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The Value of Laboratory Equipment Magazine June 2011.

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1 The Value of Laboratory Equipment Magazine June 2011

2 If you find the monthly print issues of LABORATORY EQUIPMENT just as valuable to you and your colleagues today (or more) as you did in previous years, please tell us why it is still so valuable. (please describe) Answer OptionsResponse Count 150 answered question150 skipped question137

3 Open-Ended ResponseTitleCompany Technology is constantly changing. Selection of products that we use each day.PRESIDENT WISENCO CHEMICAL INC Presentation is easy to browse. Articles of interest are descriptive, detailed, and for today's engineering. sourcingPurchasing Mgr.Eisenman Laboratory Equipment keeps me current on the latest equipment and technologies. I've gotten good info that I can use to upgrade our lab equipment and test methods.TechnologistDuPont its the only source of lab equipment that I haveconsultantsame Print issues are easier to read and carry along on busy days. However, digital issues are more practical on the long run.Senior Research ScientistHexcel Corporation Read during travelVPBiodel Inc Actually, I'm fine with the digital version. I am interested in the information, not the format.Engineering Manager Paciic Power Source, Inc. Interesting articles in the daily newsletterCeeTox Inc. to keep up with technologyconsultantuniconsult Print or digital - both provide a consolidated source of infomation for the many products used by our laboratories. Systems Analyst - Global Analytical Information SystemsP&G Always contains relevant information.Sr. Business Architect Allegheny Ludlum Corporation I use the digital version, I can forward articles, product information, etc to colleagues, peers and other purchasing personnel. Always has information on the newest products, technologies, services, etc.

4 I prefer print, though I do access the web site when I have time. It's easier to take the print version with me and read it while I am staining slides, for example.Principal LabTechnicianRutgers University i like how you are venturing out into a broader range of lab types and applications (more forensic science, please!)science department chairSPHS Provides up to date new product information.Lab DirectorMcKinley Avenue Labs portability, readily shareable.Lab ManagerResearch Think Tank, Inc. can read at leisureDirectorOlson & Cepuritis, Ltd can compare and find new technologyCEOTGD good timely infoCEOCOLLAB I am more likely to read the online issue, but it is more valuable because as research dollars decrease, it is imperative to stay as cutting-edge as possible to maintain the ability to obtain funds and learning of new technology helps to stay ahead.ChemistMSTMRI It is more convenient to sit down to lunch and have a print version to look at during lunch than to do so online.Senior MicrobiologistDSM Well designed pulication, good informationDir. EmeritusCleveland Clinic Able to discuss product while looking at "hard copy" without being close to a computer.Oregon State University currentpurch. mng.cds analytical I sometimes tear out a product ad or info and keep on desk or close at hand for showing, etc.Senior Research Assoc.UT medical branch Some time its just easier to see it in printLab SupervisorTulsa Health Dept It is a useful publication.Mach. Maint. Mgr.Tri-Mack Plastics Mfg. Corp. It is important to keep up with new developments in instrumentation and other lab equipment.Instruments Lab ManagerGrand Valley State University I can leave it on my desk and browse it while waiting for tests to completeSenior ChemistDistributors Processing, Inc. I can take the print issues anywhere to read them. The email version must be read at my computer, where I do not have time to spend reading publications, unless I am looking for something in particular.ChemistAdco Cleaning Products LLC I will look through every page of a print issue and only aritcles of interest in digitalSr MicrobiologistAbbott Nutrition Print is faster to read. Too much junk comes through email, becuase it is so cheap and so little thought is made.R&D DirectorACTEGA Kelstar New equipment is continually being introduced.SupervisorCryoLife I'm taking over a lab and have purchased many new items.Laboratory Inspector Waukesha Gas Engines, GE Energy The magazine aids in newequipment purchases.Lab ManagerFHI

5 It is important to stay informed of new products and advances in science. Laboratory Equipment includes interesting articles to make the magazine enjoyable to read.Chemist Sr.BASF It is my primary source of information on new products coming to market.Lab Manager/ Microscopy Core University of South Florida/ Integrative Biology information on the newest equipment on the market for all areas of the laboratoryLaboratory Director Schoolcraft Memorial Hospital Articles are much more concise than other publications.Control Systems EngineerSGS Tool Company I like to see an overview of new technologies brought together in one place. Cutting edge technology, products & infoMechanical EngineerEnvimech PRINT IS ALWAYS KING.WE KEEP ALL BACK ISSUES ON FILE!SENIOR ENGINEERINFORMOTION Unique in approach to dealing with equipment and processes. Not personnel, Not promotions. Not....Vice PresidentACL ASSOCIATES, INC. great information-CEO A&R EQUIPMENT SALES, INC. Discontinued print version years ago. Prefer online online, but currently do not have a lab that needs any equipment. Princ. Product Development EngineerSpinalMotion, Inc. My reading of Laboratory Equipment is for new information. As result, picking up a print copy and "leafing" thru it is much more convenient that the same task on a PC.Analytical specialist3M It's important to keep up with technology and to improve and evolve in manufacturing. This magazine is a tool used to get a valuable perspective of the industry.Process EngineerLoos & Co.,Inc. No longer get print version. I only get digital versionPrincipal EngineerWatlow Not much else available easilyTest engineerDetex Good source for multiple equipment/product makers all in one publicationRA/QA ManagerEagle Medical, Inc. I find that the new technologies is interesting and possible for us to use in our process.Lab TechnichenBadger Mining Corporation I spend most of my work day looking at a computer monitor and magazines are a way to take a break from that. Also if there is a product I want to look into later (but don't have time now) I can tear out the page and put it on my desk to remind me to look further when I have time.ChemistCity of San Jose

6 Articles and up-to-date information.Development ScientistBeckman Coulter Helps me with what is available for the lab since I have been in R&D for the last 3 yearsProject Engineer, R&DCovidien Good source to view equipment that I may not otherwise be aware of.Project ManagerEFC I read teh digital and on-line versions.Sr. Technical Training SpecialistPerkinElmer Easy to read. Better than digital.Section Manager, LaboratoriesBridgestone Useful product infoCEOBlum & Co., Inc. I can browse through it with lunch or coffee.Research InvestigatorUniversity of Pennsylvania It is useful in searching what new technology is for our application.Technical DirectorFarmer Bros. Co. It cuts down my research time on certain new products and serviceschemistforesite, inc Print issue allows me to handle it at a time convenient for me.Analytical Chemist3M Cottage Grove new products and applicationsPrincipal Engr Roche Diagnostics Operations, Inc. Digital copies are great - can easily forward relevant articles to others.Sr. ScientistGSK Biologicals For the advertisements of new products.Director of OperationsA.E.C.O.M. Very informative, up to date with new trends in laboratory diagnostics and equipments.Laboratory Supervisor Syracuse University Health Service Laboratory Print is more portable as my computer is on another floor from my lab.scientistUSDA-ARS-NCAUR new technology is presented as text and advertisingProgram managerVA medical center have migrated to the digital editionSenior Chemist Erie County Public Health Laboratory It is helpful in describing equipment I may not know about otherwise. Important information Sr. Research Assist./Lab ManagerMeharry Medical College gives you information that you may have to go to several other sites to obtainManagerRUMC I am a visual person so I like to "see" and hold Laboratory Equipment in my hands to get the most out of it. I read and peruse each copy and if I find something interesting to our company I will talk with colleagues about it. Manager Product Regulatory ComplianceEvergreen Packaging

7 Keeps me up-to-date with current technology and products availableProfessor Univ. of CT, Physics Dept. U-3046 We still have older employees who are frightened of IT.Executive Vice President Solar Compounds Corporation Good source for information on new products.QA & Food Safety ManagerYoCrunch You stay current with the ever increasing complexity and capability of equipment and their uses.Technical DirectorWeb Industries, Inc. Technology changes rapidly and it is helpful to keep up with it.Technical Section Mgr.NFS allows quick refernce/review of new technology I might not see otherwiseMaterials Engineering ManagerSKF Aeroengine It gives you ideas about new productsLab ManagerWomen & Infants Hospital Timely information on new products and their performance and applications are always my chief interests and Laboratory Equipment does an excellent job in getting such information out promptly as it becomes available. I also much appreciate the typically pertinent and informative comments that I sometimes note from Editor Tim Studt. I do not know Tim, but feel I do as in the past I have appreciated his excellent writings as editor of a number of magazines. Incidentally, I typically note an improvement in a pub lication that seems to occur after Tim arrives. Chemical Engineer - sole proprietor consultantJ. C. Orth & Associates Larger responsibility with lab operationsLab Operations ManagerNorthrop Grumman Provides portable relevant product information in a format that is easily and quickly scanned for items and articles of interest.Laboratory Services Specialist St. Cloud State University / Chemistry Department Information that you may not find elsewhereSafety and EducationBBPL OUR BUSINESS NEEDS HAVE CHANGED AS WELL AS OUR MARKET- WITH THE IMPORTSTOOLROOM SUP ELECTRIC MOTORS&SPECIALTIES More varety of informarion is included now than in the pastLaboratory Technical SpecialistSpectra Laboratories I have opted for the electronic version.Sr. Research Asst.Penn State University Same coverage of new products and technologies.Staff Analytical ChemistCovidien Still the most comprehensive and up to date.Laboratory SupervisorCity of Houston Fast marketsPrincipal Wauwatosa Sensor Systems Someone should say what's new and useful on the market.Thomas LeusnerResearch Scientist consistant voice for products. little bias.Section ManagerUnderqwriters Laboratories for everythingChemist QC R&DCarroll Company Good source of information specifc to laboratory environment.

8 Always good to hear about new eqt in a rapidly advancing technical era. Vital in fact. Because it is a complete and conseise point of reference to use. When I want to research a new product or instrument/analyzer, Laboratory Equiptment is the first resource magazine that I go to for the most current information.Laboratory Manager St. Joseph's Medical Center, Clinical Laboratory Equipment more related to our current manufacturing needs.Sr. Process EngineerCaulk Dentsply always like to see whats new in lab productsLaboratory DirectorMagnode Corporation Remains a good source of infrmation to identify new procedures, technologies and equipmentHershey FellowThe Hershey Company Lab Equipment is valuable because we can look for the latest advances in equipment that would add to our research effort.Professor University of Maryland, Dept. of Physics Keeps me up to date on new productsProject ManagerPortescap I have always browsed through the magazine to look at the new products that would help my lab. It is an easy way to keep up to date with advances in equipment technology.Laboratory DirectorEMT The issues discuss new products an dcapabilites. Those are items that help me in my job as I study an dunderstand new products or trends going on in the industryRegualtory EngineerQuantum Corporation Provides information on products that I dont always see in other publications.Technical Lead R&DTexas Dept. of Public Safety succinct application notes, convenient layoutSenior ScientistCatalent Pharma Solutions Print is a conventient way to read as opposed to online.Senior Research ChemistMoses Lake Industries, Inc. Hard copies are easier to bookmark and pass along. Finding things in the digital version can be more difficult.Chemist IIIHach Unique source of information on equipment used in the laboratory environment. Reviews are an invaluable aid when having an interest in a new product or technology.Technical SupervisorUniversity of Tennessee I actually use the online version more.Assistant Professor of BiologyThe College of Nw Jersey To keep up with the state of art technology.QA AuditorImClone Systems Usually gives me the information I want and need to know.Quality Assurance Team LeaderParker Hannifin Corp In this business your customers want you to be aware of everything. We try. I used to run an analytical instrument company and now consult to the industry. Your magazine helps me stay in touch with the changes taking place in analyzers and trends.General ManagerBroadscope Analytical

9 I used to run an analytical instrument company and now consult to the industry. Your magazine helps me stay in touch with the changes taking place in analyzers and trends.General ManagerBroadscope Analytical Provides up to date information on analytical equipmentGroup LeaderHoughton International It helps to keep me up to date with the latest technology.Project ManagerCAI I am a luddite and like magazines in my handVP Business DevelopmentLAbcyte Brings a lot of information to one place - keeps me abreast of new information and tachnologies. ASSISTANT PROFESSOR OF BIOLOGYSAINT LEO UNIVERSITY Our company's needs for improving our laboratory and analytical expertise have greatly increased over the last few years. Additionally, our customers have implemented and continue to implement new requirements on us that we need to address.Vice PresidentMonterey Mushrooms, Inc. Hard copy easier to read. It is easier than a website to show to someone over coffee, etc. Director of Applications DevelopmentRemspec Corporation covering more than just biology, since I work in semiconductorsdirector sifa labnvidia there is more information out there, and frankly, I use the multiple sources to filter out interesting but commercially unviable options.Project ManagerUpstate Medical University Technology is always changing and working in the food industry it's important to keep up with new innovations.Quality Assurance ManagerGarden Fresh Foods I don't have to go digging for new information - chances are it is in the magazineVice PresidentCXI Texmark Simple ecinomics. Get the best technology asap to save future profitability Biochemist / Technical SpecialsitMacherey-Nagel can put notes on the paper copyChief MetallurgistFPM LLC more current and up to date

10 Detailed information, not just an ad. Comparisons to similar equipment.Lab Director Fort Walton Beach Medical Center keep up to date on new technologyScientist/StabilityAlcon concentrates infoDirectorCESTAB Always looking for state of the art technologies to make our work easier and less time consuming.Sr. Research Associate UT Health Science center at Tyler The print copy is valuable as it is easy to take note in; the electronic version is easier to share. Director, Laboratory ServicesExeter Hospital I like paper copies of these things more than reading them online. It is likely a generational thing...PI Fox Chase Cancer Center Not always able to or want to go online. Print copy is nice, can read or look through get phone calls etc... and have your place still in front of you. Cut out articles of interest. Medical Technologist - Immunology/SerologyVAMC Keeps us on top of current technology.Design Engineer Poly Processing Company, LLC. in the lunchroom many more get to read the print issuevpEQUITECH New technology, and servicesSenior TechDow Chemical Because I can find all the information in one easy to use source.BP more thoroughInorganic Prod SpecialistPerkin Elmer Allows me to keep abreast of new developments in lab equipment.Associate ProfessorEast Carolina University It still gives me cutting edge information.Research AssociatePPG Industries, Inc. It's easy to have with me when I travel, or to show other people, and I don't have to log in to get informationCEOOmscientia

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