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1 National Horticulture Mission Rajasthan : Annual Action Plan 2008-09 Rajasthan Horticulture Development Society Directorate of Horticulture, Krishi Bhawan,

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1 1 National Horticulture Mission Rajasthan : Annual Action Plan 2008-09 Rajasthan Horticulture Development Society Directorate of Horticulture, Krishi Bhawan, Jaipur

2 2

3 3  Rajasthan has extremes of temperatures from sub zero in winter to above 45 degrees centigrade in summer  Rainfall highly variable – Range 15 to 90 cms.  3 out of 5 years affected by drought

4 4 Horticulture: Present Scenario … * Departmental estimates Crop group 2003-042004-052005-062006-07 AreaProd.AreaProd.AreaProd.AreaProd. Fruits0.42*2.860.50*3.40*0.55*3.74*0.58*4.64 Vegetables1. Spices5.906.474.164.243.462.993.803.55 Flowers0.0200. M&A Plants1.611.081.490.791.510.702.160.83 Total9.0215.507.41314.456.7815.007.8116.83 Area in Lac ha & Production in Lac MT {<}

5 Comments on the observation made by GOI SN GOI observation Comments1. Base line information Base line information Information enclosed 2. Two new perennial crops of lime and sapota proposed Both the crops were approved in AAP 2007-08 (only for newly included districts) 3. District wise and component wise break up of physical and financial programme of ongoing districts Available at annexure 1 to 7 of AAP document 4. Details of fruits for area expansion and maintenance Details of fruits for area expansion are available at Annexure 1 of AAP document. Details of fruits for maintenance indicated at Annexure 8. Original plan : Rs 146.50 Crore Revised plan : Rs 143.30 Crore Creation of water resources components reduced

6 SN GOI observation Comments5. Crop wise details for rejuvenation Already provided in AAP document (Page no. 29) 6. Creation of water resources Reduced to about 20%. Fluctuations in area & prod. due to frequent drought conditions, We want to bring stability through rain water harvesting based fruit plantations having drought proofing power 7. No. of farmers to be trained and gardeners, supervisors, entrepreneurs and officers training Available at page no. 38 of AAP document

7 (Year wise outlay and expenditure) 7 YearApproved Action Plan Funds released ExpenditureUnspent balance as on 1 st April 2005-06 4102.002259.571421.31838.26 2006-07 7626.673827.9273306.971359.217 2007-088939.77 5673.195667.311365.097 Rs. Lac Physical and financial progress achieved during previous three years {<} Financial summery 2007-08 Field activities (A)Project based activities (B)Total (A+B) TargetAch.ProvisionApprovedAch. 5821.585001.973118.19774.06665.345667.31

8 8 New area coverage under NHM during previous three years Crops Crop wise area increase (ha) 2005-062006-07 2007-08 Aonla33382809 1155 Mandarin44139 889 Ber274545 640 Kinnow625452 270 Guava-22 691 others-104 646 Coriander26983815 3187 Cumin22323607 3800 Fenugreek19031331 3214 Chilli-170 700 Fennel-- 500 Flowers9371000 725 Isabgol-- 2415 Total – 46417 ha. Fruits – 13852 ha. Spices – 27166 ha. Flowers – 2713 ha. M & A Plants – 2686 ha. {<}

9 9 Physical and financial programme for the activities proposed to be taken up during 2008-09 Revised Annual Action Plan for 2008-09 (As per 11.4.2008 discussions) Central Share 121.80 State Share 21.50 Total143.30 Rs. in crores

10 10 New proposals for 2008-09 1. Public Sector Public SectorProposed District Phy. Target Fin. (Rs.lac) Plants to be raised Model Nurseries Banswara 1 18.00 Mango Jhalawar 1 18.00 Mandarin Jhunjhunu 1 18.00 Pomegranate, Citrus, Bael Chittorgarh1 18.00 Mandarin, Bael Total4 72.00 Small Nurseries Ganganagar1 3.00 Kinnow Bhilwara1 3.00 Mandarin, Lime, Guava Nagaur1 3.00 Bael, Ber Jalore1 3.00 Ber, Pomegranate, Bael Total4 12.00 Grand Total 8 84.00 Development of Nurseries

11 11 Private Sector Phy.Target (Nos.) Fin. (Rs. lac) DistrictsPlants to be raised Model Nursery 545.00 Sriganganagar, Bhilwara, Udaipur, Sirohi, Jhunjhunu, Aonla, Mandarin, Guava, Lime, Mango, Bael, Pomegranate, Flowers Small Nursery 1522.50 Udaipur, Bundi, Jaipur, Ajmer, Alwar, Jhalawar, Tonk, Sirohi, Jodhpur, Ganganagar, Kota, Jhunjhunu, S.Madhopur, Banswara, Dungarpur, Mango, Aonla, Guava, Lime, Mandarin, Sapota, Bael, Pomegranate, Rose, Flowers, Ber, Kinnow, Grand Total 2067.50 2. Private Sector {<} {<} {>}

12 12 Establishment of new gardens- Fruits: S.No.FruitArea (ha.)Varieties 1Aonla1500NA-7, Chaikaiya, Kanchan, Krishna 2Kinnow800Kinnow 3Mandarin1000Nagpuri 4Ber1250Umran, Gola, Seb 5Pomegranate825Arkta, Mridula, Sinduri, Jalore Seedless 6Bael675Narendra Bael-1, 2, 5 7Guava1500L-49, Allahabad Safeda 8Mango850Dashehri, Langra, Amrapali, Mallika,Kesar 9Lime1000Kagzi lime 10Papaya500P.delicious, P. majesty, CO-2 11Sapota100Cricket ball, Kalipatti Total10000

13 13CropsDemandAvailability Other sources TotalVarietiesAonla4.5015.00-4.50 Chaikaiya, NA-7 Mandarin3.001.501.503.00Nagpuri Ber3.754.00-3.75 Gola, Umran Kinnow2.403.00-2.40Kinnow Pomegranate3.300.253.053.30 Sinduri, Arkta Bael2.025-2.0252.025 Narendra Bael 2 & 5 Guava4.501.003.504.50 L-49, A. Safeda Mango1.100.600.501.10 Langra, Dashehari Lime3.005.00-3.00 Kagzi lime Sapota0.13-0.130.13 Kalipatti, Cricketball Total27.70529.3510.70527.705 Plants Lac Nos Availability of planting material

14 14 Requirement : 37.00 lac (All schemes/ individuals) Production : 29.35 lac Mechanism to ensure quality planting material:  Nursery Bill 2008  RAJHANS - Mother plants assessment by scientists - Mother plants assessment by scientists - District level committee to monitor, - District level committee to monitor, supervise & to register pvt nurseries supervise & to register pvt nurseries - Production, procurement & supply of - Production, procurement & supply of quality material quality material - New mother plant blocks from ICAR Institutes/SAU’s - New mother plant blocks from ICAR Institutes/SAU’s Planting material arrangement : Strategy

15 15 Establishment of new gardens- Flowers: Flower groupArea (ha.)CropsDistricts Cut Flowers20Dutch Rose, Gerbera Jaipur, Alwar, Ajmer, Kota, Tonk, Ganganaga, Sirohi, Udaipur Bulbous flowers20Gladiolus, Tuberose Jaipur, Ajmer, Alwar, Kota Loose flowers1000Rose, Marigold, Gaillardia, China aster Jaipur, Ajmer, Alwar, Bhilwara, Ganganagar, Kota, Chittorgarh, Banswara, Karauli, Udaipur, Bundi, S. Madhopur, Tonk, Sirohi, Jhunjhunu, Dungarur Total1040

16 16 Establishment of new gardens- Spices: Crop Area (ha.)Name of districts Coriander1200Kota, Baran Jhalawar, Chittorgarh, Karauli, S.Madhopur, Bundi Cumin1300Jodhpur Pali, Jalore, Barmer, Nagaur, Jaipur, Tonk, S.Madhopur, Sirohi, Bhilwara, Jhunjhunu Fenugreek750Jaipur, Nagaur, Jhalawar, Kota, Baran, Pali, Banswara, S.Madhopur, Bhilwara, Jhunjhunu Chilli800Ajmer, Jodhpur, Pali, Tonk, Jalore, Banswara, Karauli, S.Madhopur, Bhilwara, Sirohi, Udaipur, Dungarpur Fennel350Jodhpur, Pali, Jalore, S.Madhopur, Tonk, Sirohi, Bhilwara Garlic300Kota, Baran Jhalawar, Chittorgarh, Jodhpur, Banswara Ginger150Banswara, Chittorgarh, Dungarpur, Udaipur Turmeric150Banswara, Chittorgath, Dungarpur, Udaipur Aloe vera125Jaipur, Ajmer, Alwar, Tonk, Pali, Jodhpur, Nagaur, Chittorgarh Mehandi125Jodhpur, Pali Isabgol175Barmer, Jalore, Jodhpur, Pali, Sirohi Aswagandha75Banswara, Chittorgarh, Jodhpur, Pali, S. Madhopur Total5500

17 17 Rejuvenation of senile plantation: Crop DistrictArea (ha.) Fin.  Rs. in lacs  KinnowSriganganagar12518.75 MandarinJhalawar15022.50 MangoBanswara, Dungarpur507.50 LimeBanswara, Jalore, karauli, Pali, S. Madhopur 10015.00 GuavaS.Madhopur, Karauli7511.25 Total50075.00

18 18 Over exploiting ground water in almost all blocks of the state  Safe- 32  Semi critical- 14  Critical- 50  Over exploited –140 dark zones All 32 districts are endemic to fluoride problem 25 districts are affected by salinity Underground water quality is deteriorating (19%in 1991 to 25% in 2003) Most of the soils are loamy fine to coarse sands, productive under irrigated situations with adequate fertilizers Development of Horticulture through rain water harvesting: Fluctuations in area & prod. due to frequent drought conditions, We want to bring stability through rain water harvesting based fruit plantations having drought proofing power

19 19 Rapidly depleting ground Water: Safe Critical Total 237 blocks, Over exploited – 140 (Dark zones), Rest critical  Area to be treated – 3000 ha.  Total no. of water resources- 300 Nos  Requirement of funds – 30.00 cror es {<}

20 20 Protected cultivation: S.No.ComponentPhy. Targets Fin.  Rs. lac  aGreen House400000 Sq. Mtr.1190.00 bMulching50 ha.3.50 cShade Net100000 Sq. Mtr.7.00 dPlastic tunnel10000 Sq. Mtr.0.50 Total1201.00 State government made provision of additional subsidy for green house construction. Now subsidy available for green house in the State is:  75 % for SF/MF farmers instead of 50% under NHM  50 % for other farmers instead of 33% under NHM {<}

21 21 Promotion of IPM/ INM: ComponentPhy. Targets Fin.  lacs  Disease Forecasting unit10 Nos.40.00 Promotion of IPM10000 ha.100.00 Bio Control Lab2 Nos.120.00 Plant health clinic4 Nos.70.00 Leaf tissue analysis lab1 Nos.20.00 Total350.00

22 22 Organic Farming: Programme for 2008-09Phy. Target Fin.  Rs. lac  Adoption of organic farming2500 ha.250.00 Vermi compost unit600 Nos.180.00 Certification250.00 Total680.00 Strength: Capitalize on the naturally growing organic produce Linked with Internal Control System & Certification Began in 2005-06 – 466 ha area, 825 ha in 2006-07 & 1290 ha in 2007-08 {<}

23 23 HRD including horticulture institute: S.No.ItemNos.AssistanceFinancial A. 1 Farmers Training - Production Technology 230.7517.25 2Agro processing, Marketing and Packaging130.753.75 3Export & phytosanitary activities100.753.75 4Preservation of F & V100.754.50 5IPM50.753.75 6Seed Production40.754.50 7Bee Keeping50.757.50 BExposure Tours561.2570.00 COfficial/ Officer training Inside state100.505.00 Out side state200.5010.00 Abroad1020.60 D I. Training of Supervisors – SIAM & Takarda28.12516.25 II. Training of Supervisors – KVK Abusar118.125 E Gardener’s Training - SIAM17.525 Total200.00

24 24 Pollination support through Bee-Keeping: S. No. District No. of Bee Colonies No. of Bee Hives/ Equipment Financial Req. (Rs. in lacs) Crop 1Bharatpur2000 16.00Mustard, Citrus, Ber, Mango, Guava, Arhar, Cucurbits, Dhaincha, Neem 2Karauli1500 12.00 3S. Madhopur1000 8.00 4Chittorgarh700 5.60 5Alwar500 4.00 6Kota1500 12.00 7Jaipur200 1.60 8Ganganagar1500 12.00 9Baran500 4.00 10Sirohi300 2.40 11Bhilwara300 2.40 Total10000 80.00

25 25 Technology dissemination through Front line demonstration: To conduct front line demonstrations – at SAU;s  Demonstration of Hi-tech horticulture practices for flowers, fruits, vegetables in open fields & Green house cultivation fruits, vegetables in open fields & Green house cultivation  Demonstrative unit - primary processing & PHM of perishables of perishables  Technology dissemination & training Rs.200.00 lac Collaborators : Rajasthan Agriculture University, Bikaner Maharana Pratap University of Agriculture & Technology, Udaipur.

26 26 Post Harvest Management: S. No. Component UnitTargets Fin.  Rs. lac  aPack HouseNos.2012.50 bCold Storage unitsNos.201000.00 cC.A. StorageNos.1400.00 dRef. Vans/ ContainersNos.1060.00 eMobile processing unitsNos.16.00 fMarket intelligence PB100.00 gBuy Back Intervention PB50.00 hEstt. of Marketing Infrastructure for horticulture produce in Govt. / Private /Cooperative Sector PB i)Whole Sale MarketsNos.12500.00 ii)Rural Markets/ Apni Mandi/ Direct MarketsNos.1037.50 iii)Functional Infrastructure for collection / gradingNos.1037.50 iv)Extension, quality awareness & market led extension activities for fresh processed products PB500.00 Total4703.50

27 27 S.No.Component Phy. (Nos) Fin. (Lac Rs) Remarks 1 Farmer's friendly literature, posters, exhibits, video films 53.00 Rs. one lac per district & Rs. 30.00 lac at hq. 2 Publicity through print media/ electronic media 33.00 3 National Level Seminar125.00 One Seminar on PHM aspects of Aonla and aloe vera 4 State level farmer's fair15.00One fair at Jaipur 5 District level Farmer's fair2323.00One fair at each district. 6 Seminar (2 days)1020.00 7 Orientation workshop (one day)2323.00One work shop in each district. 8 Hiring of consultants1018.00 As per need @ Rs. 15000/- per month for 12 months. Total200.00 Technical support Group

28 28 S.No.ComponentFinancial Rs. Lac DMission Management 1 State & District Mission Structure including additional manpower & project preparation cost 654.67 2 Support to Cooperatives for infrastructure requirement 50.00 3 Institutional Strengthening, hire, purchase of vehicles, hardware/software 100.00 ENew Interventions {<}{<} 1 Horticulture equipments50.00 2 Distribution of drying spices sheets50.00 Grand Total 14330.15 Mission management and Innovative programme

29 29

30 30 YearApproved districts NosName 2005-0613Alwar, Jaipur, Ajmer, Kota, Baran, Jhalawar, Chittorgarh, Jodhpur, Pali, Jalore, Barmer, Nagaur, Ganganagar 2006-0717Alwar, Jaipur, Ajmer, Kota, Baran, Jhalawar, Chittorgarh, Jodhpur, Pali, Jalore, Barmer, Tonk,Nagaur, Ganganagar, {Banswara Karauli, S.Madhopur (IDPHT)} 2007-0823Alwar, Jaipur, Ajmer, Kota, Baran, Jhalawar, Chittorgarh, Jodhpur, Pali, Jalore, Barmer, Tonk,Nagaur, Ganganagar, {Banswara Karauli, S.Madhopur (IDPHT)}, Sirohi, Udaipur, Dungarpur, Bhilwara, Bundi, Jhunjhunu Name & Number of districts approved in 2005-06, 2006-07 & 2007-08 :

31 31 Name & Number of crops approved in 2005-06, 2006-07 & 2007-08 : YearApproved crops NosName 2005-0613FruitsAonla, Mandarin, Kinnow, Ber SpicesCoriander, Cumin, Fenugreek, Chilli, M&A PlantsAloevera, Mehandi, citronella, jamarosa etc FlowersCut flower, Bulbous flower, Loose flower (Rose, Merigold) 2006-0725FruitsAonla, Mandarin, Kinnow, Ber, Bael, Pomegranate, Guava, Papaya, Lemon/citrus, Mango SpicesCoriander, Cumin, Fenugreek, Chilli, Garlic, Ginger, Turmeric, Fennel M&A PlantsAloevera, Mehandi, Isabgol, Lemongrass, Ashwagandha, Safedmusali FlowersCut flower, Bulbous flower, Loose flower (Rose, Merigold etc.) 2007-0825As approved in 2006-07 {>}

32 32 Market linkages: Food Parks Four food parks 1. Ranpur at Kota 2. Boranda at Jodhpur 3. Udhyog Vihar at GNG 4.Neemrana at Alwar Product focus: KotaCoriander, Fenugreek, Aonla, Mandarin, Garlic, Potatoes, Tomato JodhpurCumin, Chilli, Garlic, Onion, Ber, Pomegranate, Aonla, Sonamukhi, Mehandi, Isabgol GNGKinnow, Orange, Aromatic grasses AlwarChilli, citrus Aonla, Capsicum

33 33 Market linkages: AEZ’s and Commodity Markets - AEZ’s Commodity Specific Markets CommodityCommodity Specific Markets Commodity Merta cityCuminBassiTomato AlwarOnionPushkarFlowers RamganjmandiCorianderBhawanimandiOrange ChomuAonlaSGNRKinnow ChipabarodGarlicAjmerFlowers TonkChilliShahpuraTinda S.MadhopurGuavaSojatcityMehandi JodhpurCuminSojatcitySonamukhi BhinmalIsabgolJhalrapatanAshwgandha Two AEZ’s for cumin and coriander19 commodity specific markets {>}

34 34 Physical and financial progress achieved during previous three years S. No. Name of Scheme/Component Unit Physical and financial progress (Rs. Lac) 2005-062006-072007-08 Phy.Fin.Phy.Fin.Phy.Fin. A Plantation Infrastructure & Dev. 1 Production of planting material a Development of Nurseries iPublic Sector i)Model Nursery (4ha.)Nos.590.008144.0010180.00 i)Small Nursery (1 ha.)Nos.00.001236.00618.00 iiPrivate Sector i)Model Nursery (4ha.)Nos.19.003 64.50 i)Small Nursery (1 ha.)Nos.43.00147.502321.73 Total 10102.0037196.5045224.23 bVegetable Seed Production Public SectorHa.5025.0052.702914.50 Private SectorHa.00.000.3640.00 Total 5025.003.06414.50 cSeed Infrastructure Public Sector 0.00228.792181.00 Private Sector 0.0011.9224.78 Total0.0030.71185.78 {>}

35 35 S. No. Name of Scheme/ComponentUnit Physical and financial progress 2005-062006-072007-08 Phy.Fin.Phy.Fin.Phy.Fin. 2Estt. of New gardens aFruits (Perennial)Ha.4618255.323972222.835262516.12 First year MaintenanceHa.126129.082531134.55 Second year MaintenanceHa.121299.18 Fruits sub Total 255.32251.91749.85 bFlowers iCut Flowers a) Small & Marginal FarmersHa. b) Other FarmersHa. iiBulbous Flowers a) Small & Marginal FarmersHa. b) Other FarmersHa. iiiLoose Flowers a)Small & Marginal FarmersHa.81643.95287.526.70 b)Other FarmersHa.18413.54488.934.79 Flowers sub Total 64.7499.89776.461.48 cSpicesHa.6833349.778923609.8511410474.74 dM&A Plants 524.7320.224263246.842 Total 674.57961.871332.9 Physical and financial progress achieved during previous three years {>}

36 36 S. No. Name of Scheme/ComponentUnit Physical and financial progress 2005-062006-072007-08 Phy.Fin.Phy.Fin.Phy.Fin. 3Rejuvenation of senile plantation Ha10414.6438743.8656570.18 4Water resourcesNo14129.841141151.32382387.99 5Protected cultivation aGreen House iSmall & Marginal FarmersSqM74904243.44 iiOther FarmersSqM20013.35900019.35 bMulchingHa.0.03570.1000 cShade NetSqM90.30528000.22111401.13 dPlastic tunnelSqM5000.0250.0017050.09 Total 0.3653.63264.01 6Promotion of INM/IPM iSanitary and phytosanitary105.80 iiPromotion of IPMHa.425731.231008572.08763049.38 iiiDisease Forecasting unitsNos.28.00520.005 iv Bio control labs vPlant health clinic (Public Sector)Nos.120.007140236.00 viLeaf tissue analysis labs Total 59.23337.88 105.38 Physical and financial progress achieved during previous three years {>}

37 37 S. No Name of Scheme/ComponentUnit Physical and financial progress 2005-062006-072007-08 Phy.Fin.Phy.Fin.Phy.Fin. 7Organic Farming aAdoption of organic farmingHa.46720.01116249.541290.2555.48 bVermi compost unitsNos.285.3715544.99506151.06 cCertification 0.001.0010.46 Total 25.3894.64217.00 8 HRD Farmers Training 46.77100.31775173.65 Exposure Tours 13.0644.71324780.52 Officers/ Officials Training 3.4513.648718.98 Training of supervisors 54.7831.04216.25 Entrepreneurs Training110.125 Gardeners Training 211.25 Total 9Pollination support through bee-keeping Nos195518.98418150.141052080.29 10Technology dissemination through Front line demons. 0.0017747.64120.90 Physical and financial progress achieved during previous three years {>}

38 38 S. No. Name of Scheme/ComponentUnit Physical and financial progress 2005-062006-072007-08 Phy.Fin.Phy.Fin.Phy.Fin. B Post Harvest Management 1 Pack House Nos. 2 Cold Storage units Nos.6151.30 3 Ref. Vans/ Containers Nos. 4 Mobile processing units Nos. 5 Market intelligence Nos.30.006.593 6 Buy back intervention 7Establishment of marketing infrastructure for hort. crops a Wholesale Market b Rural Market/ Apni Mandi 415.00 c Functional infrastructure 1544.97 dExtension, quality awareness & market led extension activitiees for fresh processed products 100.0060.00 Total 189.976.593 211.30 Physical and financial progress achieved during previous three years {>}

39 39 S. No. Name of Scheme/ComponentUnit Physical and financial progress 2005-062006-072007-08 Phy.Fin.Phy.Fin.Phy.Fin. D Mission Management a State & District Mission Structure 17.5165.186165.95 b Support to co-operatives 10.60 c Institutional Strengthening 43.7941.4118.07 c Technical support group I State level farmer fair Nos.26.99 ii District level farmer fair Nos.10.8513.3098.14 iii Seminar (Two days) Nos.10.918.491219.59 iv Orientation workshop Nos.13.731110.66 v Farmer friendly literature, posters, exhibits, video films 40.1215.00 viElectronic/ print media Sub Total Total F New Interventions a Horticulture equipments 18.8820.867.68 b Distribution of drying sheets Total Grand Total 1464.303306.965667.31 Physical and financial progress achieved during previous three years {>}

40 40 NurseryDistrict Phy.Target (Nos.)Fin. (Rs. lac) Plants to be raised Model Nursery Sriganganagar 19.00 Bhilwara 19.00 Aonla, Mandarin, Guava, Lime Udaipur 19.00 Mango, Aonla, Guava, Lime Sirohi 19.00 Flowers/ Mango Jhunjhunu 19.00 Bael, Pomegranate Total 545.00 Small Nursery Udaipur 11.50 Mango, Aonla, Guava, Lime Bundi 11.50 Mandarin, Sapota Jaipur 11.50 Aonla, Bael, Pomegranate, lime Ajmer 11.50 Aonla, Rose, Bael, Guava Alwar 11.50 Aonla, Bael, Flowers Jhalawar 11.50 Mandarin Tonk 11.50 Aonla, Guava, Pomegranate, lime Sirohi 11.50 Pomegranate, Mango, Flowers Jhodhpur 11.50 Ber / Pomegranate Ganganagar 11.50 Kinnow/ Rose, Pomegranate Kota 11.50 Mandarin, Mango Jhunjhunu 11.50 Ber, Aonla, Bael S. Madhopur 11.50 Guava, Mango Banswara 11.50 Mango Dungarpur 11.50 Mango, Guava, Lime Total 1522.50 Grand Total 2067.50 {>} 2. Private Sector

41 41 Green House: DistrictsGreen house (Sq. mtr.) Ajmer20000 Alwar120000 Baran6000 Bhilwara6000 Chittor10000 Jaipur60000 Jhalawar10000 Jhunjhunu8000 Kota20000 Nagaur15000 S. Madhopur50000 Sirohi10000 Sriganganagar30000 Tonk10000 Udaipur25000 Total400000 {>}

42 42 Protected cultivation: Mulching Shade net DistrictArea (Ha.)Fin. Req. (Rs. in lacs) DistrictShade net units ( Req. (Rs lac) Ajmer100.70 Ajmer80000.560 Jhalawar100.70 Alwar300002.100 Kota100.70 Bhilwara20000.140 S. Madhopur100.70 Bundi20000.140 Sriganganagar100.70 Chittor30000.210 Total503.50 Jaipur70000.490 Plastic tunnels Jalore20000.140 DistrictPlastic Tunnel (Sq. mtr.) Fin. (Rs. In lacs) Jhalawar20000.140 Jhunjhunu 30000.15 Jhunjhunu20000.140 Sriganganagar 70000.35 Jodhpur30000.210 Total100000.50 Karauli20000.140 Kota50000.350 Pali20000.140 S. Madhopur70000.490 Sirohi50000.350 Sriganganagar100000.700 Tonk30000.210 Udaipur50000.350 Total1000007.000

43 43 S.No.DisritctArea (ha.) Fin.  Rs. in lacs  Indicative Hort. crops in rotation 1Ajmer10010.00Vegetables 2Alwar10010.00Fruits 3Banswara10010.00Fruits, Vegetables 4Baran15015.00Coriander 5Barmer15015.00Cumin, Isabgol 6Bhilwara10010.00Spices 7Bundi505.00Coriander 8Chittor10010.00Coriander 9Dungarpur505.00Spices 10Jaipur10010.00Fenugreek, Vegetables 11Jalore15015.00Cumin 12Jhalawar15015.00Coriander 13Jhunjhunu10010.00Fenugreek, vegetables 14Jodhpur15015.00Cumin, vegetables 15Karauli505.00Chilli 16Kota15015.00Coriander 17Nagaur10010.00Cumin 18Pali15015.00Cumin, chilli 19S. Madhopur10010.00Spices 20Sirohi505.00Fennel 21Sriganganagar15015.00Kinnow 22Tonk10010.00Chilli, Cumin 23Udaipur10010.00Ginger, turmeric Total2500250.00 Adoption of organic farming: {>}

44 44 Vermi compost units: S.No.DisritctVermi compost Unit (Nos.)Fin. req. (Rs. in lacs) 1Ajmer257.50 2Alwar257.50 3Banswara257.50 4Baran257.50 5Barmer257.50 6Bhilwara257.50 7Bundi154.50 8Chittor257.50 9Dungarpur206.00 10Jaipur257.50 11Jalore309.00 12Jhalawar257.50 13Jhunjhunu309.00 14Jodhpur309.00 15Karauli206.00 16Kota309.00 17Nagaur257.50 18Pali309.00 19S. Madhopur257.50 20Sirohi206.00 21Sriganganagar5015.00 22Tonk257.50 23Udaipur257.50 Total600180.00

45 45 Innovative Proposal : 1. Horticulture equipment/ Implements 1.To control the insect pest, Modern PP equipments are to be provided to the farmers on subsidized rates 2.For training, pruning and removing of unwanted growth financial assistance is proposed on horticulture implements 3.To impart intercultural operations in fruit orchards, small tractors are also to be popularised among the farmers to enhance the productivity of the fruit crops Backpack sprayer, Power sprayer, Foot sprayer, Tractor/trolley mounted power sprayer, Horticulture tools, Small Tractor for intercultural operations in orchards etc. will be provided to the farmers The assistance will be given @ 50% of total cost of equipment/ Small Tractor / tools subject to ceiling of Rs. 10000/- per beneficiary. During the year 2008-09, a financial provision of Rs.50.00 lacs has been kept for distribution of equipments/ tools.

46 46 Innovative Proposal : 2. Distribution of Drying Spices Sheets Rajasthan contributes more than 50% of national production of seed spices State is leading producer of coriander, cumin & fenugreek Spices farmers are not adopting hygienic conditions during threshing Many times heavy losses occurs and quality of the produce also gets spoiled Farmers could not get attractive prices in domestic as well as international market Distribution of plastic sheets for drying/ threshing of seed spices rather than to dry on ground may help in getting remunerative prices

47 47 Distribution of Drying Spices Sheets: Technical specifications for drying spices sheets: Five layered polythene sheet (6X8 meter), 250 GSM (gram per square meter), Color-Black Both sides coated specially with reinforced HDPE fabric heavy duty 5 layers rigged with tear resistance strength, Heat sealed edge reinforced with rope and humid with minimum 25 mm overlap fitted with eyelets 120 cm apart all round out to sizes Financial assistance proposed: 50 % of cost limited to Rs. 1000/- per sheet (6x8 mtr) Maximum assistance admissible per beneficiary will be Rs. 5000. For distribution of drying spices sheets and construction of cemented drying yards, a sum of Rs. 50.00 lacs is proposed for the year 2008-09. {>}

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