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Waste Water Treatment in Scotland. Dalmarnock.

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1 Waste Water Treatment in Scotland




5 Dalmarnock

6 Opened in 1894 Processed sewage dried and pressed Initially the processed sewage was sold as Globe fertiliser Laterally a pipeline was built connecting Dalmarnock to Shieldhall.


8 Dalmuir

9 Opened in 1904 Sewage also dried and pressed Dumped at Sea off the tip of the Isle of Bute Site downstream allowed easier access for sewage ships


11 Shieldhall

12 Opened in 1910 Also followed model at Dalmarnock Built as the main sewage works for Glasgow Rebuilt in 1980 to process sewage from surrounding areas

13 Shieldhall

14 Constant Velocity Grit Channels The whole of the presedimentation or inlet works is fully enclosed and incorporates 6 large automatically raked mechanical screens followed by constant velocity grit channels which are cleaned by a travelling suction dredger. Maximum flows through this section of the plant can be 6 DWF.

15 Shieldhall

16 Primary Sedimentation Tanks A total of 12 rectangular primary sedimentation tanks are installed, each of which has a travelling mechanical scraper mechanism. The capacity of these tanks provides a 6 hour retention at the DWF of 2.53m^3/sec.

17 Shieldhall

18 Mammoth rotor Aeration Tanks Secondary treatment of sewage flows is provided in an activated sludge plant in the form of 6 rectangular aeration tanks which provide 5.5 hours retention at the design DWF. A total of 24 Biwater horizontal Mammoth rotors are installed in the aeration tanks to provide the required oxygen transfer and mixing necessary for the efficient operation of the process.


20 Daldowie

21 In 2000, at a cost of £65million, Scottish Water had built a plant at Daldowie, near Glasgow, to process half of Scotland's sewage into fuel pellets. These are used as a coal substitute by the giant Longannet power station in Fife to produce enough "carbon-neutral" electricity to power 30,000 homes.


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