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SOLAR ENERGY for a SMART VILLAGE. SUN The Infinite Source of Energy In one hour more sunlight falls on the earth than what is used by the entire population.

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2 SUN The Infinite Source of Energy In one hour more sunlight falls on the earth than what is used by the entire population in one year. It is the most readily available Renewable source of energy that we have access to on our planet.

3 TAXES GOVERNMENT INFRASTRUCTURE New Modern Concept INFRASTRUCTURE Infinite Existence SUN Infinite Present Scenario

4 Stone Age Agricultural Revolution Industrial Revolution Information Age Knowledge Zenith PROGRESSION OF MANKIND 1 10 3 10 6 10 9 10 12 THE PROGRESS OF MAN & THE EXTENT OF HIS REACH WITH PROGRESSING ERAS

5 Types of Solar Systems PV systems Off Grid On Grid With Battery Without Battery Feeding into State Grid Thermal systems Solar systems

6 Solar PV Dye Sensitized Cell Amorphous Silicon CIGS CdTe Crystalline

7 Directly converting Sunlight into Electricity Cross Section of Solar Cell Solar Photovoltaic

8 Parabolic Collector Linear FresnelStirling Dish Tower Technology NICC Solar Thermal

9 RSIC – Mohali Thermal and PV system combined NICC-BTU Steam (upto 165° C) Solar-Thermal Technologies

10 Prototype for Rural Electrification Via PV 1.Solar array 2.Inverter 3.Operation Building 4.Battery Bank 5.Inverter Charger 6.AC Distribution Board 7.AC Island grid

11 PV Electrification – Rural India 100kwp Plant at Jaari, Jharkhand The 20kWp Jhargaon Plant, the 1 st 3 Phase Plant in India



14 RAMPURA : Plant Name:-Rampura Plant Capacity:-8.7 kWp Commissioning Date:-26/1/2009 DeveloperBERGEN NGODA Total Generation(kWh)52,514.00 Fixed Tarrif Plant for 46 Houses per Month(Rs) Rs 4.5 per unit + 20 minimum charge Connected Load5 KW Average Daily Billing30 kwh Monthly Expense(Rs)5000 Monthly Revenue(Rs)4050

15 Site Layout

16 Weekly Village Consumption Pattern Village Consumption pattern ConsumptionWeekkWh 31.9170.9 102.82118.6 221.43163.6 3854172.9 557.95175.7

17 A Show Piece- Classical Case of Rural Empowerment 20KWp 3PHASE MINI GRID JHARGAON,GUMLA DISTRICT JHARKHAND

18 JHARGAON SNAPSHOT Plant Name:Jhargaon Plant Capacity:-20 kWp Commissioning Date:-30/4/2010 DeveloperBERGEN Total Generation(kWh)18,340.00 NGOHOLY CROSS SISTERS Fixed Tariff Plan for 45 Houses per Month (Rs)60 Connected Load12 KW Average Daily Generation25 kWh Average Monthly Collection (Rs)2700/- Average Expenses Monthly5000/-

19 Jhargaon Power Plant Project initiated by Hon’ble Member Parliament (Rajya Sabha), Madam Rebello and executed by the Bergen Group The plant has benefitted the villagers in more than one way: Provided electrification to more than 50 households Livelihood provided to a number of people through small scale applications like Water Pumping for Irrigation, Rice Mill, Flour Mill, Educational benefits to the children of the village Better health through provision of filtered water TV provided to the community for their recreation and information The village economy has received a major boost through the electrification programme

20 Jhargaon- Highlights 3 Phase to support Irrigation Pump Home Lighting Water Filtration Rice Mill Flour Mill Village Community Centre Healthcare Centre Solar Fridge to store life saving drugs provided to Levan Barvai Hospital, Rampur, Chainpur

21 Flour Mill Powered by Solar Energy

22 Rice Mill powered by Solar

23 Irrigation Using Solar Power

24 Sun for All Irrigation Village Electrification CC Lantern + Module Industry Battery Substation Economic Growth of Village Population MARKET I India’s Smart Village

25 Benefits of Solar Energy

26 Solar Based industry in rural areas (silicon, wafer, cell, module etc. ) Solar for Agriculture (water pumping) Education for the society Cottage industries (solar lanterns, home lighting equipments, etc.) Generating Employment

27 Telecom Towers Irrigation Systems Household Lighting Street Lighting Systems Rural Empowerment

28 Steam – Food Processing Extraction of Mentha Oil from Mentha herbs Steam is passed through the herbs for extracting oil. Milk Industry Utilized in Pasteurization & Heating. Rice Production Employed in removal of stalks & other foreign materials; drying of rice. Sugar Industry Use of Steam in various processes of sugar production. Tea Industry Utility in oxidation process, without modifying flavour.

29 Cold Storages – Bolstering Indian Village Agriculture Against a production of 180 million tonne a year of fruits, vegetables and perishables, India has a capacity of storing only 23.6 million tonne in 5,386 cold storages across the country, of which, 80 per cent is used only for potatoes. 25 to 30 per cent of fruits and vegetables and 5-7 per cent of food grains in India get wasted.

30 Health Sector Solar for Rural Health Centers Hot Water for Laundry & Kitchen Steam Sterilization Solar Fridges for Drug storage

31 Paper & PulpTextileDairyLeatherFood Processing Cottage Industries utilizing Hot Water/Steam

32 Solar LEDs used to grow vegetables at home and farm houses through photosynthesis Application of Solar LED’s in Agriculture

33 Development of a Modern Village ECONOMIC SOCIAL INFRASTRUCTURE HEALTH EDUCATION Hospital Police Station SewerCold Storage PowerHousingTelecom PlaygroundSchoolIndustryCemetery

34 THANK YOU By :- Rajinder Kumar Kaura CMD- Bergen Associates Pvt. Ltd. V.P. – Solar Energy Society of India Email :

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