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2 MALCOLM HAYS Instructional Developer 573-341-6779 WHO ARE WE?

3 JEFF JENNINGS Instructional Technologist 573-647-1140 WHO ARE WE?

4 AMY SKYLES Instructional Technologist 573-201-4952 WHO ARE WE?

5 K ALTURA T OPICS Overview of Video Formats / Compression “Best Practices” for Web Videos Handy Tools for Video Compression Copyright Issues Blackboard Integration

6 O VERVIEW OF V IDEO F ORMATS / C OMPRESSION RAW VIDEO Camcorders and digital cameras create “raw” or uncompressed video (also called “source video”) Raw video is maximum quality Raw is good for transferring to other media or immediate playback Raw is NOT desirable for streaming media Raw video is MUCH, MUCH larger file size than compressed video

7 O VERVIEW OF V IDEO F ORMATS / C OMPRESSION RAW VIDEO Typical raw formats include – *.AVI (Windows) – *.MOV (Mac) – *.MTS (AVCHD – newer digital camera format) – Usually very large files that should be compressed for web delivery. Raw video clips can be compressed in a variety of ways to be distributed through multiple media outlets (e.g. web / smart phone / tablet device, etc.)

8 O VERVIEW OF V IDEO F ORMATS / C OMPRESSION COMPRESSED VIDEO Renders the raw video into a much smaller video file format Uses either “lossless” or “lossy” compression to throw out redundant video information from frame to frame. – Most video compression uses “lossy” techniques because the quality does not appreciably degrade to the human eye until a large amount of data has been thrown out. – Size of the final video player will also affect final quality (full screen v. small embedded web-based player)

9 O VERVIEW OF V IDEO F ORMATS / C OMPRESSION COMPRESSED VIDEO Common compressed video formats: *.MP4 and *.M4V (MPEG-4 part 14) (YouTube) – *.FLV and *.F4V (Flash Video) (YouTube) – *.QTFF (QuickTime which also supports *.MP4) – *.WMV (Windows Media) – *.3GP (used by many mobile devices) Comparison chart of container formats: – ainer_formats ainer_formats

10 B EST P RACTICES FOR W EB V IDEOS Shorter is better / Smaller is better. – Shorter videos are preferred by students / viewers. – Smaller videos (<2GB) are easier to create / process / upload. Use a tripod for maximum stability when shooting. A slight overexposure reduces detail, making the background more “the same” and results in a smaller file. Use a plain background when possible. Zoom in to capture only what needs to be captured.

11 B EST P RACTICES FOR W EB V IDEOS Take time to edit out the “boring” parts, if possible. Find the right balance between quality and file size. – Consider users’ computer/monitor capability for downloading/streaming videos. When creating a video, sometimes “good enough” is better than “perfect”. Google Chrome / IE users may need to allow for “unsecure” content before video will playback.

12 H ANDY T OOLS F OR V IDEO C OMPRESSION Windows Movie Maker (free download) – live/movie-maker-get-started#t1=overview live/movie-maker-get-started#t1=overview – Allows simple editing. Any Video Converter – Free download for Mac/PC – Camtasia (video editing software) – Installed in eStudio (IDE 104A) / CSF 114, available for licensing. – More complex editing features than Movie Maker.

13 C OPYRIGHT I SSUES ALWAYS secure permission before uploading copyrighted materials into Kaltura/Blackboard. YOU own copyrights to materials you create. – If splicing in third-party content into your video, may need to secure permission first. Library resources on copyright: –


15 B LACKBOARD I NTEGRATION “TURNING KALTURA ON” IN A COURSE Kaltura is available, but “turned off” by default Needs to be “turned on” in each course in which you will be using Kaltura – Videos only needed to be uploaded once – Videos can be reused between courses using the Media Gallery and My Media features

16 B LACKBOARD I NTEGRATION “TURNING KALTURA ON” IN A COURSE Open a Blackboard Course and click Customization on the Control Panel. Click Tool Availability. Search for Kaltura Mashup and Media Gallery. – Check the boxes in the first column next to each item. Search for Kaltura Media. – Ensure checkbox in last column is checked. Click Submit.

17 B LACKBOARD I NTEGRATION UPLOADING A VIDEO: Go to a content area in a course. Click Tools. Click Kaltura Media. Choose method for adding media. – Upload previously recorded video file. – Select from a list of already uploaded video files. – Record “on-the-fly” with a web cam. Click Submit. – Link to Kaltura Media recording now appears on content page. – Users click thumbnail to start playback.

18 B LACKBOARD I NTEGRATION KALTURA MASHUP Allows user to embed a Kaltura recording inside another content item. Multiple mashups can be embedded. Can embed mashups from other sources (YouTube, SlideShare, Flickr, etc.) along with Kaltura recordings.

19 B LACKBOARD I NTEGRATION ADDING KALTURA “MASHUP” TO CONTENT ITEM Go to a Content Area in your course. Click Build Content. Select Create Item. Click Mashup button in text editor box. Select Kaltura Media. Search for the media file. Click Select under video clip to choose it. Select mashup options. Click Submit.

20 B LACKBOARD I NTEGRATION MEDIA GALLERY “My Media” feature allows for more options – Contribute clips to Faculty Repository – Faculty Repository clips are available for ALL instructors to use on campus! Can remove clips from Repository if desired – Can modify courses in which Kaltura clips appear Add clips to selected course galleries Delete clips from selected course galleries – Edit metadata for a Kaltura media clip

21 B LACKBOARD I NTEGRATION MEDIA GALLERY Shows all video clips that you have uploaded into Kaltura. Allows you to add new video clips. Only one media gallery for each course. Must be “turned on” for each course in which it will be used. Videos in gallery must be made “public” for students to view them. – Only visible to students enrolled in Blackboard course. – Embed code can be made visible for use in other web pages / sites (e.g. allow non-Bb users to view video).


23 102 Centennial Hall Rolla, MO 65409 E MAIL : P HONE : 573-341-4131


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