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(personal response systems) Clickers Mike Weaver.

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1 (personal response systems) Clickers Mike Weaver

2 1 - disagree 2 - neutral 3 – strongly agree Faculty Perspective: Clickers have helped my students to become more engaged with this course.

3 1 - disagree 2 - neutral 3 – strongly agree Student Perspective: I like using clickers in class – I learn more and they help me stay focused.

4 At Bucknell: We are using the Interwrite PRS clickers. There is no cost to the student: we purchase them and we loan them to the students, just like a book. We have 500 clickers in use. Clickers are typically used in 10 - 12 different classes during a given semester, ranging in size from 15 students to 100 students.

5 we load student ids into the clickers we give the faculty a roster to load into the clicker software we distribute the clickers to students, typically at the first class session. To Assist Faculty, we currently do all the setup work: As a result, the faculty can be up and running at the beginning of the first class. The preparation work they have to do is focused on content/questions. (This model is probably not sustainable as demand increases.)

6 RF (radio frequency) clickers are clearly the best choice. We like the model where there is a one- time fee to purchase the clickers and no recurring fees to use them each semester. Minimize the ‘extraneous’ work that faculty need to do to use clickers. Let them concentrate on content. (Incorporating clickers into a course isn’t trivial for them.) Take-Aways …

7 Mike Weaver Instructional Technologist – Lead Bucknell University Info on the clickers we use at: Clickers

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