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ICHL 2013 : International Conference on Humanitarian Logistics Indian Institute of Management Raipur December 2 nd -3 rd, 2013, Raipur.

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1 ICHL 2013 : International Conference on Humanitarian Logistics Indian Institute of Management Raipur December 2 nd -3 rd, 2013, Raipur

2 Humanitarian Logistics in Maoist regions of North Eastern states of India

3 Co-Author: Dr. N. Panchanatham HOD of Business Administration, Annamalai University Author: Mr. Guruprasad.T.S Phd. Research Scholar Karpagam University, AGM – Corp planning, Elgi Equipments, Coimbatore

4 Introduction Humanitarian supply Chain delivers supplies, relief items to support emergency response operations. It encompasses unique challenges:- - Disrupted or poor road network - Lack of communications - Lack of security - Harsh climatic conditions - In-adequate staffing resources

5 Introduction In India Humanitarian supply Chain could be bit different due to its unique geo-climatic and socio-economic conditions. India has 28 states and 7 Union Territories 58.6% Land mass is prone to Earthquake of moderate to very high intensity. 12 % land is prone to flood and river erosion Out of 7516 Km coast line, 5700 km is prone to cyclones and tsunamis.

6 Introduction Complex emergencies are usually man-made Natural Emergencies comes instantaneously

7 Introduction Figure 1: Schema for classification of disastrous events

8 Background

9 North-east India comprises of eight states i.e Arunachal Pradesh, Assam, Manipur, Meghalaya, Mizoram, Nagaland, Sikkim and Tripura North-east India is a geographically land- locked, covered 99% of its boundary by foreign counties. North-east are home to 200 of 430 tribal groups is India. They have a literacy rates of above 64.8%

10 Background

11 Has a complex security scenario Activities of various militant outfits with diverse demands Repeated ethnically-motivated conflicts persists Violence involving at-least ten different ethnic groups.

12 Statistics of communal violence

13 Statistics of Communal violence


15 Data of Incidences -At-least 50,000 people have been killed in conflicts since 1947. -Communal violence on 19.07.2012 in Kokrajhar, Chirang and Dhubri Districts in which 99 lives were lost and more than 4.85 lakh people were displaced -In 2011, the Maoists had blocked the national highway for more than 120 days -In Manipur the number of incidents of violence has increased to 518 -Ambush on CRPF and seizure of supplies and arms & ammunition

16 Objective -Study of current supply process in NER states -Challenges faced in Humanitarian logistics -Opportunities in Humanitarian logistics -Creating awareness and post disaster situation of communal / social unrest

17 Supply process in NER states -Government is providing relief aid by one national highway. -CRPF escort would be provided for ensuring the safety. -Transportation infrastructure is inadequate and out-dated. -Air transport is minimal.

18 Challenges in Humanitarian Logistics The three biggest challenges:- 1.Logistics due to lack of infrastructure 2.Risk to the life of aid workers 3.Ambush security forces and loot supplies while being transported

19 Challenges in Humanitarian Logistics CRPF escorts are defined by time and rules. There are incidents when police forces refuse to accompany In these cases how do you reach the required place at required time ?

20 Opportunities in Humanitarian logistics Translating models, theories and best practices from the commercial world to humanitarian SCM Range of activities Preparedness Planning Procurement Transport Warehousing Tracking and Tracing Customs and Clearance

21 Opportunities in Humanitarian logistics

22 The preparation phase incorporates the strategies to be implemented Planning to be carried out for efficient and cost effective flow of materials The result would be successful operational response.

23 Budget 2013: Finance Minister stresses on waterways connectivity for these states Opportunities in Humanitarian logistics

24 Course of Brahmaputra

25 Opportunities in Humanitarian logistics Response phase where operations are instantly implemented after a disaster occurs. 1800 km of navigable river routes. There are operational port locations in the states. Waterway connectivity between Mizoram and the port of Akyab There is an inland container depot (ICD) at Amingaon, Guwahati

26 An example of translating practices of commercial world into humanitarian SCM is given below:- Shipment was bound for a 763-megawatt, gas- based power plant at Palatana near Agartala Involved movement of over-dimensional cargo Project logistics providers prefer to turn to alternative routes to access these states. The cargo moved by sea to the Ashuganj River port in Bangladesh, then overland to the project site Trans-shipment through neighboring Bangladesh often provides a better solution.

27 Supply Chain Business Environment

28 Opportunities in Humanitarian logistics The reconstruction phase follows aftermath of a disaster. It involves rehabilitation on a long-term perspective. The objective of the reconstruction phase is cost saving that can be achieved through leanness. Effectiveness ensures that we save time and lives. Efficiency ensures that we save costs which means more lives can be saved.

29 Supply Chain performance measures

30 South African case study

31 Role players are involved in various activities at different levels of Strategic-Tactical-Operational continuum. Community awareness and sensitivity in SA society that directly influenced the disaster management activities. Role players had proactive and flexible engagement with local communities, that resulted great synergies. The role of media to create awareness

32 Creating awareness and post disaster situation In this phase a strategy should be adopted by Central Government State government Local bodies Public & private sector.

33 Creating awareness and post disaster situation Has a forest cover of more than 66.1% Tourism can be competitive advantage It can generate jobs in the remotest corners Has only 3.4% of land for agricultural purposes Has observed high production of fruits, spices and cashew in the recent past The topography is not favorable for the movement of the products

34 As per the research papers published in Manipur Small Farmers’ Agri-business Consortium, the economy of the states can be improved by implementing replicable ideas in the area of agriculture and allied activities, viz., organic farming, agri business, exports and marketing of aromatic plant products, bamboo products, fiber extraction from banana pseudo stem, which will further improve the livelihood of the people and bringing down the militancy. Creating awareness and post disaster situation

35 Major constraints observed are Infrastructure procurement practices marketing approaches processing facilities It has enjoyed good trade relations with the neighbouring countries Cross-border trade could be the important medium India could seek economic cooperation with ASEAN and other neighbouring countries Creating awareness and post disaster situation

36 CategoryHuman Development Index Infrastructure Index HighMizoram High MiddleManipur, Nagaland, Sikkim MiddleArunachal Pradesh, Meghalaya, Tripura Lower MiddleAssam Low Arunachal Pradesh, Assam, Manipur, Meghalaya, Mizoram, Nagaland, Sikkim and Tripura Human Development and Infrastructure Index Creating awareness and post disaster situation

37 As per the above data, human development is high in these which can be taken as a very strong point and also the literacy rates are 60% and above which is again an added advantage for building a strong post disaster relief program. Creating awareness and post disaster situation

38 How do we get over this man made disaster ? To build a Ram Rajya as envisioned by Gandhiji Manipur means “a jeweled land” Build back the Jewel of India as described by Pt. Nehru. Creating awareness and post disaster situation

39 References Manipur Small Farmers’ Agri-business Consortium Fritz Institute. INSEAD Research Group in Humanitarian Operations. University of Washington. Interdisciplinary Program on Humanitarian Relief. ReliefWeb. EM-DAT. International Disasters Data Database. Journal of Humanitarian Assistance. http://www.jha.ac Journal of transport and supply chain management Nov 2011 Globalization and North East India: Challenges and Opportunities. Bhupendro Singh

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42 Reference Humanitarian logistics: context and challenges by Lars Gustavsson Identifying challenges and collaboration areas in Humanitarian Logistics: A southern African perspective – Charles MBohwa-Department of Quality and Operations Management, University of Johannesburg, Auckland Chapter 2 of Humanitarian Logistics and Supply Chain Management Van Wassenhove (2006) p. 475 EWGT2012 - Compendium of Papers

43 Thank you

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