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“Quality Healthcare Products for a Quality Life”.

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1 “Quality Healthcare Products for a Quality Life”

2  A group of Allied medical professions teamed up to form Alpine Pharmaceutical Enterprises after a year of planning and re-organizing. Headed by Frederick Tantamco the pharmacist who specializes in medication of Drugs and Medicines supported by her wife Arlene Tantamco MD, a radiologist based in Manila who specialize in diagnostic Machines. Then teamed by Marvin Allas a Nurse by Profession and Marketer who specialized in product consumables, supported by her wife Mary joy Tantamco a Medical technologist who specialized on Laboratory Products and consumables.

3  The Team of allied medical profession made Alpine Pharmaceutical Enterprises not less than a family business but a new trend in building a strong medical and professional marketing to promote “Quality Healthcare Products for a Quality Life” making every field of interest as a sustainability in prolonging life. That is health care affordable and readily available to the people.  It is on emphasizing on achieving health at the optimum level of health care with low-cost quality medicine made affordable. For the people with different classes in life, it is our belief that equality with quality would build a nation rather than quantity with poor quality could ruin our name. It is through years of planning and negotiating on suppliers locally and in abroad that moulded the products of Alpine Pharmaceutical Enterprises with the familiarity of the products called life savers. From the machines to the medicines and consumable products are all directed to life. We are earning in building a quality life with our products sharing it with the clients and the people around us.


5 GENERAL MANAGER MR. Frederick H. Tantamco


7 Director of Finance Arlene M. Tantamco M.D.

8 Marketing Director Mary Joy Tantamco-Allas


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