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50 Technology Tips for Staffing Professionals Eric Edelstein, Ph.D. CIO, SVP Operations Nelson Family of Companies Contact:

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1 50 Technology Tips for Staffing Professionals Eric Edelstein, Ph.D. CIO, SVP Operations Nelson Family of Companies Contact:  Ph.D. in Math  Minor in Quantum Physics  ASA Technology Advisory Subcommittee

2 Disclaimer!  All opinions are purely my own – right or wrong  No intention to advise on or promote purchases  Your mileage may vary – tools mentioned may not fit your business needs  Omitting a reference to a tool should not be interpreted as indictment @StaffingTechno

3 The Blog Follow @ Tips & Techniques Links to Tools Contact me with your Questions @StaffingTechno

4 Culture of Technology Create a Culture of Technology & Innovation @StaffingTechno

5 Use Internal Technologists Form a Technology Advisory Committee:  People from across your organization  All business roles  Wide span of age groups  Be inclusive & open minded Note: Your front desk receptionist may know more about the hottest, latest social media platform than your CIO @StaffingTechno Vital if you want to be innovative!

6 Synchronize Technology & Business Train IT & Support in your business 1.Train your IT leadership in Staffing, Recruiting, & Sales 2.All IT & Support staff should work a desk once a year for a week 3.Job sharing, not shadowing, is vital, easy, and builds relationships @StaffingTechno Really important!

7 Quarterly field Interviews by Corporate Review all feedback quarterly: Scores + Issues + Successes Cover all departments:  F&A  HR  IT  Ops  Marketing  Facilities  Training Recurring Question: “What will make us more competitive?” - Especially new hires! @StaffingTechno TRANSFORMATIVIVE Creates continuous improvement! Outreach

8 Interpersonal Skills for Techies Commit to working with IT & Support staff on Communication Skills Do NOT compromise here  Emotional Intelligence Training/EQ  No divas!  Ensure cross training  Set expectations & follow through  Listen & confirm!  Everyone is in sales  Engagement is key  Strategic partnerships - why & how  Technologists must be marketers & sell technology @StaffingTechno

9 Eric’s Top 3 Business Books  The Five Dysfunctions of a Team by Patrick Lencioni  Emotional Intelligence by Bradberry & Greaves  Cy Wakeman’s Reality Based Leadership

10 Vendor = Strategic Partner Technology & Service Vendors should be Strategic Partners. Be involved in their company:  Roadmap  Product Development  Sales  Marketing  Hiring Bring them clients and they’ll bring you new features. @StaffingTechno

11 ATS Selection Process  Goal: The entire company selects the ATS [34 reps across the company]  Determine business requirements from SMEs in the field  Create RFP [15 pages to 28 vendors]  Score responses and select demo candidates [9]  Score demos by ATS Selection Committee with 2nd Round for top 3.  1 st Place: 87% - eRecruit  2 nd Place : 54%  3 rd Place : 48%  Pitch to board based on ROI [100%: unanimous decision] Implementation: Focus on Engagement, Participation, & Communication. @StaffingTechno Vital that the field selects the ATS, NOT Corporate and NOT a few individuals

12 Communication & Collaboration Collaborate Communicate Collaborate … Communicate @StaffingTechno Evolution

13 Google Drive for Collaboration Tools:  Spreadsheets - Grouping, Formulas, Graphs, Charts  Text Documents  Presentations Features:  Editable from mobile devices  Supports simultaneous edits  Auto-sync copies to desktop Note: A free Google account is required @StaffingTechno

14 SharePoint Features & Uses  Project Management Workflows Wikis  Dashboards & Reporting Forms Tasks  Data Lists & Spreadsheets Document Generation HTML Pages Document Libraries Search Among All Above @StaffingTechno One of the most under-utilized tools

15 QUIZ: Device Wars  Smart phones – iPhone vs. Android phones vs. Windows (who knew!)  Pads & Tablets – iPad vs. Android tablets, pen vs. finger  Laptops – Apple vs. Windows, laptop vs. tablet  Faxes, Scanners, & Copy Machines vs. All-In-One  Projectors vs. Smart Boards  Desktop – hardware vs. virtualized  Servers – self run, purchased and managed hosting, pure cloud Quiz question 1: How do you decide? Technology Advisory Committee. Quiz question 2: What’s the right choice? There usually isn’t one.

16 QUIZ: Device Wars @StaffingTechno Moral: Listen to your coworkers, hear their ideas, decide, and deliver! (every time)

17 Engagement Hands on Participation AssessmentCertification Establish Field Experts Refresh @StaffingTechno Learning is active, NOT passive! Training Excellence

18 Suggested Trainings  Boolean searching  Pipeline development techniques  Interviewing skills  Word  Excel  Sexual harassment  Your phone system  Your ATS  Your sales process @StaffingTechno Consider offering selected training…  As career development to candidates  To clients as a service

19 Tools for Staffing Tools for Sales & Marketing, Sourcing & Recruiting, & Staffing Our Business @StaffingTechno

20 Key to Successful Email Delivery Monitor your perceived email credibility Keep up on whether your email is:  Going to spam  Blacklisted  Greylisted Very easy & important

21 Corporate Websites & Blogs  Findability: Ensure your site is set up for SEO (Search Engine Optimization) & Speed   Viewability : Ensure your site looks and works right, even across different browsers  BrowserShots.Org   @StaffingTechno Keep content fresh!  CMS Platform, e.g. WordPress Google Analytics  On every page, on every piece, on every campaign

22 App  Pro  Cool  Looks great  Makes use of the mobile device  Top of the line experience  Con  Doesn’t replace website for desktop  Different app for each device and each model  Mobile Updates -> App Updates  Very costly to maintain @StaffingTechno Responsive Website  Pro  Customizes itself to each device  Works great on desktop or phone  Takes advantage of some available features: Geolocation, etc.  Affordable for smaller companies  Longer shelf life  Con  Doesn’t have access to all phone hardware (e.g. Camera) (But that’s changing…) Mobile: Responsive Website vs. App

23 Card Readers and importers Business Card readers are a great time saver:  Take picture of card on smart phone  Tool reads the text electronically (OCR)  Person’s Name  Contact info  Company Name  Stored in website and on phone  Export contacts to spreadsheet for import into ATS/CRM Example: CamCard for Apple, Android, Windows, Blackberry

24 Credit Check Key Points:  Majority of bad debt due to not performing credit check  Automation helps ensure compliance  Collections & the field should partner on the credit check process Three of the main competitors in the electronic credit check space:  DNBi – Industry standard, but expensive  Experian – Good for well established larger companies  Cortera – Great for small companies and start-ups When to do credit checking:  During qualification of prospect  At time of first order – PRIOR to fill @StaffingTechno

25 Job alerts for Biz Dev  Create Job Searches to get Email Alerts for postings in your niches  Each morning, add those job posting contacts to your prospect list is a very powerful tool for this purpose Note: If you post to a niche board, not picked up by Indeed, you’ll want to create job alerts there, too. @StaffingTechno Fundamental technique Sourcing Prospects from Job Postings

26 Trick: Email Rules for Prospecting Save InMails with LinkedIn!  Get a list of email naming rules for your prospects and clients  Ask your sales & recruiting teams  Example: If Joe Briggs is at Nelson, his email will be:  Create an Excel master spreadsheet that generates the email address from First, Last, and Company name  Share this list with your whole company and keep it updated! @StaffingTechno Good trick!

27 Mobile Apps for Navigation  Real-time updates from other drivers  Where are the police?  Where are the accidents?  Where’s the cheapest gas?  Create custom maps with client overlay @StaffingTechno

28 Mobile Apps for Dictation Talk instead of type  Siri (iPhone)  GoogleVoice for Android  Dragon Dictation, otherwise @StaffingTechno

29 Verify Emails! @StaffingTechno

30 Sourcing Find the right person for the right job FAST! @StaffingTechno

31 Boolean Search Resources Read anything and everything by Glen Cathey:  Find anyone’s email address  How to find people on G+  Find developers who are top rated by peers @StaffingTechno Bookmark & favorite this go-to resource

32 Boolean Search Trick - Proximity Proximity Search: Searches for pages and people with words that are near each other  LinkedIn & Bing: Use the “near” expression  Example: Look for Eric Edelstein – “Eric near:2 Edelstein” Find me, even if I’m listed as “Edelstein, Eric”, “Eric Elliot Edelstein”.  Example: Look for people who are currently working with Java “current near:6 Java”  Google: Use the “AROUND” expression (must be all caps)  Example: “Barack AROUND(2) Obama” @StaffingTechno Who knew?

33 Automated Pipeline Development Automate sourcing to develop your pipeline - as opposed to just- in-time sourcing  Nightly automated searches against job boards and social media  Import only new people  Review the imported talent each morning Note: Few are fully doing this - competitive advantage for fill ratios and time to fill.  A few providers are:  Daxtra with eRecruit  TalentHook @StaffingTechno Advanced pipeline development

34 Intelligent Searching & Matching  Resume parsing  Years of Experience  Skills synonyms  Semantic over Boolean Search (e.g. eRecruit, Monster SeeMore)  Priority of terms based on count  Synonyms  Proximity of terms  Particularly helpful for professional staffing  Matching based on similar candidates  Very helpful for both professional and temp desks @StaffingTechno The future of search

35 Social Media Guidance Blog and Tools @StaffingTechno Bookmark & favorite this website

36 Social Media Contact Search Tools Social Discovery & Search Tools  for Social Discovery & Search  Gravitosity  Search social media for contact info by skills & experience  Search LinkedIn beyond your network – finds email, phone, and name @StaffingTechno

37 Sourcing with Facebook Graph Search – Disruptive new technology @StaffingTechno Master this!

38 Sourcing with Twitter Falcon – Chrome Plugin for Social Discovery  Look at list of people from Twitter and it finds other social media presence TacticsHR: Find people on Twitter

39 VMS Automation Make VMS orders more profitable  Requisition Notification  Requisition Routing  Timecard Import  Live in your ATS, not logging into multiple VMSs Benefits:  Scorecard: Fill Ratio, Fill Rate & Quality  Higher GP - Lower OpEx Example of Vendor:  VMS Express by The Code Works @StaffingTechno

40 Time Reporting & Compliance Avoid lawsuits around compliance You need to verify:  Lunch tracking  Break tracking  Exempt/non-exempt classified employees  Night shifts accuracy  Fair time rounding  Federal overtime law compliance  State by state overtime laws @StaffingTechno Make sure you know what you’re doing

41 Electronic Time Capture  Web based time entry - From your ATS  Mobile app time entry - From your ATS  Web punch clocks with GPS location tracking(!) - E.g. ePay  Physical time clock/punch clock – Cellular or Hard Wired to Network - E.g. ePay, TimeClockPlus  Phone System Punch in/out (IVR = Interactive Voice Response) - E.g. Twilio  Mobile Text Message Punch in/out (SMS) - E.g. Twilio @StaffingTechno Anything & everything you can do helps

42 Efficient Paper Timecard Processing Where paperless is not possible: 1.Timecard faxes are stored as images 2.ParaScript’s ICR engine extracts data - including confidence level 3.ParaScript connects to eRecruit (ATS) for data validation 4.Operations verifies time 5.Export timecards into eRecruit with image attached for invoicing Just plain cool!

43 Productivity Remember: Create a culture of technology. All roles. All the time. Period. @StaffingTechno

44 Outlook for Time Management  Never lose an email  Update people on when to expect follow-up How: 1.Sort emails with flagged items atop. 2.When an email comes, handle it or flag it. Always. 3.It shows up under tasks with a due date of today. 4.Before leaving each day, set the due date for any tasks due. 5.If you are pushing out a date, let people know the new due date. @StaffingTechno The other most underutilized tool

45 Create Project Templates for Processes  Opening a New Branch  Internal Hiring Process  Branch Audits  RFPs Tools:  SharePoint Project Template - With task assignments, email workflows & custom data lists  Excel  MS Project @StaffingTechno Focus on the business, not recreating the wheel Projectify!

46 You know all those documents you create that no one reads? Publish it as a Website using a Content Management System (CMS).  WordPress  SharePoint Wiki Possible Uses:  Employee Handbook & Policies  Job Aids & Training  RFP Repository Features:  Search by keyword, category and tag (like a blog)  Custom views by role or job function  Easy to keep up-to-date  Mix and match text, pictures, & video @StaffingTechno Make the information usable CMS: From Documents to Websites

47 Automated Reference Checking 67% of clients prefer to be contacted via email  Powerful summary for skill marketing of candidates  References move into Lead Gen Example: Checkster Great for candidate marketing of professionals

48 Email Social Search Xobni  For Outlook, Gmail, Android, iPhone  Particularly useful for Sales, Marketing, recruiters, and Sourcers  Acquired by Yahoo. Currently available through July 2 nd, 2014. @StaffingTechno Use it before it’s gone

49 Fuzzy Lookup Excel plugin Remarkable free Excel tool for matching similar data Not only will it provide suggested matches, it tells you the confidence % of the match It’s like VLookUp for near matches Search on “Download Excel Fuzzy Lookup” @StaffingTechno Amazingly helpful tool

50 Phone & Text Blasts  Interview reminders  Timecard reminders  Job availability calls  Timecard Entry with IVR  Satisfaction Surveys Examples of tools:  Twilio (includes IVR and SMS responses)  Call ‘Em All (includes survey responses) @StaffingTechno Your doctor uses this. So should you!

51 Top Strategic Tip: Create a culture of technology & innovation  Create a wide technology committee  Technology staff must work a desk for a week every year  Technology outreach  Engage by over communicating @StaffingTechno Recap

52 Now, you take it from here…. Eric Edelstein CIO, SVP Operations Nelson Family of Companies @StaffingTechno

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