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By: Robert Marshall. In May 2013, the Texas Legislature passes House Bill 1296, requiring the Texas Education Agency to distribute information to public.

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1 By: Robert Marshall

2 In May 2013, the Texas Legislature passes House Bill 1296, requiring the Texas Education Agency to distribute information to public school students about higher education institutions and workforce needs in the state. Specifically the bill calls for comparisons on higher education institutions in terms of tuition costs, student debt, retention and graduation rates, and employment outcomes. The bill also requires disseminating the Texas Workforce Commission (TWC) projections of future occupational demands and annual wages for the jobs in highest demand.

3 I.What type of job should I try and get: A. After High School? B. After 2 years of college (Associates)? C. After Tech School? D. After 4 years (Bachelors) of college?

4 Will I get a job after I finish my training? More college graduates without job every year.

5 Will my past history allow me to be qualified for my career? A. DWI and reckless driving B. Discipline problems from Middle School to High School.






11 Need to try and pick a bachelor degree that has an annual minimum earning of at least $50,000.00 Students are picking majors that are





16 Top 50 fastest growing jobs that pay from $32,930.00 to $51,450.00 and two jobs that start at a minimum of $51,580.00 Fastest – Growing Occupations Education level: Some College Post secondary non degree award State: All states OccupationEmploymentPercent Change 2012 2022 Surgical Technologist98,500 127,80030% Commercial Drivers3,600 4,70029% Licensed Practical & Licensed Vocational Nurse738,400 921,30025% Wind Turbine Technicians3,200 4,00025% Massage Therapist132,800 162,80023% Heating, Air Conditioning, and Refrigeration Mechanics and installers267,600 323,50021% Computer User Support Specialists547,700 658,50020% Audio and Video Equipment Techs67,700 76,90014% Heavy and Tractor Trailer Truck Drivers1,701,500 1,894,10011%

17 OccupationEmploymentPercent Change 2012 2022 Court Reporters21,200 23,20010% Firefighters307,000 327,3007% Telecommunications Equipment Installers & Repairers, Except Line Installers217,200 225,7004% Electrical & Electronics Repairers, Commercial & Industrial Equipment69,000 71,3003% Aircraft Mechanics & Service Techs121,700 124,7002% Electrical & Electronics Installers & Repairers, Transportation Equipment15,900 16,2002% Electronic Home Entertainment Equipment Installers and Repairers31,300 31,6001% Sound Engineering Technicians17,000 17,1001% MINIMUM PAY TO START $51,580 First Line Supervisors of Fire Fighting And Prevention Workers62,300 66,3006% Makeup Artists, Theatrical & Performance2,700 2,8003%

18 Top 50 fast growing jobs that pay from $32,930.00 to $51,450.00 that require an associates degree and jobs that start at a minimum pay of $51,580.00 OccupationEmploymentPercent Change 2012 2022 Occupational Therapy Assistants30,300 43,20043% Physical Therapist Assistants71,400100,70041% Cardiovascular Technologists and Technicians51,60067,30030% Medical Equipment Repairers42,30055,10030% Medical and Clinical Laboratory Technicians161,500209,40030% Radiologic Technologists199,200240,80021% Respiratory Therapists119,300142,10019% Environmental Science and Protection 32,80038,90019% Technicians, Including Health Environmental Engineering Technicians19,00022,50018% Respiratory Therapy Technicians 13,60015,90017% Paralegals and Legal Assistants 277,000323,30017%

19 OccupationEmploymentPercent Change 2012 2022 PAY FROM $32,930 - $51,450 Geological and Petroleum Technicians15,80018,20015% Social Science Research Assistants 29,60034,00015% Morticians, Undertakers, and funeral Directors23,50026,30012% Electrical and Electronics Drafters29,60032,50010% Chemical Technicians63,60069,5009% Radio, Cellular, and Tower Equipment16,40017,5007% Installers Repairers Mechanical Engineering Technicians47,50049,7005% Electro-Mechanical Technicians 17,30018,0004% Camera and Photographic Equipment Repairers3,1003,2003% Broadcast Technicians36,70037,9003% Avionics Technicians17,10017,6003% Architectural and Civil Drafters87,90088,5001% Civil Engineering Technicians73,10073,6001% MINIMUM PAY TO START $51,580 Diagnostic Medical Sonographers58,800 85,90046% Dental Hygienist192,800 256,90033%

20 OccupationEmploymentPercent Change 2012 2022 MINIMUM PAY TO START $51,580 Magnetic Resonance Imaging Technologist30,100 37,20024% Radiation Therapist19,100 23,60024% Nuclear Medicine Technologists20,900 25,10020% Web Developers141,400 169,90020% Registered Nurses2,711,500 3,238,40019% Dietetic Technicians25,100 29,60018% Nuclear Technicians8,100 9,30015% Funeral Service Managers9,300 10,50013% Computer Network Support Specialists174,600 186,8007% Air Traffic Controllers87,900 88,5001%

21 Top 50 fastest growing jobs that require a Bachelors Degree that pay from $32,930.00 to $51,450.00 and jobs that start at $51, 580.00 and two to stay away from OccupationEmploymentPercent Change 2012 2022 Interpreters and Translators63,600 92,90046% Meeting, Convention, and Event Planners94,200 125,40033% Mental Health and Substance Abuse Social Workers114,200 140,20023% Athletic Trainers22,90027,80021% Dieticians and Nutritionists67,40081,60021% Credit Counselors30,90037,30021% Health Educators58,90070,10019% Fundraisers65,70077,10017% Education Administrative, Preschool and Childcare Center/Program63,80074,70017% Special Education Teachers / Preschool22,30025,90016% Training and Development Specialists228,800264,20016%

22 OccupationEmploymentPercent Change 2012 2022 Child, Family, & School Social Workers285,700328,80015% Recreational Therapists19,80022,50013% Kindergarten Teachers, Except Special Education158,500179,10013% SALARY OVER $51,580 Information Security Analysis75,100102,50037% Market Research Analysis & Marketing Specialists415,700547,20032% Geographers1,7002,20029% Personal Finance Advisors223,400283,70027% Operations Research Analysts73,20092,70027% Biomedical Engineers19,40024,60027% Cost Estimators202,200255,20026% Actuaries24,30030,60026% Petroleum Engineers38,50048,40026% Computer Systems Analyst520,600648,40025% Medical & Health Services Managers315,500388,80023% Software Developers, Applications613,000752,90023% Logisticians125,900153,60022% Social & Community Service Managers132,900160,60021%

23 OccupationEmploymentPercent Change 2012 2022 Software Developers, Systems Software405,000487,80020% Civil Engineers272,900326,60020% Cartographers & Photogrammetrists12,10014,50020% Management Analysts718,700852,50019% Architects, Except Landscape & Naval107,400126,00017% Construction Managers485,000563,20016% Geoscientists, Except Hydrologists & Geographers38,20044,20016% Financial Analyst253,000292,40016% Computer & Information Systems Managers332,700383,60015% Environmental Engineers53,20061,40015% Database Administrators118,700136,60015% Technical Writers49,50056,90015% Computer Network Architects143,400164,30015% Environmental Scientists & Specialists Including Health90,000103,20015%

24 OccupationEmploymentPercent Change 2012 2022 Landscape Architects20,10022,90014% Captains, Mates,& Pilots of Water Vessels35,40040,20014% Medical & Clinical Laboratory Technologist164,300187,10014% Human Resources Managers102,700116,30013% Accountants & Auditors1,275,4001,442,20013% Public Relations & Fundraising Managers62,10070,10013% Coaches & Scouts $21,790 to $32,380243,900280,10015% Recreation WorkersLess than $21,550345,400394,40014%

25 Top 50 Fastest Growing Jobs That Require a Masters Degree That Make From $32,930.00 to $57,450.00 And Those That Make Over $51,580.00, and One to Stay Away From OccupationEmploymentPercent Change 2012 2022 Marriage & Family Therapists37,80049,40031% Mental Health Counselors128,400165,10029% Health Social Workers146,200185,50027% Survey Researchers18,00021,20018% Archivists6,5007,60017%

26 OccupationEmploymentPercent Change 2012 2022 MAKE OVER $51,580 Industrial Organizational Psychologist1,6002,50053% Genetic Counselors2,1003,00041% Physician Assistants86,700120,00038% Health Specialties Teachers, Postsecondary190,000258,60036% Physical Therapist204,400277,70036% Orthotists and Prosthetist8,50011,50036% Nursing Instructors & Teachers, Postsecondary67,80091,80035% Nurse Practitioners110,200147,30034% Audiologists13,00017,30034% Occupational Therapist113,200146,10029% Nurse Midwives6,0007,70029% Statisticians27,60034,90027%

27 OccupationEmploymentPercent Change 2012 2022 MAKE OVER $51,580 Nurse Anesthetists35,20043,90025% Anesthesiologists33,90042,10024% Optometrists33,10041,20024% Surgeons47,90059,00023% Mathematicians3,5004,30023% Podiatrists10,70013,10023% Political Scientists6,6008,00021% Biological Science Teachers, Postsecondary7,2008,60019% Anthropologists and Archeologists7,2008,60019% Rehabilitation Counselors $21,790 to $32,38117,500140,90020%

28 Texas Careers – Minimum $50,000 per Year Salary STEM Careers refer to Science, Technology, Engineering & Math Careers. STEM careers are some of the best paying and have the greatest potential for job growth. CareerSTEM CareerAnnual Salary Commercial Pilots$92,150 Information Security Analyst, Web Developers, & Computer Network ArchitectsSTEM Career$88,090 Computer occupations, All otherSTEM Career$83,910 Radiation TherapistsSTEM Career$81,870 Funeral Service Managers, Directors, & Undertakers$71,620 Dental HygienistSTEM Career$71,010 Nuclear Medicine TechnologistSTEM Career$68,930 Physical Therapy AssistantsSTEM Career$68,730 Occupational Therapy AssistantsSTEM Career$68,340 Electrical & Electronic Drafters$68,000

29 CareerSTEM CareerAnnual Salary Registered NursesSTEM Career$67,860 Diagnostic Medical SonographersSTEM Career$65,490 Electrical & Electronics Repairers, Powerhouse, Substation, & Relay$64,840 Industrial Engineering TechniciansSTEM Career$63,680 Engineering Technicians, Except Drafters, All otherSTEM Career$61,990 Geological & Petroleum TechniciansSTEM Career$61,480 Electrical & Electronics Engineering TechniciansSTEM Career$61,020 Mechanical Drafters$60,830 Insurance Appraisers, Auto Damage$60,070 Fashion Designers$59,750 Brought to you by the Texas Workforce Commission & The Texas Education Agency





34 Occupations Commercial Pilots Statewide-$55,189.00 Alamo-$56,522.00 Brazos-$64,604 Cameron Co.-$37,262.00 Capital Area-$66,443.00 Central Tx.- $51,901.00 Coastal Bend-$72,467.00 Concho Valley – Dallas –$50,524.00 Deep East Tx. -$46,123.00 East Texas -$56,179.00 Golden Cresent – Gulf Coast -$56,102.00 Heart of Tx. -$64,762.00







41 Occupations Registered Nurses Statewide-$50,257.00 Alamo-$49,741.00 Brazos-$53,161.00 Cameron Co.-$49,339.00 Capital Area-$50,319.00 Central Tx.- $50,133.00 Coastal Bend-$49,094.00 Concho Valley – $47,760.00 Dallas –$54,534.00 Deep East Tx. -$45,652.00 East Texas -$47,007.00 Golden Cresent – $45,761.00 Gulf Coast -$50,614.00 Heart of Tx. -$45,694.00





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