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Professor Steve Thornton, Dean Staff meeting, June 25 2013.

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1 Professor Steve Thornton, Dean Staff meeting, June 25 2013

2 Open Days 92% were likely to apply after attending. Compared to just 67% before attending. Comments: “The students were very optimistic about the university and the course was very appealing. The students were incredibly helpful and informative in their views.” “I wasn't sure about the PBL course type before and thought a systems based course would be the one for me, but I've now realised how key PBL is in developing skills like self directed study/teamwork you'll use as a doctor”

3 Welcome new starters Dr Shenqiu Zhang, Associate Research Fellow Dr Therese Murphy, Associate Research Fellow Dr Lydia Staniaszek, Associate Research Fellow Dr Janet Holley, Associate Lecturer (E&S) Abi Scott, Research Co-ordinator Andy Douglas, Marketing Manager Shanker Venkatasubramanian, Research Co-ordinator Dr Charles McGilligan, Associate Research Fellow Dr Alessandro Ble, Research Fellow Dr Wiebke Schmidt, Associate Research Fellow Heather Ohly, Associate Research Fellow.

4 Welcome new starters Dr Victoria Olobia, Lead for Problem Based Learning (Clinical) Zachary Gribble, Educational Technologist Marian Parkinson, Pharmacogenetics Research Administrator Deborah Galley, Laboratory Manager Ellie Kingsland, MIR Research Administrator Dr Katie Lunnon, Lecturer Dr Shenqiu Zhang, Associate Research Fellow Emma Purdon, new role as Widening Participation Officer

5 Research successes Dr Jackie Whatmore: £210K from FORCE for ‘Responses of the endothelium to tumour secreted pro-metatastic signals’. Dr David Llewellyn: £250K from Mary Kinross Charitable Trust for ‘Vascular aspects of cognitive impairment and dementia’. Prof Katrina Wyatt: £160K from Kent County Council (for NHS Medway) for ‘Implementing C2 Connecting Communities 7 step model in two communities in Kent’.

6 Research successes Prof David Melzer and Dr Lorna Harries: £130k from Velux Foundation for ‘Genetic Biomarkers of human ageing: relationship to outcomes’. Prof Andy Randall: £170k from Royal Society Industrial Fellowship Project for ‘In vivo, cell-level imaging of network dynamics and pathology in murine models for neurodegenerative disease’. Professor Andy Randall: £120K from Eli Lilly to support two CASE type studentships. Dr William Gaze: CASE studentships from BBSRC (with AstraZeneca worth £100k) and from NERC (with Aquatic Water Services, worth £60K).

7 Athena SWAN Committed to 88 action points across 9 areas: Gathering and assessing data Supporting undergraduate and postgraduate students Providing support around key career transition points Ensuring fairness, transparency and competence around staff appointments Supporting staff career development opportunities Ensuring a fair and open departmental organisation and culture Maternity/Adoption/Paternity/Carer and Flexible working opportunities Ensuring gender balance in outreach activities Good communication channels, opportunities to share / adopt best practice.

8 Chris Lindsay College Manager

9 Finance and planning PRG process completed Baseline targets agreed for 2013/14 through to 2017/18 College committed to moving towards a positive contribution This will be driven by income generation and more efficient working New UG and PGT programmes Expanding BSc (Hons) Medical Sciences

10 Medical Imaging Agreed project management structure Project Board chaired jointly by the UEMS and CEMPS Deans Project Implementation Group – College Managers, Project Manager Staff and students in Medical Imaging informed UEMS staff informed via News in Brief Working on a vision and governance structure for MI within UEMS Working with University to identify suitable St Luke’s space and capital

11 St Luke’s developments £10.5m committed to St Luke’s development Focus on College House and South Cloisters High quality refurbishment – for the medium to long term Work on College House will begin end of June 2013 until September 2013 –This is the first phase of refurbishment of all 3 blocks of College House Work on South Cloisters will begin October 2013 until October 2014 Also defining additional teaching space and facilities, plus MI

12 University Professional Services Review University has launched a major review of its Professional Services Focus on interface between Colleges and central PS teams Initial consultation event held on 10 June 2013 Now seeking feedback from Colleges and central services College Manager meeting with admin Staff in Exeter and Truro in July ACMs and Business Partners consulting with their teams


14 The Professional Services Review is about working with academic colleagues and students to enable Exeter to thrive & succeed What does this mean for us as Professional Services? Having a shared vision and a plan to deliver it Partnering effectively to deliver the colleges’ and Student Guild’s ambitions – helping the University rise further in the league tables Doing the things that matter – stop/start/do more of what we do Providing services in the right way in the right place Investing in ourselves so that we have the right tools and skills Having common values that we all believe in and enact Being flexible and agile - able to continually evolve to meet the next challenge

15 Professional Services Review 1. The PS review is about creating a Professional services team that can work effectively with academic colleagues to meet our future challenges. 2. We are in a planning phase – nothing will happen until we are clear about what we need to do. 3. This change is about our future and we will all be asked to play a part

16 Professional Services Review What questions do you have? What opportunities for change do you see? What excites or worries you about the review?

17 Professor Stuart Carney Vice-Dean Education

18 Professor Angela Shore Vice-Dean Research

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