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2006 Tenders Issued:21 Tenders Awarded:20Global Value:€940,000 2007 Tenders Issued:32 Tenders Awarded:35Global Value:€1,240,346 2008 Tenders Issued:92.

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2 2006 Tenders Issued:21 Tenders Awarded:20Global Value:€940,000 2007 Tenders Issued:32 Tenders Awarded:35Global Value:€1,240,346 2008 Tenders Issued:92 Tenders Awarded:92Global Value:€3,487,126

3 2009 Tenders Issued:123 Tenders Awarded:99Global Value: €11,479,000 2010 Tenders Issued:258 Tenders Awarded:204Global Value:€14,744,582 2011 (to date) Tenders Issued:47 Tenders Awarded:42Global Value: €3,869,389.83

4 Year 2009 Materials Sold: 7,365,990 Kgs Year 2010 Materials Sold: 14,101,086 Kgs


6 HDPE BALEDHDPE ShreddedPET (Clear) PET (Mixed)PET (Clear Shredded)PET (Green Shredded) Plastic Film BaledNewspapers BaledMagazines in Boxes Metal Ferrous Cans BaledAluminium Cans LooseAluminium Profile Loose Ferrous Metal Scrap LooseOther PlasticsStainless Steel TyresMixed Shredded WoodJablo Loose Cardboard BaledMixed Paper PlasticMixed Paper White Paper in boxesWooden PalletsMixed Glass Packaging Crushed Glass BottlesRubber LiningYellow Pages Fridge/Freezers (degassed)Washing MachinesAccumulators Shredded RubberPlastic BumpersGlass Bottles The above materials are sold via a bidding system every month For more information visit Or call on 2385 8000


8 We would like to thank all the Economic Operators for their participation and execution of these Contracts

9 . Healthy competition is the lifeblood of commerce – it ensures efficiency, fairness and innovation.. One of the goals to foster competitive bidding is to foster honest competition so that quality commodities and services are obtained at the lowest possible price.. Competitive bidding also guards against favouritism, extravagance, and fraud, while allowing interested Economic Operators a fair and equal opportunity to compete.

10 There are three types of Procurement Tiers which are: 1. Quotations (Threshold ≤ €6,000) 2. Departmental Tenders (Threshold ≤ €120,000) 3.Department of Contract Tenders (Threshold ≥ €120,000)

11 Quotations (Threshold ≤ €6,000): -These Quotations are published on: -WasteServ’s website: -Government Gazette -Local News Papers

12 Departmental Tenders (Threshold ≤ €120,000): -These Tenders are published on: -WasteServ’s website: -Government Gazette -Local News Papers Department of Contract Tenders (Threshold ≥ €120,000) -These Tenders are published on: -Department of Contract’s website: -Government Gazette -Official Journal of the EU (if in excess of the established EU threshold)

13 Departmental Tender issued on a recurrent basis: Period Contract for the Provision of Shredding of Mattresses Tender for the Provision of Service for the Shredding of Tyres Period Contract for the Loading and Transport of Compacted Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) and other Waste Material from the Sant’ Antnin Waste Treatment Plant Contract for the Collection and Management of WEEE (TVs and Monitors) Hire of Machinery

14 Period Contract for the Management, Collection & Export or Dismantling & Export of WEEE (Fridges and Freezers) Period Contract for the Loading and Export of End of-Life Vehicles Period Contract for the Removal and Export of Filter Cake generated from the Marsa Thermal Treatment Facility Period Contract for the Removal and Export of Fly Ash generated from Marsa Thermal Treatment Facility Period Contract for Roundabouts Maintenance and Street Cleaning in Gozo Period Contract for Roundabouts Maintenance and Street Cleaning in Magħtab, Marsa & Marsascala Areas

15 Rehabilitation and Restoration of Closed Landfills … This project is the final stage of the closure and rehabilitation of a number of Maltese Landfills which were operational before the date of Malta’s accession to the European Union, namely Magħtab and Marsascala Landfills on Malta and Qortin Landfill on Gozo. Magħtab and Qortin Landfills were the locations used for the deposit of all wastes in Malta and Gozo respectively in the years leading up to accession and closed in April 2004. In addition to concerns over potential impacts on human health and the environment associated with the sites through combustion of wastes (landfill fires), landfill gas production and emissions leachate.

16 Rehabilitation and Restoration of Closed Landfills Rehabilitation and restoration of landfills will be achieved by the: 1: Installation of an engineered capping with the objective of improving control of gas emissions and reducing rainfall infiltration; 2:Control of surface water run-off using a drainage system with attenuation ponds; 3:Placement of sub-soil and topsoil; 4: Restoration planting using indigenous Maltese species; 5:Ongoing maintenance and irrigation.

17 Gozo Waste Treatments and Transfer Facility … The Gozo Waste Treatment and Transfer Facility mainly comprises of a controlled facility for the reception, sorting, processing, interim storage and transfer of wastes originating from Gozo and Comino. The dry recyclables will be sorted and bailed prior to further treatment or export. The Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) will be separated into three fractions: 1. Organic fraction which shall be diverted for biological treatment; 2. Refuse Derived Fuel (RDF); and 3. Rejects

18 Gozo Waste Treatments and Transfer Facility The objectives of this Project involves: 1. Reducing material directed to landfill; 2. Drastically reducing transport needs and nuisances in transportation of wastes between Malta and Gozo thus contributing positively towards reducing the carbon footprint and also reducing transport costs; 3. Catering for dry recyclables coming from the adjacent Gozo CA Site; 4. Application of the proximity principle and self-sufficiency.

19 Gozo Biological Waste Treatment Plant The overall objective of the project is the development of a state of the art Biological Treatment Plant in Gozo which entails the treatment of the organic fraction of the MSW One of the outputs from the Waste Treatment and Transfer Facility to be built in Tal-Kus l/o Xewkija, Gozo. This biological treatment plant will also treat animal husbandry wastes from the same catchment area together with other organic wastes such as sludge from the Gozo Sewage Treatment Plant.

20 Hazardous Waste Storage and Treatment Facility … The proposed facility will provide the first centralised storage and treatment facility for hazardous waste in Malta and provide urgently needed physical infrastructure in order that Malta can meet legislative requirements for waste management. The project will introduce new facilities for the management of certain hazardous waste streams that are currently lacking in Malta

21 Hazardous Waste Storage and Treatment Facility The direct benefits of this project are to: 1.Manage Malta’s waste streams in a more sustainable way by reducing reliance on exportation of waste; 2.Reduce risks associated with dispersed storage of hazardous waste in terms of human health, pollution and fire risks; 3.Enhanced economic conditions for commercial investment, by establishing facilities for the proper management of hazardous waste thus reducing the cost burden of exportation of certain waste streams.

22 Renewable Energy Technology Installation at Waste Management Facilities in Gozo This project involves the setting up of a photovoltaic field in the island of Gozo with approximately 2,000 PV panels each having a dimension of 1m by 1.5m. The installation under consideration is expected to generate some 580MWh annually. This is equivalent to the energy consumed in 1 year by over 125 average Maltese four member households

23 Extension of Waste Separation and Collection Services in the Maltese Islands The aim of this project is to improve the waste separation infrastructure in the Maltese Islands to attain higher recovery and recycling rates in accordance with EU Legislation. Public participation can be encouraged with the encouraged with the implementation of an education campaign. The activities which are expected to be implemented are: 1.Cost Benefit Analysis2. Glass Crushing & Cleaning Device 3.Large Volume Waste Compactors and Containers for CA Sites 4.Mobile Equipment for CA Site5. In-vessel Composter 6.Shredder for Green Waste7. Education Campaign 8. Publicity

24 Marsascala Leisure Area for the Local and Foreign Visitors The Project aims to provide a leisure are and promote the rural heritage as a tourist product in the South of Malta. It aims to restore and upgrade the rural heritage and promote economic growth in the rural area. The leisure are will provide much needed informal recreational space with picnic areas in a rural setting and introduce visitors to the rural area further South. An Information Centre will provide information and exhibitions about agricultural produce, agricultural practices in the rural area as well as promote local crafts and arts. It will also serve as an environmental education centre especially in relation to environment-friendly practices. Spaces will be made available to farmers so that they will be able to promote their products in particular seasons. A farm on site will serve as a showcase of farming/agriculture practices and rural life.

25 Sant’ Antnin Valley Restoration and Storm Water Control The project aims to restore and maintain the valley system that runs adjacent to the northern boundary of the proposed leisure area for local and foreign visitors. Interventions will be carried out which will introduce storm water control measures. The restoration of the valley will include the removal of alien species and the planting of indigenous species, typical of a Maltese valley system to encourage recolonisation of the valley by fauna typical of the habitat to avoid recolonisation by opportunistic species which thrive on disturbed ground (such species tend to out compete more slow growing and more valuable climax communities) and to encourage the formation of communities typical of valley systems..

26 Malta North Waste Treatment Facility The Facility will consist of a Mechanical Treatment Plant and a Biological Treatment Plant to be situated within the Ghallis engineered landfill located in the North of Malta The aim is to treat the residual fraction of Municipal Solid Waste that will not be treated at the Sant’ Antnin Mechanical Biological Treatment Plant at the South of Malta.

27 Presentation given by: Ing Aurelio Attard Contracting Executive Contact details: Email: Tel: 2385 8101

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