordinate that all shipping documentation e.g. B/Ls, AWB, shipping manifest, commercial invoice or packing list to comply with data in exemption approval All shipment will be coordinated according to Exemption requirement between MTO & Tax Consultant within same office. Tax Consultant will allocate staff in MTO office Any discrepancies or operational problems shall be resolved immediately within same office

17 List of major customers for projects logistics

18 List of major projects logistics & tax consultancy
PETRONAS LUBRICATION PLANT, TANGGA BATU, MELAKA Total 140,000 cbm of mixed cargo from all over the world PETRONAS FERTILIZER KEDAH (PFK), GURUN Total 210,000 cbm of mixed cargo from all Japan and otherpart of the world PETRONAS NPK PLANT, GURUN Total 30,000 cbm of mixed cargo from Spain and Europe BASF PETRONAS CHEMICAL PLANT, GEBENG, KUANTAN Total 220,000 cbm of mixed cargo from Europe and Japan VARIOUS TNB SUB-STATION PLANTS


20 PFK Plant Lifting the CO2 into vertical position including provisions of rigging drawings, method of statement and rigging supervisor to supervise the lifting for installation of two (2) units C02 equipment weighing 64 to 75MT, each at Petronas Refinery Plant at Gurun, Kedah. Lifting of a new reactor onto our modular trailer (300 Tons cargo). The new reactor was later erected on the same location using the same units of cranes. For other turnaround lifting activities, we had utilized a 160 Tons Truck Crane. Total of 210,000 F/tons were transported from Japan and Europe including installation and preparation of temporary jetty for landing of oversized and heavy cargoes at Ampang Jajar

21 NPK Plant GURUN, KEDAH NPK and Petronas Fertilizer Kedah Sdn. Bhd. Starts operations in Producing fertilizer with production capacity of 310,000 metric ton per year. Able to produce 12 formulation of fertilizers. Total of 30,000 F/tons of cargo being transported from Europe and Spain including heavy-lift cargo. Scope of works includes pre-transport route survey, technical drawing for lifting and loading of heavylift cargo onto mother vessel. Specialized heavy-lift vessel were chartered to carry cargo from Comspain Ltd, Spain and discharged at Penang Port, Malaysia then being transferred to Gurun in multiple types of transport equipment

One of most demanding project for skills and experience in handling heavy cargo. Heaviest unit was a 600m/tons reactor being transported from Germany through Danube River from its homeland to Port of Rotterdam for loading onto a heavy-lift vessel. Cargo then discharged at Kuantan onto a multi-axles trailers and transported to project site at Gebeng, Kuantan. Total cargo – 120,000 f/tons including cargo brought in via airfreight from all over the world.

TENAGA NASIONAL BERHAD Airfreight cargo for projects Various power projects by TNB for transportation of Generator set and transformers etc. Co-Generation Plants And various commercial projects in Malaysia and Far East area Acetylene Plant In Malaysia, Shah Alam

24 Team’s Strength Major Transportation Management
One-off, large projects that involve specialized handling require a project management team with experience and expertise. SCSB professionals work closely with industry leaders in both domestic and international transport to assist in the accurate planning and implementation of your project freight. Customized Solutions Skilled PAVSB staff will consult with you throughout each stage of the project. Our proven project management approach involves initial scoping and analysis, solution development, pricing, planning, implementation, right through to operation. Our professional team will co-ordinate your project in the most efficient and cost effective way possible.

25 Organisation Chart – Effective 1st October 2014
Md Taib Kaman Principal Consultant Yunus Md Nor Chief Executive Officer Haron Hj Shamsudin Senior Consultant Faisal Basri Consultant (MOF) Norafandee Mohd Lambri Consultant Fauzi Yait Consultant (MIDA) Rosman Kamaruddin Expeditor Feroz Abasi Expeditor Muhammad Jamaluddin Expeditor Yusof Khan Hamzah Documentation Executive Syahrizal Ayob Operations Executive Mohd Nizam Che Ri Expediting Officer

26 Your reliable project team – Contact List
Our Special Project Team – General Line (603) Taib Kaman - Managing Director H/P : (6019) Md Yunus Md Nor – Chief Executive Officer H/P : (6010) Haron Shamsudin – Business Development Manager H/P : (6017) Azman Johar - Branch Manager (Southern Reg) H/P : (6012) Website : /



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