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1 Enterprise Services Training and Development Solutions For the A/E/C Industry

2 Company Overview RedVector is the leading provider of online learning solutions and courses to the engineering, construction and design industry. Providing online education is our core business We help people achieve their goals, advance their careers and enrich their lives through education.

3 Company Overview RedVector: Education for Construction, Engineering and Architecture 90+ diverse team members Financially Stable and Profitable Focus on Construction, Engineering and Design Education Quality + Flexibility + Competitive Pricing = Happy Clients

4 Company Overview Since 1999, clients have relied on RedVector for: E-learning Content Development (Instructional Design, Technical Writing, Hosting / Database Management, Reporting / Statistics) Enterprise Training Management (Corporate Library of 900+ Courses, 80+ Clients, Reporting / Analysis) Training Program Management (CTQP, License Management, Corporate University Infrastructure)

5 Company Overview A major advantage of computer based training is the ability to provide reports, statistics and controls on student and instructor activities: Enrollment and Completions Exam Scoring Analysis (Student, Class, Question integrity) Proctored Exams (Role Based Security, Timers, Separate Student / Proctor / Instructor Interfaces)

6 Company Overview RedVector Learning Portals have been adapted to handle diverse requirements for student, instructor and proctor data mining: International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers Craft Assessment Site FDOT Project Management Exam Questions State Board Reporting

7 Instructional Design Seven years of experience discovering “what works in e- learning” Encourage Active Learning By using text and graphics together. Apply the Personalization Principle by using Conversational style. Practice Makes Perfect. RedVector E-learning Qualifications

8 Adult Learning Adults bring a wealth of experience to training, and have needs that must be met for learning to occur. Four Principles of Adult Learning: 1.Adults need to be involved in planning / evaluation. 2.Experiences (including mistakes) provide the basis for learning activities. 3.Adults are most interested in learning subjects that have immediate relevance to their job or personal life. 4.Adult learning is problem-centered rather than content-oriented.

9 RedVector E-learning Qualifications 508 Compliance Basic Guidelines we check for during development: Alt comments on all images Accessible hyperlink names Skip link – give a way to bypass repetitive navigation menus and jump to the main content Text color contrast

10 Corporate Subscriptions

11 RedVector CEU/PDH Library  900+ Technical and Soft Skills Courses for All Experience Levels  Interactive, Asynchronous Content  PDF Reference Downloads  Meets e-learning Industry Protocols: SCORM, AICC, HTML, etc.  Content Developed for the Engineering Design and Construction Industry  Courses Designed to Meet US State Licensing Board and Professional Organization Requirements  Instructional Designers & e-learning Developers on Staff  Authored by 100+ Subject Matter Experts & Publishing Partners

12 RedVector Library R&D and Maintenance  14% 2006 Revenues invested in R&D  33-46 hours of content created monthly  Content Reviewed/Updated Annually  Subject Matter Expert Network 100+  Publishing Resources  Rapid Content Creation Services  Instructional Designers on Staff to Guide SMEs  Entire Library Migrating to Interactive/SCORM Compliant Format

13 State and Organizational Compliance  Requirements maintained with over 192 state boards and organizations  Requirements Database maintained on RedVector Learning Portal  Courses Cross Referenced/Categorized by Requirement (examples)  NY State & Florida Engineering Boards  FCLIB  AIA  Automated CEU/PDH Completion Reporting for 20 state boards and organizations (manual for others).  Course Delivery Customized for Specific Requirements (examples)  Florida General Contractors (Minimum Time Standards)  Texas Electrical Contractors (Dynamic Identity Verification)  Course Content for Specific Requirements  Ethics  Health, Safety, Welfare  Building Code, etc.

14 Client Support  Dedicated Client Support Staff  Technical Support  Course & Site Navigation Help  Course Recommendations  Single Point of Contact Options  Print, Ship & Grade Home Study Exams  Live Support 8 am- 10 pm EST, M-F  24 x7 Online Support  Online Feedback  Requirements/Reporting Resolution

15 Content Development

16 ADDIE Development Process RedVector develops courses by: 1.Identifying topics needed through client request, RFP guidelines (analyze) and/or existing content 2.Identifying learning objectives for each topic & approval by client (design) 3.Developing course materials, checkpoints and test questions which reinforce learning objectives (develop) 4.Launching courses for client testing (implement & evaluate) 5.Reviewing client comments, making changes and launching final product for client 6.Continual assessment via after-course survey (evaluate again)

17 Content Development Framework Quality Control Web/Flash Development Research Engineering Agency Compliance Management Instructional Design Project Management Content Acquisition/Authoring Instructional Design Quality Management Content Acquisition/Authoring Instructional Design Quality Management Project Management Content Development Course Layout Flash Formatting Lectora Customization Checkpoint Integration

18 4 Begin placing text from PPT into word document and editing / revising / adding 1 Review & Evaluate existing PPT and all other course materials 151413 9101112 Submit to FDOT SME for review and comments 5 678 32 Content Development Workflow Complete change requests from FDOT & submit final course Submit 95% draft to FDOT Develop test questions in Lectora Submit Lectora 50% draft to FDOT Submit Lectora draft (including graphics, multimedia, and learning exercises) for review Complete Steps 1 – 8 for remaining 50% Develop test questions, test pools in Word and Excel Development of course into Lectora Submit document to FDOT SME for review and feedback Add graphics into word document rough draft and written descriptions of interactive exercises Create outline of main course topics Develop learning objectives covering all main topics

19 Content Development Staff Team: Copywriters Developers Instructional Technologist Project Manager Graphic Designer Audio Expert Miscellaneous: Audio Editing Booth for professional sounding audio recordings

20 Project Plan Software Toolbox: Lectora: rapid e-learning development software – commercially available and supported & meets industry protocals Flash 8: interactive, engaging content development Photoshop: graphics editing Captivate: simulation and demonstration development software Cubase: professional audio recording and editing Adobe Premier: video editing Swift 3D: 3D development

21 FDOT Computer Based Training Example

22 Education Management Services

23 Program Administrator for Certification Management  Offline Course Exam Fulfillment Services  Automatic Exam Scoring (Bubble Sheet & Electronic)  Document Storage/Archiving  Scanning, Paper Management  Database Management & Integration Solutions  Qualifications Requirements Verification  Customized Learning Management Portal  Robust Reporting Tools  Identity / Credentials Verification  Blended Learning Solutions  Instructional Design Services  Logistics Management  Asynchronous & Synchronous  Dedicated Client Support RedVector Qualifications

24 Professional License Management  Document Acquisition  Document Preparation  Education Certificates  Automatic Submission of Credits (where accepted)  Electronic Records Retention  Disaster Recovery  Records Management  Board Verification  Unlimited Access to RedVector CEU/PDH Library  Dedicated License Manager  License Renewal Reminders  Client Support Center with Toll-Free Access  Online Journal Access & Records Retention

25 Technology

26 Website Infrastructure: 2006  85,000+ registered users  125,000+ courses taken  650,000+ Unique Visitors  Automatic Grading and Certificate Creation  E-Commerce enabled  Database of over 600,000 records  Secure Off Site Servers  4 Levels of Redundancy  High Availability  Scalable  Multi-Media Capable

27 Technical Tools  Lectora Rapid Development Course Authoring Tool  SCORM, AICC, HTML, CD-Rom & Single File Executable  Future Ready  Non-Proprietary, Industry Standard  Widely Supported  Multi-Media Object Capable  Flexible Testing Capabilities  Learning Management  Flexible Reporting  Training History (Alternate Resources)  Shopping Cart Enabled  Web-Based  Custom/Branded Portals

28 Resident Expertise  Learning Management Development  ASP .NET  SCORM/AICC  Database Expertise  Oracle  SQL  Multi-Media  Flash  Java  Enterprise Application Integration  Web Services  FTP  Import/Export Support

29 Market Awareness

30 Marketing Execution  85,000 Registered Users  Educational Advisory Team  Retail & Enterprise Sales Channels  Certificate Website  Branded Learning Portals  In-house Direct Mail  1.5M Pieces Annually  3x/Licensed Professional  Targeted around CE deadlines  State/Local Organization Referral Programs  Paid/Organic Search  #1 Placement Goals w/Overture & Google  Daily Keyword Management  Trade Show Activity  Affiliate and Partner Programs

31 Return on Investment

32 The RedVector Impact  Reduce Exposure to Variable Training Costs  Develop Effective Leaders  Measurable Training Results  Improve Communication  Improve Project Margins  More Effective Planning  Meets State and Organizational Continuing Education Requirements  Reduce Travel Expense  Hold Employees Accountable to Minimum Knowledge Standards  24 x 7 availability = Increased billings  Improved Employee Retention Rates  Provide a Training Resource for Mobile/Remote Employees  Supplement/Reinforce Internal Program Content  Educated Workers = New Clients & Improved Client Retention

33 ROI: e-Learning v. Traditional Training Training Expense Traditional Training E-learning E-learning Savings Productivity Loss ($125/hr billing Rate) $1,000$0*$1,000 Enrollment Costs $300$240$60 Travel Costs $100-$350$0$100-$350 Meals $20-$50$0$20-$50 Lodging $100-$200$0$100-$200 Totals$1,520-$1,900$240$1,280-$1,660 Hourly Savings: $160-$208/hour 1 Development Day *Assumes e-learning conducted during non-billable time

34 Direct Savings: e-learning ANNUAL SAVINGS 1 e-learning unit 4 e-learning units 8 e-learning units 16 e-learning units 50 Students $8,000- $10,400 $32,000- $41,600 $64,000- 83,200 $128,000- $166,400 100 Students $16,000- $20,800 $64,000- 83,200 $128,000- $166,400 $256,000- $332,800 250 Students $40,000- $52,000 $160,000- $208,000 $320,000- 416,000 $640,000- $832,000 500 Students $80,000- $104,000 $320,000- $416,000 $640,000- $832,000 $1,280,000- $1,664,000 1000 Students $160,000- $208,000 $640,000- $832,000 $1,280,000- $1,664,000 $2,560,000- $3,328,000 SAVINGS for 1 e-learning unit (1 hour): $160-$208/student

35 Strategic Partners

36 Enterprise Clients  PBS&J University  Dupont  Black & Veatch  Zachry Construction  McGraw-Hill Professional  Wilbur Smith Associates  CDI  Washington Group International  URS Corporation  Florida DOT  Heery International  Blasland, Bouck & Lee  Progress Energy  STV  Shaw Environmental  WD Partners  IESNA  AECOM Technology Group  STS Consultants  Davis & Floyd  Erdman Anthony  Parsons  EarthTech  Sargent & Lundy  Texas A&M University  John Wiley & Sons  Gensler  Georgia DOT  Dewberry  TIC

37 Conclusion Why is RedVector the right choice for your firm? We have performed quality work for the industry on many difficult projects on budget and on time We are experienced in all aspects of online course development for technical, compliance and soft skills training. We have performed successfully as a training program administrator We have no learning curve We are a trusted partner with our clients For a top quality solution delivered on-time, on-budget, choose RedVector.

38 Contact Information Mike Vandall Vice President Enterprise Services, Inc. Two Urban Centre 4890 W. Kennedy Blvd., Suite 740 Tampa, Florida 33609 Telephone/Fax: (813) 864-2663 Customer Service (866) 546-1212

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