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Yarmouth Waste Water Department Sewer User Fees February 20, 2014.

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1 Yarmouth Waste Water Department Sewer User Fees February 20, 2014

2 Area Fee Comparisons 2010 MRWA Survey- @8000 cf/yr Portland- $629.60 Cumberland- $781.60 S. Portld- $298.04 Cape Eliz.- $791.04 Westbrk- $504.00 Gorham- $592.60 Wind’m- $650.88 Freeport- $595.04 Brnsw’k- $353.60 Falmouth- $447.24 AVERAGE- $564.36

3 Assumptions Revenue Target $1,000,000 (Approximately 70% of total cost)…about equal to the O/M and capital (including debt service) costs. 2,314 service accounts assumed. Flow Volumes from 2012 Water District Data Regional Rate Data from 2010 Maine Rural Water Association (MWRA) Rate Study

4 Proposed Fee Structure: Hybrid Tiered Use Based Fee Rate Tiers: Small- Standard- Large- Industrial Small user (lowest 15% users) 0-2800 cf Standard (mid 70% of users) 2801-12,000 cf Large (In the top 85-95% users) 12,001-21,900 cf Industrial- (Top 5% users) >21,900 cf * Annual flow to be calculated on fourth quarter lowest flow rate normalized for a full year

5 Proposed Tier Fee Amounts Small User: $100/year Standard User: $350/year Large User: $575/year Industrial User: $1,550 plus a surcharge of 2 cents per cubic foot of water use over 21,900 CF per year

6 Discounts 20% discount for seniors 70 years of age and over; 50% discount for low income folks that qualify for LIHEAP criteria. Discounts may be combined for a maximum of 60% discount

7 Septic Tank Pump Out Program Program will be abandoned, however septage from Yarmouth residences will be accepted at the treatment plant at no charge; Town will continue to notify residents that tanks should be pumped out on a three year cycle; Septic System subsidy program will be abandoned.

8 Hybrid Tiered Approach Summary Table NumberTierRevenueUsage RangeCumberlandFalmouthFreeport Rate Class of UsersSystemProjection(Cubic Feet)Fee Low 347$100.00$34,710.00 0-2,800 Standard 1,620$350.00$566,930.00 2801-12,000 $781.60$447.24$595.04 High 231$575.00$133,055.00 12,001-21,900 Industrial 116$1,550.00$265,681.00 >21,900 2,314$1,000,376.00 Industrial Surcharge Rate $ 0.0200 User cost if located in… Local User Currently Base Fee YarmouthCumberlandFalmouthFreeport Apartment Building$0.00$1,550.00$2,812.00$3,995.00$2,418.00$5,636.00 Popular Pizza$0.00$1,550.00$5,112.00$9,400.00$5,400.00$13,260.00 Assisted Living$0.00$1,550.00$6,976.00$13,780.00$8,040.00$19,439.00 Industrial Facility$0.00$1,550.00$9,132.00$18,847.00$10,950.00$26,586.00

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