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The Role of HR in the success of Operation Management – Case study of Islamabad Automotives Company Ltd- Kahuta Triangle Islamabad.

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1 The Role of HR in the success of Operation Management – Case study of Islamabad Automotives Company Ltd- Kahuta Triangle Islamabad

2 The Role of HR in the success of operation management- case study of Islamabad Automotives Co Ltd. The Project Statistics: 1. Product- Production of 2 stroke Yamaha Motorcycles. 2. Project awarded: July 1989 3. Project to be commissioned: Dec ‘1991 4. Location: Kahuta IndustrialTriangle Islamabad and a 4 Acre plot was procured. Facilities to be set-up in the plant: 1.Paint shop; 2.Ni-Cr Plating shop and 3.Body Assembly Line 4.Ancilliary Facilities

3 6-3 1.IACL Project Set- Up - Understanding the Process Cycle; -Visit to DYL First Assembling Plant at Uthal; -Collecting all available Documents, process standards etc; -Discussions with all connected people of the Assembly Line - Preparation of Layout Options and discussions with Yamaha Engineers 1.Layout Finalization 2.Preparation of Civil drawings. 3.Civil Contractor Induction Project Con struction Begins-1 st March’1990 Soil testing and receipt of Foundation drawings Discussions with Paint and Plating Plant Manufacturers and finalization of designs and signing of the contracts Project Completion-May1991 Trials,Commissioning And start-up-1 st June’1991 First Unit of Yamaha m/c roll Out- 6thJune’1991 Project monitoring and control Project execution * The IACL Project

4 The IACL Plant Layout

5 6-5 1. Recruitment of Managers,staff/workers/Admin set up 2. Training 3. Inventory management 4. Supply Chain set up and ordering of materials/parts etc 5. IT set up and documentation 6. Quality Structure 7. Finished product storage 8. Maintenance Team set up 9. Safety arrangements 10. staff/ workers facilities- canteen/changeover /sports, library, showers, First Aid etc Planning for IACL Operations


7 Management by Principles The essence of sound Leadership is to treat each individual as Unique and as one who needs unique leadership to become committed to the Organizational needs for Productivity and Creativity. Commitment is enduring when it gives each individual a high degree of Personal satisfaction and freedom from stress. Challenge and Excellence are not compromised and each person feels drawn to a high level of contribution rather than being driven toward it. The issue is that each situation- be it of things or people – is different and should be managed accordingly

8 Appointment of Managers The Selection of Managers focused on Integrity, Character, Collaboration, Compassion and COMPETENCE. They should deliver: Efficient Performance of Highest Quality and Quantity; Foster and Utilizes Creativity; Stimulate enthusiasm for Effort, Experimention,Innovation and Change; Takes learning advantage from Problem –Solving situations and Looks for and find New Challenges. IN OTHER WORDS FINDING THE RIGHT LEADERS

9 Long Term Objectives To set up IACL on the Japanese Model; To Aim for satisfied staff and workers as well as the Dealers; Workers and staff to strictly focus on Performance, Target Achievement, and Innovation ; To create Passion to deliver Quality Motorcycles and thus be competitive with leading competitors; To enforce Preventive Maintenance schedule strictly to keep the plant running at full efficiency; Factor of Motivation – Recognition and Awards; To enforce 5S System; To implement Kaizen and TPM ; To have Autonomous Structure of IACL.

10 HUMAN RESOURCE PLANNING HUMAN RESOURCE PLANNING PREPARATION AND ESTIMATION OF TOTAL HUMAN RESOURCES NET HUMAN RESOURCE REQUIREMENT plant and shop wise Applications short listing; Interviews, Recruitment and Selection, Training and Skill Development The Key Role of Pschyco Analysis and Intuition in the right Selection of people Use of this vital Technique achieves 90%+ right Selection of People At IACL it was done with Great Success and ensured peaceful Atmosphere with Astounding Results

11 Strategic H R Policies All appointments on Merit and above cast, creed,religion etc and focus on people with a virgin mind; Minimum Qualification-Matric; Recruitment to all cadres will be done by the Board headed by GM, Manager Production and Manger Admin; Maximum 7 people to be given appointments from each surrounding villages so that economic benefits is evenly distributed, Equality of male and female workers and staff will be strictly adhered to. All female workers/staff to practice simplicity. Handicapped workers to be given appointment as per the Govt Policy. Production Workers to be skilled for quality 5s activity to be implemented in letter and spirit Open door policy by the GM Operations for any complaints if justice not served by their immediate bosses

12 Results of the H R Policies All workers and staff practiced strict focus on the targets of the day; M/C’s produced of Highest Quality; Complaints from market attended on first priority and redressed; Workers shunned Unionism and absolute peace prevailed at the plant; Full implementation of 5S,Kaizen and TPM Activities The Japanese rated IACL as one of the Best Managed Plant

13 Lessons learnt from IACL With proper coordination, follow-up and use of CPM tools, a project of such a magnitude~72,000 sq ft of construction, can become operational in a short span of 15months; Using the HR techniques, humility and forming a strong human bond you can promote a congenial peaceful atmosphere leading to unmatchable productivity.


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