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1 Twitter #NIEMNTE3 Automating Test and Validation Services for NIEM Exchanges Workshop Presenters: David RR Webber Information Architect Oracle Public.

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1 1 Twitter #NIEMNTE3 Automating Test and Validation Services for NIEM Exchanges Workshop Presenters: David RR Webber Information Architect Oracle Public Sector Patrick Fendt Principal Technologist Oracle Public Sector

2 2 Twitter #NIEMNTE3 The following is not intended to outline Oracle general product direction. It is intended for information purposes only, and may not be incorporated into any contract. It is not a commitment to deliver any material, code, or functionality, and should not be relied upon in making purchasing decisions. The development, release, and timing of any features or functionality described for Oracle’s products remains at the sole discretion of Oracle.

3 3 Twitter #NIEMNTE3 Introduction A key need in working with NIEM IEPDs, is developing examples and matching templates including rules, context, and roles for correctly managing information exchange content between partners. The W3C Schema by themselves are not sufficient. Learn how to use open source tooling, XPath rules, and the OASIS CAM templates standard to create automated testing tools. The automated validation engine can also be used in production environments to manage live information exchanges. Attendees will receive copies of the latest validation engine tools and examples for use in the workshop

4 4 Twitter #NIEMNTE3 Agenda Part 1 – The XML Validation Framework – XPath Rules Techniques – Code lists and SQL lookups – Rules use cases Part 2 – Example CAM templates – CAMV validation demonstration – Results handling techniques – Summary Q & A

5 5 Twitter #NIEMNTE3 XML Validation Framework Architecture and Deployment

6 6 Twitter #NIEMNTE3 XML Validation Framework CAMV XML instance Template (compiled) Database Lookup (optional) Results XML Java Handler Errors and Warnings StructureRulesCode Lists SQL Query

7 7 Twitter #NIEMNTE3 CAMV Engine

8 8 Twitter #NIEMNTE3 CAMV Validation Engine Standalone XML validator using XPath rules Context aware and declarative rules approach Integrated with CAM editor menus for instant testing External code list and SQL table lookup support Callable via Spring framework or Java API Configurable error levels – error, warning – Java error results object returned – Embedded validation results attributes in XML results

9 9 Twitter #NIEMNTE3 CAM Editor / CAMV Environment CAM Editor CAMV XSLT Reports CAM template XML Test Instance XML Validation Result

10 10 Twitter #NIEMNTE3 XML Test Instances CAMV / ANT Script Environment ANTANT CAMV XML Validation Results XSLT Reports CAM template CAMV Control Script XML 2 2 1 1

11 11 Twitter #NIEMNTE3 CAMV Test Control Script XML Test-Template-v19.cxx Test-Instance-v19-3.xml Test-Results-v19-3-out.xml true Param1 Param2 Validation Template Test XML instance Results output Test case name

12 12 Twitter #NIEMNTE3 Linux GTK ANT Configuration Linux distributions (e.g. Ubuntu) has ANT pre-installed in /usr/share/ant/lib/usr/share/ant/lib Download Ant-contrib from – Copy ant-contrib jar file to /lib directory inside ANT installation

13 13 Twitter #NIEMNTE3 Mac OS ANT Configuration Mac OS X 1.7+ “Lion” comes pre-installed - use command : ant –version and it will self-configure Mac OS X 1.6 and earlier – need to install “Xcode” development software first Download Ant-contrib from – Copy ant-contrib jar file to /lib directory inside ANT installation

14 14 Twitter #NIEMNTE3 ANT – Windows configuration Download ANT from – Download Ant-contrib from – Copy ant-contrib jar file to /lib directory inside ANT installation Set the ANT_HOME environment variable to the directory where you installed ANT Add %ANT_HOME%/bin folder to executable path

15 15 Twitter #NIEMNTE3 Windows System Path Settings 2 2 1 1 3 3

16 16 Twitter #NIEMNTE3 Running CAMV with ANT Go to CAMV location on Sourceforge – Download CAMV release JAR and Test example ZIP Unpack test example from ZIP and put CAMV jar into folder Go to the command line (run cmd) – Switch to folder where CAMV test suite is located – ANT –f camv-test.xml runAll – Output is in folder called camvTest\results

17 17 Twitter #NIEMNTE3 Reviewing Validation Results HTML

18 18 Twitter #NIEMNTE3 XPath Rules Techniques Quick Syntax Primer Controlling Scope, Context, Evaluation Dynamic Structure Components Useful XPath Resources

19 19 Twitter #NIEMNTE3 XPath Syntax Primer XPath is a simple assertion language where expressions reference components hierarchically within an XML instance structure – e.g. – /animals/canines/domestic/dogs/poodle[1] – /animals/canines/domestic/* CAMV uses the XPath v2.0 Java library In CAM templates XPath is used extensively to provide rules and content details for XML structure components

20 20 Twitter #NIEMNTE3 XPath Functions XPath Function samplerlogical concat(string,string,…) substring(string,start,len) string-length(string) normalize-space(string) upper-case(string) contains(string1,string2)Yes starts-with(string1,string2)Yes not(arg)Yes exists(item,item,...)Yes count((item,item,...)) /bookstore/book[price>35]/title

21 21 Twitter #NIEMNTE3 CAM XPath Extensions (most used) Structure FunctionsContent Functions makeOptional(xpath…)setNumberMask(xpath,arg) makeRepeatable(xpath…)setStringMask(xpath,arg) makeMandatory(xpath…)restrictValues(xpath,args) excludeTree(xpath…)setDateMask(xpath,arg) makeNillable(xpath…)datatype(xpath,arg) setChoice(xpath…)setLength(xpath,arg) setLimit(xpath…)lookup(xpath,args) setValue(xpath,arg) printMessage(xpath,arg)setNumberRange(xpath,args) setDefault (xpath,arg)

22 22 Twitter #NIEMNTE3 CAM templates and XPath expressions Within a CAM template XPath expressions are found in the section of the template.

23 23 Twitter #NIEMNTE3 Rules Use Cases Typical Business Needs Quick Examples

24 24 Twitter #NIEMNTE3 Controlling Scope and Context Condition controls if and when the content rule action applies Condition can control structure as well; optional, mandatory, exclude Condition can reference different component(s) for contextual rule actions

25 25 Twitter #NIEMNTE3 Some more examples Business Rule: Items with color attributes don't need a tray number—the color is sufficient for picking the item: Business Rule: If order weight exceeds 25 kg, purchase order must specify a freight carrier: 25" action="makeMandatory(//Item/FreightHandler)"> Using XPath axis referencing (when things are not adjacent in hierarchy): * Excerpted from Michael Sorens DEVX CAM article examples

26 26 Twitter #NIEMNTE3 Useful XPath Resources Michael Sorens article on using CAM from – Martin Roberts – tutorial on writing CAM rules – XPath tutorial resources – Search on XPath tutorial – Books available Tools – XPath expression constructors

27 27 Twitter #NIEMNTE3 Code Lists and SQL Lookups Introduction to CAM code lists Advantages Tools and Hints

28 28 Twitter #NIEMNTE3 Code lists CAM lookup() function allows referencing to external XML lists of values Can replace use of restrictValues() static lists Coming soon - CAM lookup() function can reference SQL table for dynamic value checking Where to get code lists? – Import XSD enumeration schema into CAM lookup lists – Convert UBL Genericode into CAM lookup lists – Dump from database into lookup list XML format

29 29 Twitter #NIEMNTE3 CAM Code list XML format Textual value Code value Code list name

30 30 Twitter #NIEMNTE3 Combining Rules and Code lists Real power of code lists and CAM – ability to select code list values based on XPath rule criteria to handle different partner configurations, versioning and cross- table validations – e.g. Ford / Mustang | Chevy / Corvette – Message version id = 1.6 – use code list XYZ-1-6

31 31 Twitter #NIEMNTE3 Code lists examples Load lookup list XML into CAM editor Assign lookup() rule to XML component Coming soon - for SQL lookups – need to define connectivity to database and the SQL query to perform

32 32 Twitter #NIEMNTE3 Code Lists Summary Lookups can be to external XML file instances Simple XML format for optimized performance and readability Dynamic runtime control via XPath rules to select lists to be applied Lookup can reference SQL statement for database content checking

33 33 Twitter #NIEMNTE3 Part 2 – Example CAM templates – CAMV validation demonstration – Results handling techniques – Summary

34 34 Twitter #NIEMNTE3 Example CAM Templates Examples Reviewed Quick walk through of important details

35 35 Twitter #NIEMNTE3 Experimental SAR Examples Two test example templates and XML instances: – Baseline SAR with just structure and content usage rules, schema parlance “cardinality, facets and enumerations” – Baseline SAR advanced – logical business rules added to check consistency of information and structure components Each test set contains examples that pass and those that fail depending on the template validation applied * SAR – Suspicious Activity Report NIEM exchange

36 36 Twitter #NIEMNTE3 CAM Templates Overview Consists of 4 functional sections: Header declares properties and parameters for the CAM process to reference AssemblyStructure captures the business information exchange structures BusinessUseContext provides the rules to apply during validation Extension points to the annotations and external lookup tables

37 37 Twitter #NIEMNTE3 Experimental SAR Overview * SAR – Suspicious Activity Report Areas of Interest: -Drugs -Fraud -Gangs -Internet -Pornography -Property -Community -Weapons/Chemicals -Prescriptions -Travel/Immigration -Terrorism

38 38 Twitter #NIEMNTE3 CAMV Validation Demonstration Illustrative examples – pass, fail, warnings Default structure handling Data type and Content checking Cross-field validation rules

39 39 Twitter #NIEMNTE3 Example Advanced Rules Business Rule: Business Rule: Providing warning if PurgeDate is earlier than PurgeReviewDate Example of advanced rule Business Rule: Business Rule: Location must contain an address or a highway or coordinate set

40 40 Twitter #NIEMNTE3 Default Structure Handling By default all structure components are required and string content Content Masks Structure control

41 41 Twitter #NIEMNTE3 Demonstration

42 42 Twitter #NIEMNTE3 ANT script configuration Directory Control file

43 43 Twitter #NIEMNTE3 Results Handling Techniques XSLT script post-processing XML Diff considerations Regression Testing with CAMV Middleware Integration

44 44 Twitter #NIEMNTE3 Default XSLT rendering of results HTML output Finds CAM validation results attributes Formats and outputs error details

45 45 Twitter #NIEMNTE3 Post-Processing Tips and Tricks XSLT post-processing not only for HTML reporting – Create response error messaging directly from CAMV output – Create receipt notification directly from CAMV output Can use simple DIFF to compare generic HTML report output to detect regression test changes Rule based checking better than strict result content testing Java API and Spring supports direct integration of CAMV

46 46 Twitter #NIEMNTE3 Summary Review Next Steps Future enhancements Resources and Links

47 47 Twitter #NIEMNTE3 Review and Value Proposition Testing and verification of NIEM exchange XML examples SQL database lookups and flexible code lists handling Business rule checking Post-processing options and reporting with XSLT scripts Regression testing with batch processing Flexible deployment of XML validation framework Integration via Spring API to middleware

48 48 Twitter #NIEMNTE3 What are we working on? Improvements – “CAM for web services” – currently exchange-centric – Enhancing ANT capabilities and soapUI integration New features – Dictionary integration with Domain Update Tool – Evaluation tools for dictionaries and components – Enhancing XML example generation with synthetic data

49 49 Twitter #NIEMNTE3 CAMV Summary Open source, open public standards based, cross-platform deployment written using Java Uses Java APIs, Spring API, JDOM, etc. Validation features: – XPath V2.0 support – Looks ups – 20 built-in functions Reporting – Embedded CAMERROR, CAMWARN tags – Spring API – Optional sysout log

50 50 Twitter #NIEMNTE3 Q & A Download the CAM editor toolkit from: Resource Center link

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