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March 22, 2006URISA presentation your parcel has been delivered… …and it’s waiting for you at the City of Kitchener presented by: Jeff Ham Dianne Adams.

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1 March 22, 2006URISA presentation your parcel has been delivered… …and it’s waiting for you at the City of Kitchener presented by: Jeff Ham Dianne Adams Yogesh Shah

2 Property and Ownership Information Agenda: Focus of Presentation: –Provide an overview and demonstrate cross departmental processes and the maintenance tools in place at the City of Kitchener Organizational Context – Jeff Ham Overview Work Flows – Dianne Adams Application Demo – Yogesh Shah

3 About Kitchener GIS: Geographic Area: 135 sq. km. City Population 190,000 63,500/55,000 Parcels 1100 New parcels/year growth 925 km’s of street networks 93,000 Address points 12 cm Ortho updated every 3 years 8.5 FTE with corporate GIS Section Supports a combination of Desktop, Intranet and Internet GIS 400+ Enterprise GIS Users ESRI ArcGIS, ArcSDE & ArcIMS, Arc Pad Orion “OnPoint” Web GIS Environment

4 Organizational Context: MAYOR & COUNCIL CAO Development & Technical Services Corporate Services Community Services Financial Services Communications/Marketing Human Resources Economic Development Strategic Initiatives Administration Performance Measurement/Internal Audit Information Technology GIS & DBA

5 Centralized GIS: Data Creation Data Acquisition Data maintenance of spatial layers, attributes, and meta data Publish maps internally and externally Director Business Systems and Services Database Administration and GIS Manager Information Technology Supervisor GIS 2 GIS Technologist GIS Application Specialist 3 GIS Technicians GIS Assistant Lead DBA(IIMS) DBA (Amanda) DBA (PeopleSoft) DBA (CIS) Client Services Office Services

6 Overview of Property and Ownership Systems GIS/DBA mapped and developed cross- departmental processes GIS developed application to support maintenance of parcel fabric Together, staff across many departments have adopted an integrated approach that ensures an accurate, complete and near real-time representation of the City's parcel fabric is always available through the Enterprise GIS.

7 Property and Ownership Information Flow: FS-Revenue: populates a-roll number Address Mailing Address Legal Description New Customers (Tax, Gas, Water) Changes to Customer info In CIS DTS-Planning: Enters all new properties Address Legal Description Property Type Property Unit ID generated AMANDA Corporate DB (SDE) CIS Infrastructure Management System CS-GIS & DBA: Positions parcel spatially Parcel ID Generated Manually links address/roll/Unit ID if automated process fails 44 11

8 Property Maintenance Workflow - History: Land Parcel base is Teranet’s and was purchased by the Region of Waterloo on behalf of cities in 1998 Kitchener decided to maintain own parcel fabric – no maintenance agreement with Teranet was signed Maintenance process now starts at In-Circulation planning stage and includes a number of other maintenance processes

9 Property Maintenance Workflow: In-Circulation PlansDraft Approved Plans Kitchener_Plans SDE.Plan_Land Boundary SDE.Plan_Subdivision_Staging SDE.Land_Parcel_Pending SDE.Property_Unit_Location In-Circulation Ends Here SDE.Street_Master (New Street Name ) SDE.Roadsegment SDE.ROW_turning_circle, SDE.Park SDE. ROW_Double_Line_Street, SDE.Trail Fire Run Cards Fire Training Maps Add linework and text to SDE.Doubleline.dgn SDE.Roadsegment.dgn Fire_ROW_Doubleline_text.dgn Update Streetindex.xls 1. Add Plan to Kitchener Plans 2. Add Plan Boundaries 3. Create Pending Parcels and add in pending Property Unit 4. Update Road Layers 5. Update Other Layers 6. Update Annotation Layers 7. Print Standard Products

10 Property Maintenance Workflow: In-Circulation plans Draft Approved plan

11 Property Maintenance Workflow:

12 Building Survey

13 Property Maintenance Workflow: Site Plan

14 Property Maintenance Workflow: 1. Enter Plan into Kitchener Plans 2. Create Plan Boundary in SDE Boundary Layers 3. Delete Pending Parcels 4. Create or Modify Parcels *Need paperwork (PLC or Consent) before adding Reference Plan into Land Parcel SDE.Plan_Land Boundary SDE.Plan_Reference _Boundary SDE.Easement SDE.Plan Subdivision_Staging (Only if Stages exist) SDE.Plan_Parcel_Pending SDE.Land_Parcel Part 1 Kitchener_Plans Reference Plans (Consents, Deed Endorsements, Severances, Part Lot Control and Road Widenings) Registered PlansCondo Plans Daily (2-3 Times) Add Property Units Weekly (Mondays) Integrity Reports

15 Property Maintenance Workflow: 5, Add or Verify Addresses 7 Update Proposed Parks, Trails and add Control Monuments SDE.Benchmark Roadsegment.dgn SDE.ROW_Double_Line_Street SDE.Property_Unit_Location Part 2 Stage 3: Subdivision, Condo and Reference Plan Maintenance 6. Change Proposed Roads to Active SDE.Trailsegment _Community SDE.ParkSDE.Driveways Print Benchmark Sheets Print Canada Post Maps Fire_ROW_DoubleLine_Text.dgnDoubleline.dgn

16 Property Maintenance Workflow:

17 Applications Land Parcel maintenance Property Unit / Address / Roll Number placement Street Network maintenance

18 Land Parcel Maintenance

19 Property Units/Address/Roll No

20 Street Network

21 ???-Questions Thank You

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