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Policy Cup 2009-2010. Welcome Rules and Guidelines Globalization Writing Your Policy Proposal Q & A.

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1 Policy Cup 2009-2010

2 Welcome Rules and Guidelines Globalization Writing Your Policy Proposal Q & A

3 Rules & Guidelines

4 Process Ten teams selected to submit final draft –These drafts critiqued by policy experts –Final drafts due March 24, 2010 Rough drafts submitted January 26, 2010 Top five teams selected to give presentation in front of panel of judges on April 9, 2010

5 Judging Each round judged by a separate panel of judges, each using the same rubric Important elements: –Strength of Argument –Depth of Analysis –Feasibility/Impact of Proposal –Presentation (Final Round Only)

6 points12-34-5 Executive Summary Introduction Overview Recommendation Weak, unfocused introduction Confusing overview No statement of policy recommendation Introduction that may stray from topic at times Missing one or more component Wordy or unclear Clear, professional introduction of the topic Concise overview of analysis Strong, brief statement of recommendation Context & Importance Issue Statement Overview of Causes Relevance of Issue Has no apparent application of critical thinking Uses no sources Has significant factual errors Critical analysis may be loose or unclear Missing one or more component Uses few sources Information is slightly biased Reflects strong critical analysis Objectively explains causes, magnitude of problem Uses several sources Is accurate Critique of Options Review of Options Failure of Current No apparent application of critical thinking Does not review other options Shows political bias that clouds analysis Has significant factual errors Critique is weak Does not review balanced range of alternatives Information is slightly bias Well-formulated critique Reflects strong critical analysis Understands complexities Shows superior knowledge of the issue Is accurate Policy Recommendations Steps/Measures Closing Presents naïve recommendations Lacks understanding of the political process Does not solve the policy issue Recommendations are good May not be immediately feasible May address only part of the issue Thoughtful, creative recommendations Feasible implementation strategy Reflects competent analysis of issue and policy process Style and Form Spelling Grammar Tone Several (5+) spelling, grammatical, punctuation errors Wordy, incoherent prose Inappropriate tone Few (1-3) spelling, grammatical, punctuation errors Proposal shows a pattern but could be improved with better writing No spelling, grammatical or punctuation errors Clear, concise prose Appropriate tone Presentation Speaking Skills Presentation of Ideas Presentation is weak Poor speaking skills Argument/ideas are weak Presentation is average Speaking skills are average Argument could be improved Presentation is clear, professional Presenters excel in delivery Ideas presented clearly, effectively

7 Requirements Each team must meet the specified deadlines At least one person on each team must attend each seminar –Bonus points will be awarded for lectures –Student-faculty discussions are optional Can change topic up until the Executive Summary is due

8 Deadlines October 27: Executive Summary November 24: Context and Importance of Problem January 26: Rough Draft March 24: Final Draft, ( includes Critique of Policy Options ) April 9: Final Presentation

9 Picking a topic Controversial Important Not overwhelming Interesting to you Intellectually approachable for you Statistical data and references available

10 Globalization Discussion

11 Question #1: The Environment Vs. Development Source: Gallop

12 Global Warming

13 Air Pollution World Bank

14 Sulfur Emissions

15 Lead Emissions

16 Deforestation


18 Soil

19 Problems Concentrated in High-Growth Areas

20 We don’t put our money where our mouths are Pew

21 Global Poverty

22 Per Capita Energy Usage


24 Question #2: Global Vs. Local Economy

25 Outsourcing Hourly wages for selected occupations US and India, 2002-03 OccupationUS WageIndia wage Telephone operator$12.57Under $1.00 Health record technologist/ Medical transcriptionist $13.17$1.50 - $2.00 Payroll clerk$15.17$1.50 -$2.00 Legal assistant/ Paralegal$17.86$6.00 -$8.00 Accountant$23.35$6.00 -$15.00 Financial researcher/ Analyst$34.00$6.00 -$15.00

26 Risk of Outsourcing Differs by Geographic Location

27 And by Industry

28 And this makes Americans Scared

29 Unemployment: A Historical Perspective

30 Unemployment by Industry

31 Unemployment…First 25 States 2009

32 Unemployment…Second 25 States 2009

33 Global Economy by Industry

34 US Employment by Industry BEA

35 Question #3: International Cooperation Vs. National Security

36 Prevented 19 Terror Attacks

37 Failed Nations: 2009

38 American’s Perceptions of World

39 World’s Perceptions of America

40 Europe

41 Afghanistan

42 Writing Your Policy Proposal

43 3 Issues Choose ONE of the following issues: –What is the most efficient way for the US to balance environmental and developmental concerns in developing countries? –What role should state governments play in mitigating the effects of globalization on local employment? –How should the US alter foreign policy in order to balance international cooperation and national security concerns?

44 Policy Proposal Format No more than 12 pages –Executive Summary –Context and Importance of the Problem –Critique of Policy Option(s) –Policy Recommendations Should also include: –Title Page –Table of Contents –Sources –Appendix (if necessary)

45 Executive Summary Brief overview of proposal –Description of the problem addressed –Why the current approach needs change –Your recommendations for action No more than one page

46 Context and Importance of Problem Statement of the problem or issue in focus Overview of the root causes of the problem Clear statement of policy implications of the problem –Establish current importance of issue –Show policy relevance

47 Critique of Policy Option(s) Overview of the policy option(s) in focus Argument illustrating why and how the current or proposed approach is failing Should recognize all sides of the issue

48 Policy Recommendations Breakdown of the specific practical steps or measure that need to be implemented Most important part of the proposal

49 Sample Policy Proposals Policy Cup 2008-2009 Finalists

50 Thank you Any questions? Make sure to sign in!!

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