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Presented by: Carlene Morris, Vice President Tania Rivera, Project Manager.

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1 Presented by: Carlene Morris, Vice President Tania Rivera, Project Manager

2 Important Phone #’s and Email Addresses Vice President: Carlene Morris C. 954-294-0124 General Manager: Jim Kamidoi C. 954-881-1212 Project Manager: Tania Rivera C.954-740-2657 Customer Service, Manager: Teresa Alfonso-Wilson P. 954-583-3900 Customer Service Representatives: P. 954-583-3900 Corporate Relations Manager: Laura Dyess Corporate Sales Manager: Brian McGuinn P. 954-583-3900 Marketing Technologist: Kurtis Eiben P. 954-583-3900 Information Technology Department: 954-583-3900 Account Managers: 954-583-3900 p. 1-5 Important Numbers have been added!

3 What do we notice about this Production Cost sheet? Sales Associate increased their revenue by 1.5% last year.

4 Changes in Commission Policy From 1 to 120 days from job receive date: 65% commission is paid once all job costs are met. From 120 to 180 days from job receive date: 55% commission is paid once all job costs are met. After 180 days the account may go to collection at the company's discretion. The agency fee is paid and whatever is recovered is split 50-50 between the company and the associate. After one year from job receive date: 0% commission is paid. We have developed the Aging Report in SEVO to help you in your collection efforts! In a effort to raise our collection efforts, there has been slight change in our commission structure. p. 2-1

5 Definition of Terms Lining: Prospecting/Looking for work. Lined: An agreement has been signed or an Associate has been assigned the job. Lining Fee: Money paid to the Associate from another Associate for Lining a job. p. 2-4

6 New Lining Program NEW PARK: ◦Completed establishment agreement must be sent it to office. ◦You must work this job. ◦NO Lining Fee. ONE YEAR JOB RELEASE: ◦Give up a job for ONE YEAR for medical reasons only and want it back next year. ◦SE will assist with locating an associate to work job. ◦Job must be above print cost to receive lining fee. ◦You will receive a Lining Fee of $50. PERMANENT ESTABLISHMENT RELEASE: ◦You would like to release establishment permanently. ◦You do not want it back. ◦SE will complete all tasks, locate new associate, and will clear the job. ◦NO Lining Fee. p. 2-5

7 New Change in Recruiting Program In our NEW referral program, the associate will receive up to $300.00 dollars. For the first three jobs the new recruit works, the associate who referred them will receive $100.00 dollars per job. Jobs do NOT have to meet print cost. p. 2-5

8 Innovative Marketing Materials We want to set you up for success! You will have a new Marketing section that will keep you up to date on all brand changes, logos and marketing tools to ensure you are consistent in all our branding efforts. pp. 5-1 - 5-15

9 SEVO Associate Documentation SEVO has seen amazing strides since it went live a year ago. NOW, there is a user guide inside the Sales Manual to help you login, navigate and become an expert ! pp. 6-1 -6-37; 14-3-15

10 Lining and Marketing Collateral Lining letters have been added. New Marketing flyers are targeted towards assisting you in lining your jobs. pp. 7-1 to 7-5

11 Lining Letters and Marketing Flyers pp. 7-26 -7-39

12 Step by step lining questions and answers when qualifying an establishment. Establishment Lining Questions p.7-23

13 Make sure before you renew your ads that you consult with SEVO and Customer Service on any pending AR issues with any Advertiser. Guidelines and changes are NOW in the Sales Manual. Obtaining Information on Renewal Ads P 9-3

14 Updated Ad Layout Now you have these guidelines right at your finger tips! pp.10-1- 10-6

15 Updated Payment Terms How do you deal with a Advertiser with a balance due? What kind of payment terms are available to your Advertisers? What type of discounts do we offer our Advertisers? p. 10-15

16 Paperwork Requirements of A Complete Job What are the requirements for completing a job? Are they particular requirements when sending a new job in? All that and more is detailed in Paperwork Requirements of A Complete Job! p.13 -1

17 To qualify, sales associate must have attained $250,000.00 to $299,999.00 in gross sales within the fiscal year 75% of cash collected. Champagne Club p.15.3

18 Glossary of Terms pp.16-1 - 16-33 A Brand New Glossary of terms has know been added to Sales Manual as a reference

19 Job Submission After a the job is received, you have 30 days to get all ad copy into your Account Managers. We will accept additional ads until proof out. After a job goes to proof out that no additional ads will be accepted. At proof time, if no ad copy is in but it is paid for it will be name, address and phone number. If at Proof if the ad is NOT Paid for and there is NO Ad Copy, the Ad will be pulled.

20 New Supply Inventory Request Form The Supply Inventory Form has now been has been separated into EASY to find separate categories: Quantity Ad Location Ad Copy Layout Marketing Forms Presentation Folder You can NOW order the following Marketing Materials from the Supply Inventory Form: Recruiting Cards We Make The Difference Brochure Extra Service Brochure What We will Do for You Flyer Advertise with Us Brochure (4 Page) Advertise with Us Flyer Social Media Flyer

21 Thank you

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