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Staff Advisory Committee to the President Open Forum March 12, 2014.

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1 Staff Advisory Committee to the President Open Forum March 12, 2014

2 2013-2014 Staff Advisory Committee (SAC) Members Voting MembersOffice/DivisionRepresentingTerm Rudy AlisauskasInstitutional AdvancementAt-large1 year Walter BrownGroundsAt-large1 year Mandi BrysonStudent LifeAt-large1 year Frank BuddCounseling & Substance Abuse SvcsStudent Affairs2 years Meredith ChanceAlumni RelationsInstitutional Advancement2 nd of 2 years Carl CrewsPhysical PlantAt-large1 year Elizabeth DixonCounseling & Substance Abuse SvcsStudent Affairs2 nd of 2 years Herbert FrasierPhysical PlantBusiness Affairs2 nd of 2 years Susan HallattGraduate AdmissionsAt-large1 year Clara HodgesOffice of the ProvostAcademic Affairs2 nd of 2 years Amy OrrBusiness & Auxiliary SvcsBusiness Affairs2 years Ashleigh ParrInstitutional Effectiveness & Strat. PlanningAcademic Affairs2 years Phil StevensonProcurementAt-large1 year Meredith English-PerroneCollege MarketingMarketing & Comm2 years Ex Officio Members Jessica RodgersAthleticsTemporary Employee1 year Ed PopeVice President, Human ResourcesHuman Resources1 year Brian McGeeChief of Staff to the PresidentPresident1 year

3 Purpose of SAC SAC is the staff organization that parallels Student Government Association and the Faculty Senate. Advise the president about staff opinions concerning all issues and matters at the College that the committee considers of importance to the staff and to the institution. Receive from the president requests for advice and counsel regarding matters relevant to the staff that may call for action by the president or other members of the administration. Increase awareness of the contributions made by staff to the College of Charleston and promote the recognition of outstanding staff.

4 Common Topics of Staff Interest Communication Compensation Performance Evaluations CARTA Benefits 1.Childcare 2.Fitness Center 3.Staff Training 4.Temporary Employee Benefits

5 Staff Awards Temporary Staff Employee of the Year 1.$1,500 Presidential Award Recipient 2.$500 each – two additional recipients Permanent Staff Employee of the Year 1.$1,500 Presidential Award Recipient 2.$500 each – four additional recipients Staff Outstanding Service Award −$1,500

6 2013-14 Staff Awards Schedule April 15-30, 2014: Nominations May 15, 2014: SAC recommendations to president June 2014: Celebration of Staff, brunch and presentation of awards Awards announced at Back-to-School Picnic

7 2013 Great Colleges to Work For Survey is designed to recognize colleges across the country that have demonstrated excellence and to collect important benchmark data Randomly selected staff and faculty members participated in the survey College’s 2013 results will serve as a baseline and provide information that the College is using to make workplace improvements HR working group made recommendations regarding compensation, professional development, work-life balance and benefits, and communication All data from the survey are available through MyCharleston

8 2014 Campus Climate Survey The College strives to foster a caring community and welcoming environment for working and learning on campus Climate assessment to measure current attitudes, behaviors and practices of faculty, staff and students Results will inform incoming president of the culture and on-going climate Long-term plan is for the results to serve as a baseline study and to re- administer the survey in five years to assess the effectiveness of strategies that are put into place as a result of the 2014 survey results Survey will begin March 12 and will remain open for several weeks Total participation of all members of the campus community will provide the most useful and comprehensive data Staff participation is highly encouraged

9 Communicate with SAC Suggestion Form 1. 2.Suggestion boxes at Physical Plant and Residence Life Facilities offices Staff forum Email or call a SAC member SAC Newsletter

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