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Security of Things Kelly Jagers op Akkerhuis Wibu-Systems.

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1 Security of Things Kelly Jagers op Akkerhuis Wibu-Systems

2 2  Founded in 1989  Headquarters in Germany (Karlsruhe)  Focus on Protection, Licensing and Security  Top 2 in hardware based protection  Top 3 in software licensing

3 Internet of Things 3 CODE_n15_internet_of_things_infographic

4 Advantages of the IoT 4  Scalable and flexible  Reducing costs  Efficient, flexible, safe  Improve patient safety  Share resources and knowledge  Effective and proactive maintenance

5 Risks  Sharing knowledge  Reverse engineering  unauthorized use  Manipulation

6 Internet of Medical Things 6 Patient Safety Privacy Interoper ability Security

7 Current situation 7  More and more medical systems are cross-linked  50 billion “Things” connnected by 2020  New attack vectors for Cyber Physical Systems (CPS)

8 Challenges 8 Piracy Reduction Know how Protection Production Data Features on Demand Access Control Integrity Protection

9 Security of Things Encryption of IP 2.Secure bootloader 3.Safely stored in a License

10 Encryption I Firm Code Product Code Feature Code Release Date Feature Map Maintenance Period Encryption Code Enc. Code Options Black Key Firm Key SHA bit AES 10

11 Encryption II 11  Symmetric Encryption –> standard  128-Bit AES (Advanced Encryption Standard)  Used for encryption of executable code and data  Asymmetric Encryption –> more advanced and sophisticated  224-Bit ECC (Elliptic Curve Cryptography)  2048-Bit RSA (Rivest Shamir Adleman)  Used for Signatures and Authentication (Certificates)  Required today for security in Cloud, SaaS, Server, Desktop, PLC, Embedded & IoT

12 Secure Boot  Integrity Protection starts at boot  Integration into boot loader  Signature and encryption of complete operating system  Forward check and backward check (state engine) of integrity  Anchor of Trust 12

13 Secure Boot Loader 13 Application / Runtime / PLC Operating System (Windows, Linux, …) Boot Loader (UEFI, U-Boot, …) Hardware / Pre-Boot Loader Load Check Start Check Load Check Start Check Load Check Start Check

14 Safely stored in a License 14 Different solutions for different cases

15 Sirona: CAD/CAM dental solutions 15  CodeMeter Dongles for licensing  Activate machine features  Distribute production rights (only original composites can be used)  AxProtector for:  Protection of Intellectual Property  Prevention of Reverse Engineering  Integrity Protection to avoid manipulation

16 Agfa-Healthcare: NX for Digital Radiography 16  Tool for technologist  Image Identification  Radiography workflow & Quality Control  Different protection schemes  WibuBox for licensing of features  AxProtector for:  IP Protection  Integrity check  Data Protection

17 More than 7000 Customers 17

18 Thank you Kelly Jagers op Akkerhuis 18

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