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From Inventions to Innovations:

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1 From Inventions to Innovations:
e-Nigeria 2014 18 – 20 November, Tramscorp Hilton Abuja From Inventions to Innovations: Breeding Technopreneurs for the Transformation of Nigeria Dr. (Mrs.) Wunmi Hassan President/CEO High Tech Centre for Nigerian Women and Youths

2 Outlines Preamble Concepts Definitions Inventions Perspectives Concept of Innovation Raising Technopreneurs in Technology based Enterprises Opportunities for Business Developments in ICTs Concluding Remarks

3 Statements of Committment
Statement of Commitment Statements of Committment Dr. Goodluck Ebele Jonathan, GCFR, 2011 “We are going to run our economy based on Science and Technology….because there is no where in this World now that you can move your economy without science and technology. For the next 4 years we will emphasize so much on S&T because we have no choice, without that we are just dreaming….” 1 2 Dr. Mrs. Omobola Johnson, HMCT “If innovation in Science and technology is a measure of the progress of a country …, then implementing our STI and ICT policies …. is a clear imperative for us..”

4 preambles If you have a technology or the idea for a product that you want to market profitably, you confront a long, vexing journey across tough terrain littered with the hulks of abandoned ideas, many of them good ideas. Some new products, however, do survive the trip. Dozens of them reach the market every year, sustaining the energy of the American economy and enriching their creators---at least sometimes. US Department of Energy: Inventions & Innovation, 2000

5 preambles In today’s increasingly knowledge-driven world, Science and Technology (S&T) are the inseparable twin keys to progress and industrial growth Global experiences have shown that the conduct of Scientific R&D does not robotically translate into development. For them to have any economic impact, R&D activities have to exist within a strong National Innovation System (NIS), be creative, innovative and entrepreneurial be connected with existing needs & demand

6 R&D and inventions: What Link ?
It is largely carried out by researchers in higher educational institutions (HEIs), research institutes (public and private), and industrial firms. Traditionally, Universities fulfil the dual purposes of teaching/manpower development and research geared towards the discovery of new knowledge while research institutes engage in R&D activities geared towards new products/processes and/or application of new knowledge. Additional social demand of transferring technology to the business sector has been added in recent years. R&D refers to creative work undertaken on a systematic basis in order to increase the stock of knowledge, including knowledge of man, culture and society, and the use of this stock of knowledge to devise new applications

Pure Basic Research NATURE GOAL TARGET Applied Experimental Development &theoretical Specific Application conceived Systematic work based on existing knowledge Knowledge Advancement Acquisition of New New Mat’ls Product services New processes, systems & services CHARACTERISTICS

8 inventions

9 Invention is a unique or novel device, method, composition or process.
Definition Invention is a unique or novel device, method, composition or process. The invention process is a process within an overall engineering and product development process. result may be a radical breakthrough

10 Graphics and interaction design - Unity3d - Adobe technologies
Inventions in ICT: SOFTWARE UNIX Operating System Microsoft Windows Android OS Solary Hadoop Microsoft Office Oracle database Adobe creative suite Graphics and interaction design - Unity3d - Adobe technologies Object-oriented programming - Objective- C - C++ - Java - ruby or result may be a radical breakthrough


12 or result may be a radical breakthrough
HARDWARE INVENTIONS or result may be a radical breakthrough

13 Apps: Nigerian Constitution, iPolice, Gamification (Danfo)
Inventions in ICTs across Nigeria Software Remita Apps: Nigerian Constitution, iPolice, Gamification (Danfo)

14 Hardware Peripherals Hardware Inventions in Nigeria ??????

15 HumanWare Skills in Nigeria


17 Innovation is something original, new idea, device or process and, as a consequence, new, that "breaks into" the market or society.  This is accomplished through more effective products, processes, services, technologies, or ideas that are readily available to markets, governments and society.

Innovation simply means the application of knowledge in production. we innovate when we apply what we know to produce what we need or solve our attendant problems. Innovation does not take place in isolation, but within a network of actors. Hence, the term system of innovation. Usually, this requires us to improve upon existing products, processes, management practices, marketing approach and organizational procedures – sort of thinking outside the box. Innovation is a process which comprises several stages and usually takes a considerable amount of time, conscious efforts and resources.

19 WHY INNOVATION? Creativity Skills S&T / ICTs N INNOVATION Knowledge
in areas of local strength N Ideas Competitiveness N $ £ Socio-economic Dev. Creativity Knowledge (R&D) Skills Strengthening of the bond between ICTs and indeed S&T and society. Bridging the gaps between the activities of the scientific communities and the overall development aspirations of our people.

20 Process innovation Product innovation Position innovation
Types of innovations Process innovation Product innovation Position innovation Paradigm innovation

21 Do you Reinvent the Wheel?
What then is required for you to be an innovator? Technical skills Market skills Business skills

PATENTS COPYRIGHTS OTHERS Outright sale Licensing Joint Ventureship Self Exploitation (Incubators, Science Park) Outright Sale R&D (Inventions, Innovations) Talents & Creativity Incubation (Spin Offs) Spin Outs Existing Firms IP DIRECT COMMERCIALI-ZATION Universities and Research Institutes Licensing 22

23 Structure of Interactions among elements of the NIS
Industrial Production Education and Research Finance Venture Fund Policy Instruments Brokerage, Interface, Bridging Institutions Government Venture Fund Brokerage, Interface, Bridging Institutions Adapted from Tiffin,1997

24 Knowledge Management Platform (KMP)
GIKI MODEL TTO Model for Automating Interactions among Government, Industry & Knowledge Institutions Knowledge Management Platform (KMP) I P T T O Source: Awoleye & Siyanbola, 2007

25 Triple Helix Strategy IP Assets Universities and R&D institutions
IP Policy R&D Policy TTO SWOT IP Assets Government Economic Development (SME Policies, market creation National IP Infrastructure Enforcement IP Strategy R&D Enhancement IP Education Research Funds Industry Research Funds Research Collaborations Licensing Marketing Commercialization of R&D Adapted from WIPO, 2008

26 Financial sector Risk funds Research funds FINANCE: WHERE ARE THEY?
What funds are available in Nigeria Tetfunds Agricultural funds Ecological funds NITDA funds Research funds (private sectors, and government have funds allocated for this purpose) USPF funds Youwin funds BOI funds Sure-P funds MSCE funds—CBN

27 Technology Transfer Model

28 technopreneur

29 Technopreneurs are entrepreneurs who are into the core businesses involving technology-based industries. They make use of technology to come out with new or innovative products through a process of commercialization. 

30 Technopreneurs in Process Innovation
Source: US department of Energy innovation and invention

31 Technopreneurs in Product Innovation


33 Breeding tech-preneurs within National System of Innovation
Parameters of the New NSI The redesigned NSI is targeted at redefining innovations to go beyond formal R&D parameters but to facilitate the platform of innovative solutions that lead to inclusive growth for the people and by the people; foster an innovation eco-system across domains and sectors to strengthen entrepreneurship; focus on key drivers to ensure sustainability, durability, quality and expand the space for dialogue and discourse on innovation. PLATFORM INCLUSION ECO-SYSTEM DRIVERS DISCOURSE INNOVATION STRATEGY Keywords: Steps, Goal, achievement, process

34 Policy and the Eco-System
Human Capital (K-Worker) Law and Regulations Process and Management Finance Institutions Make Some Government K-Generation & Acquisition K-Utilisation & Management People At Large Buy Some Government Enterprises Enterprises ICT Policy Source:Rahman,2012

35 Hierarchical Outlook of the Policy cycle

36 WEALTH CREation & deployment of technologies
National Economic Plan Transformation AGENDA MDGs VISION GLOBAL, REGIONAL, NATIONAL & GRASSROOTS DEVELOPMENT Developmental goals are much more easily achieved when S&T knowledge is created and deployed within the context of the NIS Scientific Knowledge e.g. ICT

37 CONCLUDING REMARKS Inventions through R&D activities need to be properly managed at all levels before they can lead to wealth The How To are: Creating a strong and virile NIS Individual re-orientation Institutional re-arrangement Functional Government-University/Research Institutes-Industry Linkage through Networking: the GIKI model Technology Transfer Individuals, Knowledge Institutions, Government and the productive sector all have a critical role to play


39 Vision: To see Nigerian women and youths become ICT literate for National development
 Mission: To become a leading capacity building Centre in Information Technology for the development of women and youths in Nigeria. OUR Projects Targets Annual Events Dates Children ICT Summit tagged e-Innovate Nigeria Primary and Secondary School Students Feb. & March Ladies IT SUMMIT (LITS) Female students in Tertiary Institutions April ICT Summer Academy Camp (ISAC) Youths (Male and Female) July / Aug & December Women’s ICT SUMMIT (WITS) All women from 18 years and above in Public and Private Sector September Women Leaders Forum (WLF) Wives of local government chairmen, House of Assembly members at states and local government areas in Nigeria Quarterly As decided by States and LGAs ICT Exchange Programmes in Africa and Western Countries (ISAC Abroad) Youths and Women August / September Women’s ICT Development in Abroad Project (WIDAP) Women in Nigeria and Diaspora November Girls in ICT Day ITU celebration Day for Girls, Ladies and Women in ICT 24th April yearly

, @ Facebook:/hightechcenterwomen

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