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Bee Friendly Flowers By Keaton & Lucas The Garden Group.

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2 Bee Friendly Flowers By Keaton & Lucas The Garden Group

3 Intro Flowering plants are important to bees. This is where they get their pollen and nectar. With these materials, they make their honey and other foods. It is also important to have your plants blooming in three seasons. If the plants only bloom in one season, the bees will die. So here are some plants to help save the Honeybees! In the Winter, all the pollen and nectar they have collected will keep them well fed.

4 The Following Plants Are Fall Bloomers

5 Goldenrods Grow 4 feet tall Well drained soil Dig 1 inch hole Plant early summer Full sun

6 Sedum o Partial sun o Perennial o 2-24 inches tall o White, pink, red, yellow, orange o Plant in early summer

7 The Following Plants Are Spring Bloomers

8 Calliopsis psis  Grows 1-2 ft. tall.  2-3 inches in diameter.  Needs full sun.  Plant in early spring.  Dig 1 inch deep.  Spread 4-6 inches apart.

9 Marigold  Plant in full sun.  Grows 6 inches-2ft tall.  Grows in any soil.  Blooms in spring, summer, fall  Plant in early spring.  Water every day.  1 inch deep & 2-3 feet apart.

10 Poppies  Plant in end of winter early Spring.  Plant in any soil.  Grows 5-6 inches high.  Sprinkle seeds on top of soil.  Spread 8-10 inches apart.

11 The Following Plants Are Summer Bloomers

12 Cosmos Cosmoses-  Cosmos grow 4 to 5 ft. tall.  They need full sun.  Can grow in poor soil.  Requires little water.  Plant in and eight inch deep.  To much fertilizer will kill Cosmo.  Do not have problem with insects.  Rake garden soil to plant Cosmo.  Plant at the end of winter.  Spread out each Cosmo about 2 inches.

13 Buttercups lilacs-buttercups.html lilacs-buttercups.html Well drained soil and full sun. Plant in early spring. 4-6 inch deep hole. Plant 3 inches apart.

14 Asters Annual Asters grow 1-3 ft. If grown right before winter Plant 2-4 weeks before frost Dig hole 1 inch. Separate 3-4 inches apart.

15 How Can We Safely Care For Our Plants The first thing is to use no fertilizers The fertilizer kills flowers and honey bees Use Bee-Friendly Pesticides; Biobit, Dipel, Amitraz, Javelin, Petroleum Oil, Sulfur, Propargite, and Rotenone Scrub soap on your flowers Let Surroundings Grow Freely Hand Pick Bugs off

16 Pesticides Can Be Bad Pesticides can get into a honey bees system. Then the pesticides gets into their eggs. The pesticides can damage the queens eggs. Therefore, those are reason why pesticides can be harmful.

17 Alternatives Bee Alternatives are Natural Predators. Building a bat house by your garden can keep away bugs. Other Birds can keep away rodents and bugs; Owls, Sparrows, Hawks. Putting Bird Houses by your garden will attract birds.

18 Thank You For Watching!

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