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IPad Grant Proposal Amy Smith Bailey Middle School Austin, TX.

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1 iPad Grant Proposal Amy Smith Bailey Middle School Austin, TX

2 Bailey Middle School desires to increase and improve access to information by providing iPads to replace student textbooks.

3 traditional textbooks?
Why replace traditional textbooks? Studies show that heavy backpacks can lead to both chronic back pain and poor posture — and many children are carrying a quarter of their body weight in textbooks. Traditional textbooks… Are bulky and heavy Are sometimes out-of-date May not thoroughly cover all TEKS Do not provide instant access to publishers’ online activities and practice exercises Have pages that are easily torn Can be permanently damaged by student markings

4 Why e-textbooks? E-textbooks…
Offer gorgeous, full-screen experiences packed with interactive diagrams, photos, simulations and videos Can all be stored on one compact, lightweight device Are easily updated Allow students to search topics and look up unfamiliar terms with ease

5 Why e-textbooks continued…
On average cost 50-60% less than print textbooks Contain engaging online activities including games, self-paced tutorials, self-assessments, and links to real-time data Can be highlighted and allow for note taking Tablets help students better prepare for a world immersed in technology

6 Information retention and test scores go up!
Who benefits? Students love using technology… Students are engaged… Information retention and test scores go up!

7 What do we need? iPads iPad covers Teacher training Charging stations

8 Students will be assigned iPads at the beginning of the school year.
Students will turn in their iPads before they leave for the summer.

9 Management The instructional technologist assigned to Bailey Middle School will collaborate with the library media specialist to devise a workable roll-out plan for the iPads and e-textbooks. The downloading of textbooks and any subsequent technological support will be handled by the instructional technologist. The library media specialist will be the primary program director responsible for the distribution of the iPads and supporting equipment.

10 Great results with iPads!
77% of teachers found technology increases student motivation to learn. Students who used the iPad version of textbooks scored 20 percent higher on standardized tests versus students who learned with traditional textbooks. Students who own tablets purchase and read more books than those who read print books alone. Using a tablet is so intuitive that it makes learning fun and easy.

11 Thank you for your time and consideration!

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