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Flipping Faculty Development What would you do with $1000?

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1 Flipping Faculty Development What would you do with $1000?

2 Rebecca Chandler Ashley Chelonis Ventura County is above Los Angeles, California 3 college district: Ventura, Oxnard, and Moorpark Hispanic-serving institutions Ventura has 400 courses in D2L Moorpark College Instructional Technologist Introduction Ventura Community College District Ventura College Instructional Technologist

3 SITE: Summer Institute of Teaching Excellence Title V Grant - Awarded in 2010 - 5 million dollar grant - Reduce or eliminate inequalities in education - Included SITE Goal: Reignite the instructors’ desire to teach Week-long conference led by Ventura and Oxnard Colleges $1000 Mini-grants awarded to attendees

4 Event Preparation Planning meetings year-around Funds allow it to be a professional event Tracking Spending  Food  Supplies  Brochures  Videos  Speakers  Tech  Reservations for field trips

5 Original Format Learning Communities Tech Day Active Learning Keynote speakers Tech integration into all activities Social media Polling iPads (paid for by grant and set-up ahead of time with specific apps)

6 Year 4: Time for Something New But how……. Permission from Federal Government Prior year had 43 attendees (diminishing) Change in the way funding could be used Prior attendees wanted to come back Eliminate outside speakers

7 Conference: Flipped! UnConference Model: Attendees decide Field trips Topic of interest Final Keynote presentations What’s YOUR Big Idea? Get OUT of the classroom! We needed the glue to hold this together……..

8 SITE 2.0 Make a class in D2L Prefaced the event with info prior to event Login 2 weeks prior Build Community before they come Setting up Access back end: video notes User Friendly Social Media widgets Testing that things ahead of time Made others test, too Calendar of events: make sure Menus: So people can see ahead what they’ll be eating and can plan ahead Reduce negative perceptions of D2L

9 GOALS of using Desire2Learn in SITE

10 Building Community Tools: Discussion Board Video Note Social Media Widgets

11 Navigation Tools: Check list Simplified Navigation bar Daily Modules Calendar

12 Tools: Dropbox Widgets with Links Submitting Forms

13 Herding Cats: Field Trips Tools: Content Quizzes

14 Evaluations Tools: Surveys Links/Navigation Bar

15 Tools: Calendar Menus

16 Unconference Tools: Discussion Board Ratings

17 Outcomes 75 attendees, up from 43 the year before Had 10-15 people wanted training right after Survey results Big Ideas!

18 Feedback




22 Lessons Learned/For Next Time DON’T TAKE 75 PEOPLE ON A FIELD TRIP!!!! Hire someone else to print the posters? Change is Good

23 “Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn.” Benjamin Franklin

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