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Coco coir processing business plan San Julian, Eastern Samar.

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1 Coco coir processing business plan San Julian, Eastern Samar

2 Objectives To alleviate poverty in San Julian through tripartite collaboration between ESSU, San Julian LGU and Campidhan Multipurpose Organization To establish coco coir processing plant at San Julian, E. Samar To develop and produce locally and globally competitive coco coir products To operate a profitable SME coco coir processing plant.

3 Business Description - Coco coir production, product development and marketing Products - major products 1. coco coir a. coco fiber nets b. door mats c. bags, hats, wall decors, mats, etc. d. Blinds/ light dissipator c. ladies underwear/accessories 2. Coco peat – for agriculture use

4 Potential market - Local/national - handicraft storeholders - local offices, schools, - gardens, farmers - China? - Japan? - Australia? Competitors - coconut farmers (as fuel) Pricing policy - pick-up price - delivered price

5 Marketing method - MOA between local executives and the organization - consignment of handicraft stall holders - thru cable TV add/radio and print media Key personnel - 1 manager - 1 treasurer/cashier - 1 auditor - 1 Security guard - 3 laborers

6 Material requirement & supply source - source - 2 M coconut husk production/Q - requirement/1 decorticating machine at 30 days operation/quarter – 750,000 husk Equipment and process - decorticating machine - baling machine - twining machine - truck

7 Sales forecast - 2 percent increase per annum Budget a. new plant factory 1. building facility (estimate) PhP300, Equipment - truck- P400, decorticating machine 360, baling machine 250, Twining machine 10, operating capital 500, transformer 120, Total 1,640,000.00

8 b.Labor input 1 manager5,000.00/mo. 1 treas/cashier 4,000.00/mo. 1 auditor1,000.00/mo 3 laborers (200/day)13,200.00/mo 1 security guard6,000.00/mo Total 29,200.00/mo Total costPhP1,959, (include 1 mo operational expenses) Total project cost - PhP1,930,000.00


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