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MuromEnergoMash MEM. General characteristics Total area: 55 392 m 2, Manufacturing building: 39 246 m 2, Administrative building: 13 700 m 2 Crane facilities:

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1 MuromEnergoMash MEM

2 General characteristics Total area: 55 392 m 2, Manufacturing building: 39 246 m 2, Administrative building: 13 700 m 2 Crane facilities: 6х6,3t; 4х10t; 4х16t; 3х20t; 2х30 t. Electric supply: 13,5mW; Gas supply: 8 500 000 m 2 /year; Heating systems: infrared radiators and modular boiler-plant; storm sewer system; existing water facilities

3 Project importance 1. The project is included in the List of investment projects for creation of the manufacturing subject to commissioning in 2009 and replacing capacities, being under the threat of asset retirement in the context of world financial crisis influence. 2. The project has received the confirmation on State support granting since 2010 in the form of tax concession according to conditions of the Law of Vladimir region No90-03: profit tax rate of enterprises as related to the tax amount enlisted in the regional budget, at the rate of 13.5 % for the period, not exceeding the payback time of the investment project; tax exemption to enterprise property for the period, not exceeding the payback time of the investment project. 3. The question of subsidy granting from the regional budget for reimbursement of a part of expenses for interest on credit payment, received for realization of approved investment projects is to be considered.

4 Estimated production volume tonMRUR Power transmission line supports, galvanized 35 0002 905 Electrified transport supports 1 200107 Radio-link communication supports 60062 Conventional galvanizing 17 800402 Building metal structures 18 0001 242 Large-diameter pipes 3 000177 Nonstandard equipment 3 500475 Expanded grid, platforms 5 000295 Total 82 1005 665

5 List of process equipment Line of conventional galvanizing with bath 2300х3000х13000 mm “Kovintrade d.d. Celje” (Slovenia) Manufacturing line of supports (power transmission line, illumination, rectangular pipes 150х150-350х350 mm) “Colly Bombled” (France) Assembling-welding line of I-beam 200(500)х320(1000)х6000(15000) mm(Germany) Plasma cutting portal machine PLS 14001.20 Pr+Pipe Three-roll sheet bending machine PROMAU, МРС-3211 model (Italy) Four-roll sheet bending machine PROMAU, МСВ-2041 model(Italy) Flame cutting machine (9 longitudinal burners + 2 transversal burners) GS/Z-4000 Shot-blasting machine HGP 0816-8 (Shotblast unit VSB 1500 with working door 1600х450 mm) (Holland) Single-spindle drilling unit Ocean Avenger MDL 1000B(Italy) Two-row strip sawing machine 500х1000 mm MEBA 260(Holland) Two-cylinder notching machine IW-165 SD (with beam channel cutting device IW-165 SD multiangular bending device) Welding laboratory and welding equipment SIGMA 500 S-V Tube-welding mills(Russia)

6 Certification of manufactured products Certificates of conformity for electric-welded I-beams and electric-welded pipes are received and Certificates for other production of plant at the stage of reception.

7 Galvanizing line Differential advantages: there are no analogues in Russia; ecological security of manufacturing according to modern requirements and norms; greatest surface of galvanizing, width of 2.2 m (in Russia no more than 1.5 m); additional passivation bath of galvanized articles, allowing to improve considerably the appearance and the service life of a zinc coating; robotized system of galvanizing of small articles and metal products, running in "unmanned" mode in the third shift, the capacity up to 3 thousand tons a month. The line for degreasing and pickling of finished metal constructions with the bath dimensions 2500x13000x3000 mm allowing to prepare the details to quality painting by various paint and varnish materials. For the first time the pickling and galvanizing lines (entrance and exit) are united in common production area. This allows significantly improve the quality and productivity. Only in this case the installation and removal of details on traverses may be fulfilled in one aria by one operator. The line for hot galvanizing (Equipment made by American company Covintrade with productivity 35÷38 thousand ton per year, bath size 2200 x 13000x3000 mm).

8 Scheme of performance of hot galvanizing line

9 Spatial bending line The plasma cutting machine for plate work-pieces works in 3D system using cutting table size 2000x15000 mm. Finished work-pieces to be stacked in package up to 1000 mm high and moved to table of hydraulic press “Tandem”. The press of French company Collj BOMLED with the press force 2000 ton and working table size 4000x12200 mm is capable to perform spatial bending of plate work-piece with thickness from 3 to 18 mm in length 12000mm. The press is equipped with a system of automotive feeding running in unattended mode with the highest performance. Then the work-piece in form of polyhedron is moved by roll-table to the automatic welding machine where it is welded, controlled and can be moved to further processing as work-piece for galvanizing, for finishing works and then to exit as the finished product.

10 he most popular articles for this line:  multifaceted pylons for electric lines of distribution networks 6÷10 кWt; 35кWt; 110кWt, conducting networks 220 кWt; 330 кWt.  pylons for intercity electrified transport and for contact networks of RAO railways.  pylons for electric lighting with length from 10 to 30 meter, including projector masts.  rectangular section tubes with size from 200x200 mm to 400x400 mm and wall thickness from 6 mm to 18 mm, bended profiles, channels, angles etc.  elements of groove panels and bridge constructions. Annual output of production and semi-finished products: above 20 thousand ton. Spatial bending line(2)

11 Production of metal constructions Equipment  Two gas-cutting machines ;  Joint-welding machine for plate elongation;  Shot-jetting machine for plate and profiled work-pieces;  Plate rectifying assembly;  Automatized line for H-beam assembling;  Automatized portal welding;  Band-saw machine;  Butt-end milling machine;  Drilling-marking complex;  Shot-jetting machine for processing of finished metal constructions; Main types of productions:  Metal constructions for industrial buildings and structures;  Objects of power engineering;  Bridge constructions, flight structures;  Crane equipment;  Overpasses of different purpose;  Modern element bases for road building;. The performance of this complex of technological equipment is up to 20 thousand ton per year.

12 Production of “figures of revolution” This production area is equipped with unique (without analogs) technological equipment:  Installation for assembly and welding of linear-conical products with length up to 30 meter and diameter up to 5 meter  Rotary-lathe machine with faceplate ∅ 5000 mm;  Four-roller plate-bending machine;  Three-roller profile-bending machine;  Horizontal drilling complex with faceplate ∅ 5000 mm;  Stand for vertical assembling;  Universal welding equipment performing in inverter mode The main production of this area is the following:  Circle water conduits for AES, GES and TEC;  Towers for radio relay communication with height from 30 to 120 meter;  Towers for wind power generators with higher load carrying capacity with height from 50 tо 100 meter;  Chimneys;  Beds, transitions;  Autoclaves, containers and tanks;  Petrochemical apparatus;  Non-standard technological equipment Production capacity of area is up to 10 thousand ton per year of products with high additional value.

13 Products of Lichtgitter Company The agreement is signed for creation of a joint manufacturing enterprise based on production area of ZAO “MuromEnergoMash” Plant. Manufactured products: grid platforms and perforated metal panels for manufacturing of portable structures; stacks for cargos, documents, warehouses and manufacturing areas; metal spiral staircases and guards.

14  automatized machine for production of break-drawing mash by company Bender Gmbh (Germany),  tube-rolling mill providing total production capacity up to 10 thousand ton of products per year. The realization of this program will allow to reach an annual turnover of more than 3 billion rouble and cost-effectiveness above 20%. The main advantage of the plant ZAO “MuromEnergoMash” becomes the mastery over production of competitive, in some positions – unique products applied in all industries, including by monopolies RAO FSK, RAO RZD, Gazprom, Transneft, Transgaz, power energy complex, telecommunications. The production has a high export potential and characterized by its low-cost. Additionally are included in project


16 602264, Russia, Vladimir region, Murom, Radiozavodskoe av, 12 Tel.: + 7 (49234) 77-391(Murom) Tel.: +7 (495) 783-44-67(Moscow) ZAO «MuromEnergoMash» MEM

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