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State of Potomac Region American Society for Photogrammetry & Remote Sensing John Manzer (Outgoing) President, ASPRS Potomac Region Annual Meeting and.

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1 State of Potomac Region American Society for Photogrammetry & Remote Sensing John Manzer (Outgoing) President, ASPRS Potomac Region Annual Meeting and Dinner

2 The ASPRS Mission Promote the ethical application of active and passive sensors and the disciplines of: Photogrammet ry Remote Sensing Geographic Information Systems Other Supporting Geospatial Technologies We are The Imaging and Geospatial Information Society

3 Member Benefits Access to a network of professionals Professional Certification opportunities – Photogrammetrist, Remote Sensing, Mapping Scientist, Technologist Subscription to peer-reviewed journal: Photogrammetric Engineering & Remote Sensing (PE&RS) Reduced fees for ASPRS conferences, workshops, and training Employment announcements Discount on ASPRS publications Eligibility for National and Regional awards, scholarships, and fellowships

4 Potomac Region Member Benefits Network with ASPRS Potomac Region members from government, academia, & private industry Reduced fees for annual GeoTech Conference – Workshops, technical talks, exhibits – Local venue + low registration fees  low cost Free Technical Tours: -USGS (5/16/2012) -Greg Snyder -Intergraph (8/26/2011) -Nancy Brelos -NGA (Jan 10, 2013) -Ashley Holt

5 Geographic Distribution 17 Regions in USA Members in 76 Countries Potomac Region

6 Potomac Region Membership Breakdown 3/31/2012 Total: 699 1/31/2013 Total: 709 368 12 7 82 23 156 61 “The Year of the Students 2012”

7 Potomac Region Board Past President Secretary/Treasurer Vice President President Region Director National Director Historian Technical Advisor NC Chapter President Elected Termed Appointed Per chapter bylaws * GMU Fac Advisor VT Fac Advisor WVU Fac Advisor PSU Fac Advisor Active NVCC Fac Advisor UNC Fac Advisor

8 2011 ASPRS Potomac Region Board [From left to right] J. Chris McGlone, Technical Advisor; Josh Sisskind, Region Director; Allan Falconer, President; Barbara Eckstein, National Director; Yogendra Singh, Historian; Peter Doucette, Past President 2010; John Manzer, Past President 2012; Chris Parrish, Past President 2011 [Not shown] Anthony Stefanidis, Region Director ; Karen Shuckman PSU Coordinator ; James Campbell VT Coordinator, WVU Coordinator Robert Black, Region Director, Ashley Holt Vice President

9 Welcome New 2013 Board Members Michael Krimmer 2013 Sec-Treasurer Josh Siskind (Again!) Region Director 2013-2015 Region Director Mr. Josh Sisskind has been a member of ASPRS since 2008. He first became involved as an undergraduate student at the University at Albany (B.A. Geography and Meteorology, 2007), serving as a Student Assistant at the 2007 Fall Conference in Ottawa, Ontario. Josh went on to become the Communications Councilor for the Student Advisory Council, a role he served through 2008 as a graduate student at UAlbany (M.A. Geography, 2008). Josh is currently a GIS Applications Engineer with SAIC where he develops geospatial applications for data production and dissemination. Previously, Josh worked at ITT Geospatial Systems focusing on integrating geospatial applications with image science. Josh is currently serving as the Acting Chair/Deputy Chair of the ASPRS Young Professionals Council.

10 Michael Krimmer Leadership Spotlight LDCM Launch party and initial NOVA ASPRS Chapter meeting on Monday, 11 February at 6:30PM at NOVA Reston (Already ! – Very Exciting !!!) A little background to assist in understanding the situation at community colleges in general, and NOVA in particular. – More than 60 community colleges across the nation have GIS programs (certificates and/or degree programs). Many of these programs have remote sensing course work. – During the past three years, NSF funding has supported a team of community college faculty in developing model geospatial curriculum. – The model curriculum is based on the US Department of Labor Geospatial Technology Competency Model, and includes a course in remote sensing. – Also with the underwriting of an NSF grant, a geospatial center of excellence for community colleges has been established—the GeoTECH Center

11 Potomac Region Structure ASPRS National (Bethesda, MD) Potomac Region NC Chapter GMU Student Chapter and Forum WVU Student Forum Virginia Tech Student Forum Penn State Student Forum … NVCC Chapter “NVCC & UNC are extremely probable” UNC Chapter Michael Grimmer Gang Chen UNC Petition & ByLaws : Draft since Oct, 30 2012 ; Approve and get to Chris Aldridge

12 Student Forums and Chapters Penn State University – Gilbert Hobrough Potomac Region Student Forum, Advisor/Coordinator: Karen Schuckman, Past ASPRS President – Student President: Raechel Bianchetti, PSU PhD Candidate and member of the ASPRS SAC Virginia Tech – Scott Reading Potomac Region Student Forum, Advisor/Coordinator: Dr. James Campbell George Mason University – Frederick Doyle Potomac Region Chapter & Student Forum, Advisor/Coordinator: Dr. Anthony Stefanidis, Student President: Xu Lu West Virginia University – Alfred O. Quinn Potomac Region Student Forum, Advisor/Coordinator: Dr. Tim Warner … More coming soon !!!

13 GMU Annual Summary

14 In July, we volunteered in the edition of The Glossary of Mapping Science (2nd Edition), a joint publication of ACSM, ASCE and ASPRS. We finished editing more than 2000 words in the database so far, which are approximately 20% of all the terms. In August, we hold the annual election and elected our new officers. Now we have president, vice president, secretary, treasurer, webmaster, and event coordinator. In September, we recruited new student members into our chapter, and hold the meeting to prepare for future events. We are glad that those new members are very active in our later events. In October, we volunteered in the ASPRS Potomac Region GeoTech Conference. We designed the conference brochure, set up the registration desk, helped with the presenters as well as the conference attendees. We are proud that the conference chair Dr. Allan Falconer was very satisfied with our volunteer work. In November, we participated in the GMU GIS Day event. We set up a booth and display our activities and achievements. Student President: Xu Lu

15 PSU Annual Summary Penn State submitted 11 resident student member applications in the period from Sept 2012 to present. 10 of these were sponsored directly by the Potomac Region. The 11th was paid for out of the general student forum funds provided by Potomac Region. The new student members are: 1.Mr. Anthony Marze 2.Mr. Andrew Homka 3.Mr. Caleb Voithofer 4.Mr. Gregory Milbourne 5.Mr. Nathanael Santos Amador 6.Ms. Rachel Elizabeth Isaacs 7.Mr. Sean Michael Cooley 8.Ms. Chelsea Gilliam 9.Ms. Helena Kotala 10.Mr. Eric Aspril 11.Mr. Matthew Allegretto Student President: Raechel Bianchetti

16 PSU Annual Summary We kicked off the PSU Student Forum with a face-to-face meeting in September 2012. We met monthly through Dec 2012 for two hours each meeting. We discussed ASPRS membership, Provisional Certification requirements, ASPRS conferences, and student volunteer opportunities. We also included students from the online program in the meeting activities via webinar. One or two attended remotely for each meeting. On September 27, 2012 a group of 8 students attended a field trip with faculty member, Karen Schuckman, at Keystone Aerial Surveys in northeast Philadelphia. That evening, they participated in the Northeast Region Annual Meeting also held at Keystone. Some PSU students should be applying for volunteer/assistant positions for the Baltimore conference. I do not have an estimate at this time, but I am guessing probably 5 or 6 applications. The deadline is fast approaching On Feb 4-5, approximately 7 students have indicated an interest in participating in the Preparation for Provisional Certification webinar. On Feb 4, a group of 3 students and faculty member, Karen Schuckman, plan to attend the Potomac Region Annual Meeting in Fairfax, VA. Student President: Raechel Bianchetti Welcome Students: Helena Kotala, Caleb Voithofer, Chelsea Gilliam

17 VT Annual Summary William A. Fischer Memorial Scholarship Winner: Baojun Zheng, PhD student in the Department of Geography at the Virginia Tech University Last year we begun dynamically by fielding a team for the 2012 Geoleague Challenge. After working intensively on our proposal, we presented at the ASPRS annual conference in Sacramento and won first prize. Our report entitled “An efficient Remote Sensing Solution to update the NCWI” by Stein et al. was published as the feature article in the July issue of PE&RS. We sent 4 students to the Sacramento conference where we had 2 oral and 1 poster presentations Our members participated in the OGIS symposium. Two of our members took part in the USGS headquarters tour organized by the Potomac Region. We were the only student that participated. Student President:

18 VT Annual Summary In the summer we had a public outreach event to celebrate the 40 th anniversary on the Landsat program. We held a public viewing of the NASA/USGS press conference held at the Newseum in July 23 rd and invited the general public to participate, including the press. We recruited new member to our local and the national organization among the incoming graduate students in August. Four of us also participated in the 2012 GeoTech conference and had a booth promoting our chapter. We formed another team for 2013 Geoleague challenge and are participating in that competition. For 2013 we intend to take part in the Annual conference and have already registered 7 of our members for that conference. Also we have scheduled to hold two events for the Landsat Data Continuity Mission launch on campus, a public viewing of the prelaunch press conference and of the launch itself. We intend to hold a similar event for the PROBA-V launch on April

19 WVU Annual Summary Hosted visiting speaker: John Rogan, Clark University, Massachusetts – John Rogan joined the Clark University faculty as Assistant Professor in Fall 2003. Dr. Rogan received his Ph.D. (Geography) degree from the joint doctoral program at San Diego State University and the University of California, Santa Barbara, where he was funded by a research grant from NASA's Land Cover and Land Use Change Program. He received M.A. and B.A. degrees (Geography) from the University of Arizona. – John Teaches GEOG 087 Intro to Environmental Information Systems/Lecture, Lab GEOG 234/GEOG 334 - The Geography of Fire/Lecture GEOG 282/GEOG 382 - Advanced Remote Sensing/Lecture, Lab GEOG 232/GEOG 332/IDCE 30214 - Landscape Ecology/Lecture, Lab – We have 8 members

20 PR 2012 Events at a Glace Annual Meeting & Dinner Tech Tours – USGS “PDFs Available” – Intergraph – NGA GeoTech Conference – Very Successful 1 Newsletter 2012 1 Newsletter 2013 First Ever Potomac “Live” Webinar

21 Social Media Social Media Periodically HQ provides to the Executive Committee the New Members List – I challenge Potomac Executives to “LinkedIn” with each new member ; be it Student or other type ; “I Did, for everyone I could find on LinkedIn” Potomac Events were published on the following LinkedIn Groups

22 Faces of GeoTech 2012

23 GEOTECH2012 HUMAN GEOGRAPHY IS MORE THAN HUMAN TERRAIN October 25-26, 2012 1 LiDAR By Dr. Christopher Parrish, NOAA, National Geodetic SurveyDr. Christopher ParrishNOAA, National Geodetic Survey 2 Human Geography / Analyzing Human Settlements with Remote Sensing By Dr. Karen Owen George Mason UniversityDr. Karen Owen George Mason University

24 GEOTECH2012 HUMAN GEOGRAPHY IS MORE THAN HUMAN TERRAIN October 25-26, 2012 Lunch 12:15 noon - 1:30pm Workshops, Thursday Afternoon, 1:30pm – 4:45pm Break 3:00pm - 3:15pm - Light refreshments available. 3 The Geodetic Datum--Becoming Geocentric By NGS Team NOAA, National Geodetic Survey NOAA, National Geodetic Survey IERS Site Survey at Brewster, WA - Kendall Fancher Geoid12A Model Overview - Yan Wang National Adjustment of 2011 and Related NGS Products and Services – Mark EcklKendall FancherMark Eckl 4 Imaging and Remote Sensing Applications with ArcGIS 10.1 By Gerry Kinn, Dan Zimble from ESRI TeamESRI This workshop explains the functionality in the ArcGIS platform. It walks through the desktop, server, and web. Examples will be shown from ingest to processing, managing, publishing. 5 Overview and Context to Rapid, Active, 3D Airborne Imaging with Flash LiDAR By Richard Brand, Rex Craig, George Williams, Todd Murphy, Steve SchultzRex Craig Since 2007, full motion real-time 3D video flash LiDAR(FM3DFL) has matured considerably as exemplified by the modern, airborne Total Sight design. However, other airborne systems are in wide use and they provide some context with which to compare FM3DFL, these will be discussed with more emphasis on other flash imaging approaches. Interesting variants of flash lidar developed by Ball for specific measurement tasks will also be briefly discussed. Afternoon Workshops: 81 registered

25 GEOTECH2012 HUMAN GEOGRAPHY IS MORE THAN HUMAN TERRAIN October 25-26, 2012 Plenary sessions: 110 registered: Keynote Speaker Dr. Jerry Dobson, President, The American Geographical Society Seen below with John Manzer and Allan Falconer

26 GEOTECH2012 HUMAN GEOGRAPHY IS MORE THAN HUMAN TERRAIN October 25-26, 2012 Technical Sessions & Exhibits

27 GEOTECH2012 HUMAN GEOGRAPHY IS MORE THAN HUMAN TERRAIN October 25-26, 2012 With Many thanks to our Student Chapter Volunteers:

28 Potomac Region Honors Virginia Tech – Ioannis Kokkinidis VT Student President – Organized the trip and attended with fellow students the USGS TechTour George Mason University – Xu Lu GMU Student President – Organized and attended with fellow students the GeoTech2012 Penn State University – Jay Searles PSU Student – Attended GeoTech2012 and provided a technical overview of the approach of Hurricane “Sandy” using real time data in response to popular demand for a lunch-time session of Geotech2012 on Friday October 26 th. We offer our appreciation for a job well done. Ashley Holt Treasurer / Sec – Organized and held an unprecedented NGA Tech Tour at the New Campus East facility CONGRATULATIONS !

29 Potomac Region Honors Member of the Year  Presentations Workshops  GeoTech Technical Program Chairmen  Editor : Manual of Photogrammetry James (Chris) McGlone !!

30 Potomac Region Honors Region of the Year: Results Pending Region of the Month: 4x in 2012! July, September, October, and December ASPRS Bucks Awarded ~$210+ Bucks going to Champions

31 Potomac Region Financials Assets as of:December 31, 2012 Please list each account separately: Cash In Bank, Checking$7290.55 Cash In Bank, MMA $19993.78 Certificates of Deposit$25,177.26 Petty Cash Accounts Receivable Total Assets:$52,461.59 Compare with $73,816.65 Dec 31 2011 (-$21,355) $41.86 Interest earned on CD 2012 Potomac Region Invested in STUDENTS ! … and Baltimore Conference

32 NC Chapter Closure Matter Potomac Region has had an outstanding matter to resolve – Revitalize or Close the Defunct NC Chapter Attempts have been made to contact and motivate the leadership – Luiz H Cortes, Peggy Fersner, Lewis LaPine Obtained a List of Legacy Members – Used LinedIn in attempt to reconnect with people to see what might popup Time and Focus slipped Away – Not Resolved Financial POC: Gerold L. Ray (retired) – Agreed Feb 1 st to return the $ – 919-219-8808 “Action Item” Collect $ 7,272 Assignment: Michael Krimmer

33 Restructuring Task Force Task Force Members Chris Aldridge, Matt Altman, Adam Benjamin, Steve DeGloria (Chair), Larry Handley, Bobbi Lenczowski, Meghan MacLean, John Manzer, Becky Morton, Brian Murphy, Jim Plasker, Heather Staverman, Kim Tilley, Stewart Walker, Jesse Winch, Jeff Young. Advisory: Gary Florence, Carolyn Merry. Background The purpose of the ASPRS Restructuring Task Force (RTF) was to examine our current national and regional organizational structure and to generate specific recommendations and action items for Board consideration that sustainably advance the mission of ASPRS for the benefit of all members and the imaging and geospatial information community at large. The RTF was an outgrowth of the Rebranding Task Force (2011) in which a number of issues, or action items, were defined and subsequently melded into the charges of the RTF. Some action items of the Rebranding Task Force continue and some action items have been assumed by relevant standing committees.

34 Restructuring Task Force Restructuring Issues Addressed Philosophical basis and value proposition of ASPRS that should be articulated and used to formulate recommendations for governance entities within our organization and membership at large. Improvement of national and region officer training webinar content, audience, and timing of webinars. Modification of our organizational structure that encourages locally-based technical programming; virtual, thematic affiliations of members within and between regions; and de-emphasis of physical geography and firm boundary conditions. Re-organization of our conferences that recognizes multi-faceted needs of our technical meetings without jeopardizing current arrangements/contracts. Enhancement of publication policies relevant to our PE&RS journal and general interest articles and columns that focus on imaging and geospatial information. Mechanisms to enhance student, associate, and young professional learning, networking, and mentoring opportunities. Final Recommendations and Action Items (forthcoming)

35 Restructuring Task Force

36 Planned 2013 Events Planned 2013 Events GeoTech 2013 Dr. Ashley Holt as Conference Chair (Fall 2013) 2013 Potomac Region TechTours (soon!) -BLM (TBD) John Lyon ASPRS 2013 Annual Conference Confluence by the Bay - A Gathering of Geospatial Insights March 24 - 28, 2013 -- Baltimore ASPRS Webinars Jan – Oct 2013 2013-Nov SanAntonio 2014-Mar Louisville 2014-Nov Denver 2015-May Tampa 2016-Apr Reno Potomac ?

37 ASPRS Webinars

38 Special Thanks to: Martin Wills in support of our Web Site, Melanie Feliciano NVCC Student from USGS Tour to M.Krimmer Networking Richard Brand for Flash LiDAR Peter & Michele Doucette Annual Dinner 2013 Thank You John Manzer (Outgoing) President, ASPRS Potomac Region 703-328-8511

39 Keynote Presentation Dr. Henry (Hank) J. Theiss is the chief scientist in photogrammetry at Integrity Applications Incorporated (IAI) in Chantilly, VA. He is responsible for a large team of scientists who support predominantly NGA, as well as other DoD/IC organizations, by performing photogrammetric and error propagation analyses related to EO/IR/SAR/LIDAR sensor modeling from airborne and spaceborne platforms, image formation, close range applications, registration, and tool validation. Prior to joining IAI in 2001, Hank earned his MS and PhD degrees in Photogrammetry and Geomatics at Purdue University, where he also taught graduate data adjustment courses and conducted research on photogrammetric modeling of video image sequences as a Visiting Assistant Professor.

40 More Potomac ASPRS … so you want more.. auh?

41 41 Version 2.0, updated 3/13/2012 10:40 AM Approved for Public Release 12-153 AFCEA Conference Tonya Crawford Overview of NGA’s Acquisition Approach 14 February 2012 Approved for Public Release 12-199 Version 2.0, updated 3/13/2012 10:40 AM

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