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1 Freddye Silverman, HRIP VP Eastern Region, Jeitosa Group International.

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1 1 Freddye Silverman, HRIP VP Eastern Region, Jeitosa Group International

2  Source credit is given  No recommended products – vendor neutral and not all products or providers in any category may be mentioned  Not a case study  As always, find the best fit for your requirements, environment and culture 2

3  HCM Market Mania Overview  Core HCM  Recruiting  Talent Management  Time and Attendance  Workforce Analytics  Enterprise 2.0 3

4 4

5 Talent Management – Social Talent Sourcing OracleSelectMinds Consulting Appirio Knowledge Infusion Talent Acquisition/Mgmt IBMKenexa Talent Suite for Recruiting TechnomediaHodes IQ eLearning Skillsoft Mindleaders 5

6  Increase market share…move customers to a new product/platform  Eliminate a competitor  Enhancement of functionality, e.g. LMS buying another LMS  Expansion of functional footprint, e.g. TM Suites  Chess game – market perception – Battle of the Gladiators (SAP and Oracle) 6

7 Intersection of HRAnd Social Business  Kenexa ‘Techmall’  RapidHire – hourly hiring  Onboarding Experience  Compensation Mgmt  CompAnalyst  2X Assess – multilingual capabilities for users and applicants  Social Learning Mgmt  Mobile Feedback Survey App  Fit Compass – identifies archetypes for company fit 7

8  Complete the suite ◦ Front-end recruiting – talent acquisition ◦ Performance Management ◦ Succession Planning ◦ Compensation Management ◦ Learning and Development 8

9  New to the HCM market ◦ Strategy: carve out a space where social can thrive in the enterprise ◦ Mining the overlap between CRM (customer relationship management) and talent management ◦ No core HCM…yet  Rypple acquisition ◦ Spun it as performance management ◦ In reality it is closer to ‘performance motivation’: corporate goal-setting, feedback, recognition and coaching ◦ Relaunching as ‘SuccessForce’ in a new HCM BU ◦ Led by John Wookey, EVP and SAP/Oracle alum  Innovation could drive the market in a new direction 9

10  Social goal-setting, feedback and performance review system  Reviews unrelated to org chart and cost centers  Recognizes whom the employees work with and allows them to provide feedback to each other  Rebuilt, rebranded and extended version of Rypple 10

11  Features include: ◦ Private manager-employee coaching workspace ◦ Points-based rewards system that can be tied to Amazon gift cards ◦ iPad-based recruiting app that connects hiring teams to interview schedules, candidate details, resumes and interview notes compiled by participants during the interview process 11

12  Workday ◦ Still flying high, sales have tripled, successful IPO, evolving to cloud-based ERP ◦ Novelty is wearing off; you either love or hate the UI (where’s the menu?) ◦ A process-driven HCM does not work for all cultures ◦ Intuitive?? ◦ Not making inroads outside the U.S. as quickly as hoped, going back to the lab for some development ◦ Functionality gap: no recruiting, learning or open analytics solutions ◦ Speculation: Social tools may come from integration with 12

13  SAP ◦ Strong global product especially for payroll and advanced analytics ◦ SuccessFactors acquisition considered necessary and the only way they could enter the SaaS/cloud market ◦ CW: Integration, if it ever happens, is years away  Dayforce ◦ Ceridian’s cloud strategy ◦ North American functionality, global in the plan ◦ Quick development cycle ◦ Very strong time capture (for hourly population) and payroll product included 13

14  Oracle ◦ PSFT still has a very loyal base and is still being sold but on a small scale ◦ EBS still popular in Europe and selling ◦ Fusion is real, has customers (on the small side)  Has a way to go to be considered a robust HCM  Does have recruiting, learning, social networking, predictive analytics  Coexists with existing PSFT and Oracle EBS solutions  Techstack requirements are monstrous for on-premise installations – very high TCO ◦ Investing heavily in Taleo, integration with Taleo (primarily with Fusion) and analytics ◦ CW: will be a very credible cloud-based vendor 14 Beware the numbers and client list spin: e.g. Peugeot licensed PSFT in 2006 but have never implemented it.

15  SaaS ◦ Frequent releases (Workday every 4 months) ◦ Some clients can’t keep up with that pace  On-premise ◦ The sting of de-support ◦ Forced off of a popular release for one less so  I.T. ◦ Web services knowledge gap even at the large enterprise level ◦ SOA components needed for enterprise scale delivery – difficult and training is needed 15

16 Systems of RecordSystems of Engagement  ERP-type systems we rely on to run our business (financial, manufacturing, CRM, HR)  Must be ‘correct’ and ‘integrated’ so all data is consistent  Designed for people that have no choice but to use them  Systems used directly by employees for employees (email, collaboration, social networking and learning)  They engage employees  Organize, shape and drive the business, people and process  Complement systems of record, don’t replace them 16

17  SOR – biggest problem with LMS, performance management or talent system is that employees don’t use it.  Adoption factor is very low, leads to inconsistent data and suboptimized promises  Transition from SOR to SOE – newer apps like Fusion, Silk Road, Workday look and act very different  Towers Watson survey of 628 HR Orgs – why consider Workday? ◦ 58% said because of its user interface (the engagement factor) 17 Source: Josh Bersin, Bersin blog

18  Systems of Record were designed in the last century, largely defined by ‘time and motion’ principles  Employees were asked to bring their bodies to work and leave their brains at home  Three primary factors of innovation and competition are time, process and collaboration – addressed by Systems of Engagement  New era of internet, mobile, Cloud, etc asks employees to bring their brains to work and leave their bodies at home. 18 Source: Josh Bersin, Bersin blog “Technologize the Process, Humanize the Experience.” Sue Marks, CEO, Pinstripe, Inc.

19  Of 250 vendors, a high percentage were related to recruiting  Recorded video interviews are the latest add-on as well as ‘super-parsing’ powers  Differentiators were not obvious, so how do products stand out? 19

20 20 BroadbeangetTalentGooodJobHireAbility.comHire-IntelligenceHireIQ HireologyHireVueHR SmartInnovate CVJIBE JobApp JobviteMontagenowHIRERecruiticsSelectMindssparkHire willbeHired (thru Facebook) Wowzer

21  Search Engine Optimization  Online Assessments  Resume parsing  Video - recordable  Mobile Applications  Social Media 21

22  MySammy - productivity measurement software which measures the computer activity of employees. ◦ Designed to help companies determine how employees are spending their time and assist in setting up individual goals for employees to improve their productivity. ◦ Works with company’s internet security.  RoundPegg - –quantifiably track company culture to make better hires and keep employees engaged ◦ CulturePegg – track culture, alignment and ROI ◦ HirePegg – custom interview guides to hire for culture fit ◦ TeamPegg – leadership guides based on team sub-culture ◦ EngagePegg – Track engagement and get custom reports to re-engage based on culture 22

23 23 What is a Talent Management Suite? Talent AcquisitionOnboarding Performance Management Learning Management Compensation Management Career Development Succession PlanningWorkforce Planning Ancillary Software, e.g. HR TMS Jobs SkillSurvey –Prehire 360

24 24 Who’s left in the Pure Play Talent Management Space? (May 2012) Silk Road Life Suite Kene X a Saba

25  SuccessFactors - building out Employee Central  SumTotal – bought Softscape  Taleo – inherited via Oracle  SilkRoad – now building out Heartbeat (bought from Emportal in 2009) 25

26  No competitors left for Kronos – all had been acquired  New generation of products  ePay Systems  ReportTime 26

27  SHRM is trying to develop investor metric standards to help investment industry determine the value of human capital and report on it easily a la FASB  Companies would disclose all costs re hiring, retention and training of employees and contingents plus detailed info re company organization and staffing  Create a formula for spending on human capital plus data metrics for talent retention, leadership depth, leadership quality and employee engagement. 27

28  HR community has pushed back – SHRM should drop the effort.  Concern: ◦ no use to investors ◦ data could be used by companies seeking to acquire, raid talent or apply competitive pressure  Open to second comment period; if support is lacking, SHRM will discontinue the initiative 28

29 29 Founded in 2010 by BI experts including John Schwarz, former CEO of Business Objects Based in Vancouver and San Francisco Cloud-based application Core workforce metrics Predictive analytics Access/Measure/Predict/Share

30 30 Visier Metrics and Dashboard

31  “Remove the HR data smog”  Cloud-based analytical platform  Multiple sources ◦ Internal (ERP, CRM, Talent Mgmt, eLearning…) ◦ External (benchmarking data, regional UI rates...)  Pre-built connectors to some leading HCMs  Proprietary Mercer content from surveys & research  Pre-defined metrics  Bundled with consulting services (a la Doublestar) 31

32  cFactor Workforce: global workforce management solutions w/ embedded social media, real-time collaboration tools, HR metrics  cFactor Communications: unified platform to reach entire org, common brand and message in multiple languages and across multiple jurisdictions, advanced analytics to measure impact  cFactor Communities: flexible, enterprise-grade social solutions to fit various environments and cultures to support corporate initiatives 32 Regardless of the chosen tool, it must be used by a skilled craftsman in order to extract true value and meaning

33  Avalanche of data from disparate sources  Need to harness this data and use it to produce more meaningful results  Problems in all functional areas ◦ Recruiting: measure time to hire but not quality of hire ◦ Benefits: measure what employees choose but not whether the choices are understood or if plans are well-utilized ◦ Learning/training – inadequate measures of competency, mastery and subsequent usage in the workplace 33 Source: Lowell Williams, HR Executive

34  435 business and I.T. execs surveyed – only 37% familiar with concept  Need for ‘data scientists’/ specialized Hadoop Distributed File System (HDFS)  Typical uses ◦ Retail – buying trends of customers ◦ Healthcare – plan and claim data ◦ ◦ Military  Not every company can or should use Big Data 34

35 35

36  23% - percent of recent college graduates who wouldn’t take a job if they weren’t allowed to make or receive personal telephone calls (Adecco Group NA)  30% - percent of people born after 1980 who feel anxious if they can’t check Facebook every few minutes (Larry Rosen, iDisorder: Understanding Our Obsession with Technology and Overcoming its Hold on Us.)  46% - percent of people 18-24 who would rather have access to the Internet than access to their own car (The Gartner Group) 36

37  Consumerization of software a la Facebook  LMS software is almost as mobile as recruiting apps  UpMo – social talent management provider ◦ Talent Marketplace – designed to accelerate pace of filling open roles with internal talent ◦ Uses algorithms to match current employees to open opportunities, gain visibility into skills and talents of existing workforce ◦ Patent-pending algorithms use social feedback and employee-provided career goals and interests 37

38  Peoplefluent: Workforce Explorer app for iPad ◦ Designed to leverage use of gamification for training and self-learning ◦ Generates custom questions for line managers based on specific data in categories like performance, compensation, flight risk, employment history ◦ If they don’t know the answer, can receive a tip and search for answer ◦ Free 38

39  On its way to becoming a standard  Workday has legitimized the use of the cloud for ERP applications. Created an upsurge of replacement discussions globally  Almost all talent management vendors are in the cloud now  Typically large companies replace core systems every 7-10 years, sometimes sooner if new technology architectures are developed  Changing vendors/technology strategies is expensive – question ROI of making switch 39

40   Filter by platform, number of users, features, number of employees, location, budget  List produced displays paid advertisers first, followed by complete list of all vendors in smaller print   Complete tool, view scored list of products closely matching listed needs  Learn the capabilities of listed systems  Determine needs by weighting importance of each feature or option  View Detailed Comparison Screens  View pre-recorded Demos  Vendors pay to be included – not full market discovery  Technology Evaluation Center  Respond to series of questions to determine requirements  Can do functionality only or also include technology requirements  Must do your homework before using the tool in order to get a valid answer – incorrect requirement responses lead to incorrect conclusions  Research and advisory firms  Gartner ‘magic quadrant’  Forrester  Aberdeen  IDC  Ventana  Vendor websites  Interactive product demos  Can get a good sense of design and navigation 40

41  The HR Technologist (Bryon Abramowitz, KI)  The Human Capitalist (Jason Corsello – Cornerstone on Demand)  Naomi Bloom – ‘In Full Bloom’  Steve Boese on HR Technology – RIT professor (  Ahmed’s Universe (Ahmed Limam, Independent global HR technologist)  Analyst blogs (Bersin, Gartner, Forrester)  Use RSS feeds for easy access  LinkedIn – HR Technology groups  Twitter  Filter the facts from the buzz 41

42 42 Final thoughts Beware the anorexic organization…

43 Questions or Comments? 443-956-0656 43

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