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By Sudhir K. Saxena Exe.Engg.Elect.Engg. Mgt/RB. Electricity consumption over Indian Railways for traction & non-traction.

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1 By Sudhir K. Saxena Exe.Engg.Elect.Engg. Mgt/RB

2 Electricity consumption over Indian Railways for traction & non-traction

3 KEY STATISTICS 13-14  24891 RKM (38.0%) out of 65436 RKM electrified.  Hauling 62% of traffic in terms of GTKM  Annual fuel bill (Diesel & Electricity): Rs. 28500 Cr.  Electrical energy consumed:  Traction : 15.1 Billion units, Rs. 9650 Cr.  Non-Traction : 2.5 Billion units, Rs. 1650 Cr.  Total : 17.6 Billion units, Rs 11300 Cr.  Traction Sub stations : 400 nos.  Other Assets consuming electricity:  Electrified Stations : 8007 Nos.  Electrified Quarters : Over 6 lakhs  Workshops/Sheds/Pus : Over 200 nos. This is about 1.8% of the nation’s generation

4 Annual average increase of about 9%

5 MEASURES TO REDUCE ELECTRICITY TARIFF Setting up of Captive Power Plants:  4x250 MW Thermal Power Plant at Nabinagar,Bihar - In JV with NTPC, 1st unit target- May 2015 - Remaining 3 units @ one unit every six months - Annual saving of Rs 500 Cr. in electricity bill. - IR’s equity contribution will be paid back in 1 year - Estimated Tariff- Rs 3.50 per unit  2x 660 MW Power Plant at Adra, WB in Rly Land: - Water linkage, SPCB clearance obtained - Allocation of Coal Block awaited - Annual saving of Rs 600 Cr. in electricity bill

6 Railway Energy Management Company Ltd. Set up in Aug 13 with equity participation of RITES & Railways in the ratio of 51:49 respectively. Major planned activities of REMC Harnessing Green Energy viz. wind, solar and other non-conventional resources. Procuring power for IR at lower tariff through power trading and bilateral arrangements. Co-ordination with regulatory authorities to obtain relief on increased electricity tariff. Implementation of energy efficient technologies to conserve energy. Construction of dedicated transmission network for IR

7 Procuring Power Through Bi-Lateral Arrangements IR being a deemed licensee under the Electricity Act, 2003 can purchase power at lower tariff directly from GENCOs and others without payment of surcharges. 100 MW power is being planned from Gujarat for use in Maharashtra:  Saving of about Rs.150 Cr..  Agreement between CR, GUVNL & REMC will be signed shortly. 50MW power from DVC in NCR  Saving of about Rs.100 Cr.  MOU signed between DVC,NCR & REMC on 25.07.14  Power from DVC is likely to be flow by Aug. 14.

8 Power Trading Activity: Electricity is available at lower tariff during night time & off peak period through power exchanges trading First pilot project for power trading at Diwana TSS in NR in Haryana has been taken by REMC. Annual saving of Rs 10 Cr. on drawl of 10 MW power. Open access permission from Haryana is awaited. Power trading at all other feasible locations including at RCF, Ballabhgarh TSS/NR, Bina TSS/WCR & Takurli/CR is also in process.

9 Construction of Dedicated Transmission Network IR proposes to set up dedicated transmission network of Railways having connectivity with CTU. These lines are envisaged to be executed in PPP mode. Power from captive power plant or any other sources can be wheeled through this network at reduced wheeling and transmission charges.

10 Green Energy initiatives Wind Mills :  Capacity Installed : Total 10.5 MW in Tamil Nadu  Works Planned : Total 168MW  157.5 MW capacity wind mill plants planned in JV model with REMC. Out of this:  25 MW windmill in Rajasthan in JV, work for which is under advance stage of award.  Locations for remaining 132.5 MW in JV is under finalisation.  10.5 MW wind plant with Railways funding in SR is under (Tamil Nadu).

11 (a)Capacity Installed : Total 7 MW  7 MW Solar based lighting systems at LC gates (4114 nos.), Railway stations (525 nos.), Solar water heaters (6.7 lakhs LPD), street lights (400 nos.) & Office Buildings (b) Works Planned : Total 7.82 MW  7.82 MW of solar plants planned at 200 railway stations, 2000 LC gates, 26 nos. of roof top locations. (c ) Future Plan:  To provide SPV modules on roof top spaces of station buildings, office buildings, workshops, hospitals and other available open spaces in PPP mode  Addition of solar capacity at Mega scale with Viability Gap Funding (VGF) support from MNRE for getting electricity at a fixed tariff of Rs.5.50 per unit. SOLAR ENERGY INITIATIVES

12 ENERGY CONSERVATION INITIATIVES For traction energy Deployment of new generation energy efficient electric locomotives and electrical multiple units (EMUs) with 3 phase regenerative braking feature. Overall Specific energy consumption (SEC) reduced. For non-traction energy Due to use of energy efficient light fittings & ceiling fans, occupancy sensors, star rated equipments etc, energy consumption remained constant despite over the last 4 years despite increase in connected load of about 5% per annum IR bagged 22 “National Energy Conservation Awards” in 2013 out of a total of 112 awards, instituted by Bureau of Energy Efficiency.


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