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New Hire Technology Orientation. Introductions DeAnne Hainlen- Coordinator for Instructional Technology Cindy Tucker- BES, EMES, EES, GFES, LPES, PES,

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1 New Hire Technology Orientation

2 Introductions DeAnne Hainlen- Coordinator for Instructional Technology Cindy Tucker- BES, EMES, EES, GFES, LPES, PES, RPES, HDC Lisa Simmons- CRES, CSES, GES, HCES, NES, SES, WCES, HDC Ricky Gode- SHS, WHS/ADC, HMS, PVMS, EWMS Scott Boiles- BHS, CTHS, HCTC, WMS, CMS

3 Campus Repair Technician CRT- Campus repair technician is your first line of technology defense. They will troubleshoot and fix your hardware, wiring and other issues. Contact your CRT via the Eduphoria HelpDesk

4 Campus Technology Integrator CTI- Campus Technology Integrator will help with technology integration at the campus level as well as maintaining the campus website.

5 Instructional Technologist IT- The instructional technologist is the person who will help you to develop lessons and integrate technology into your classroom. Please feel free to contact us to help with your needs.

6 New Hire help is a site designed with the new hire in mind. This site will give information pertinent to the EMSISD operations.

7 Computer Use & Data Management Policies All district employees must abide by the District's electronic media policies. The following policies are in place for the 2013-2014 school year. Employees should be familiar with these policies. Please review the documents listed on the following webpage, or access them from the EM-SISD New Hire page. Technology computer usage

8 Novell Login/Active Directory Novell is the district operating system. All students and staff have accounts that give them access to network drives and printers. Active Directory is the new system that is currently being tested at Chisholm Trail High School. CTHS users should be able to login at other district locations using the Novell login window.

9 Your network login is the standard login that will be use for most district systems. The default password for your initial(first) login is You will need to change your password and keep it private. It will rotate every 90 days. Novell Login/Active Directory

10 Password requirements * 8 or more characters* include numb3rs * Include UPPERCASE letters*include symbo!s * Include lowercase letters EX: Olymp1c$

11 Novell Login/ Active Directory Changing your password – Press ctrl-alt-delete to get this box and then click “change password”

12 Novell Login/ Active Directory When prompted, put in the old password and then type in your choice of a new password based on the parameters listed in the previous slide.

13 Security and locking your computer It is important to make sure to lock your computer when stepping away from your desk. This will keep unauthorized users from accessing your information when you are away. – Push cntrl-alt-delete and click on the lock workstation button.

14 Network Drives You have three network drives that are available to use. Your home or “H” drive that is available for your own private access. Your “T” drive that is shared by teachers on your home school campus. Your “S” drive that is available for you to share files back and forth with your students.

15 Network Drives To access these drives click on the “My Computer” icon and scroll to the bottom of the screen.

16 Novell Application Window This will give you access to network software, skyward etc. Novell users will show up on login. Active Directory users will need to go to Program menu to see this.

17 Email The district utilizes Microsoft’s free “Outlook” email system. There are two ways to access this. You can access it via the Outlook Web App (OWA) on the internet ( ) or through the Outlook software installed on your district computer. When you are in district, at your classroom/office computer, we encourage the use of the Outlook client.

18 Your email login is the same as your Novell account. The password for the initial login is OWA must be used for your initial login. When you first login to your email account, you will be prompted to input a phone number or a security question. We have the ability to reset your password locally so there is no reason to do this. Click on the save button at the bottom of the page until this goes away. Email

19 OWA Interface

20 Changing your password. Must be done in (OWA) 1. In the upper right-hand corner of your e-mail screen just below your name, click on Options, then See All Options... 2. In the right-hand sidebar, click on Change your password (about halfway down the list) Email

21 Changing password (cont) 3. Under the Account Summary section, locate Password and security section and click Change Password. 4. Enter your old password (if this is the first time you've change your Outlook Live password, this will be the cryptic password used to log into your account) and enter a new password into the boxes, then click Save.

22 Email Outlook Client Suggested for use in district when on classroom/office computer.

23 Eduphoria Your login for Eduphoria is the same as your Novell login.

24 Eduphoria Filling out your profile. (step 1)

25 Filling out your profile (step 2)

26 Last step.

27 Portal-

28 Eduphoria Aware Aware is used by teachers and students to see student achievement data, printing CBA documents, printing answer documents for common assessments. It also can be used to do online assessment via computer or CPS units.

29 Eduphoria Facilities and Events Facilities and events is used to reserve specific rooms in the district for meetings and staff development.

30 Eduphoria Forethought Forethought is used by teachers to create and submit lesson plans, as well as, curriculum documents.

31 Eduphoria PDAS Eduphoria PDAS will be used for your Teacher self report and other PDAS appraisals. Campus admin will give you more information about this.

32 Eduphoria HelpDesk Help desk is used for maintenance and technology requests. Be sure to give as much information as possible in the request.

33 Eduphoria Workshop Workshop is used to register for district staff development and to maintain a professional development portfolio.

34 Project Share Project share is an online tool that teachers can use to communicate, collaborate, and access digital content from a variety of sources.

35 Schoolwires is the EMSISD’s solution for professional employees, campus and district websites. Website requirements are campus specific. Please check with your administrator to determine what is needed on your webpage. Campus technology integrator will create a page for new employees. Classes are available in Eduphoria Workshop

36 Skyward Educator Access Link for this is located on the district page under the employee tab. Teachers will use this for student attendance and gradebook.

37 Skyward Employee Access Link is located on the district webpage under the employees tab. Employee Access is where you will access paystubs, get information about sick days, etc. Login for employee access is the standard Novell login. If needed, you can click the “Forgot your Login/Password?” link to generate a new password. Employees who do not require a substitute for their absence will use this option.

38 Aesop Aesop is the tool that employees who require a substitute for their absences will use. If a substitute is required for an absence, Aesop will contact a substitute and it will automatically deduct the absence in skyward. The link for Aesop is located on the employees tab. Your login for this is the phone number “HR” has on file and the pin is the last 4 digits of your social security number.

39 PD 24/7 and Open Campus PD 24/7 is an online learning environment for EM-S ISD teachers and staff. The site hosts online professional development workshops, activities, and resources designed to promote collaboration, interaction, and the use of web 2.0 tools. Open Campus is a course management system where EM-S ISD teachers and staff can host learning activities and resources for the students in their classes. The purpose of Open Campus is to extend the learning beyond the classroom and encourage student collaboration and interaction in a safe, secure, online environment.

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