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Healthcare Projects & Marketing Consultancy Organization.

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2 Healthcare Projects & Marketing Consultancy Organization

3 We are honored to be with you to day

4 We Are A group Of Engineers, Doctors, Health Administrators and Entrepreneurs, Organized…. To work for new Technologies and new Ideas in Global Health Care Industry. From Concept Development Till The Project implementations, We Deliver Quality and Value for money.

5 Our Activities include : Medical Products: Medical Waste Mgt. Projects Medical Technology Evaluation. Study /survey for M W M Facility Product Strategy Development. Training Orientation Courses.. Product Launch Project, feasibility Report. Sales management Training. Selection/Sourcing of Technology. Marketing Strategy development Implementation of M W M Project for Town Ships. for Town Ships.

6 MEDICAL WASTE MANAGEMENT  We have been active in the field of Medical Waste management for the last Twelve years and have under taken various projects related to this subject at many places in the country.  To exploit the full potential of this area of business, we have developed the necessary products, expertise and goodwill.

7 KEY OPERATIONS-1: CONSULTANCY 1. SOLID / INDUSTRIAL / MEDICAL WASTE MANAGEMENT : i ). SURVEY: Study the parameters relating to Medical/ Solid /Industrial Waste management in any hospital, Institution, town, city, state, or for any civic body. ii) FEASIBILITY REPORTS: Develop a practical, cost-effective, feasibility plan for bio-Medical/ Solid/ Industrial waste management on the basis of the above waste audit. iii) EXECUTION:Search, select, Source, Develop, and Evaluate products for Solid/medical/ Industrial waste management. iv) TRAINING:Develop Systems protocol and provide training or conduct orientation courses. v) BOO & BOOT: Plan and implement a waste management project on turnkey basis, for any institution or civic body on BOO or BOOT terms.

8 KEY OPERATIONS-2 CONSULTANCY 2.Medical Projects: Work as Medical Technologist to provide Consultancy to introduce new medical technologies/products, promotion, survey, feasibility studies, strategy development, hiring manpower, training, distribution network, and systems development. 3. Hospital Projects: Study and implementation of hospital projects, sourcing and selection of equipment and technologies, procuring, installation and operation /maintenance, and other related services.

9 So, What do we do? Lets go along, ANDGo together For something new, something more innovative and something which serves the purpose.


11 Healthcare Projects & Marketing Consultancy Organisation We are extremely grateful to you for giving us this opportunity Dedicates professionalism to the cause of Health & Environment

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