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How Smart Green Design Creates Universal Design Spaces.

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1 How Smart Green Design Creates Universal Design Spaces

2 Who are we? 2 DESIGNABLE ENVIRONMENTS Inc. Bob Topping B.Arch., OAA, MRAIC, President of Designable Environments Thea Kurdi Dip. Arch-Technologist, Accessibility Specialist

3 3 Agenda Introduction Convergence Examples The Site Green Roofing Windows Washrooms Flooring User Controls Conclusion

4 Introduction Convergence Examples Conclusion 4

5 Pressures of Design 5 Building owners, developers and architects asked accommodate User needs Community needs Municipality/regulator needs Green design Accessibility Available space and funds

6 Green Building is Popular 6 Marketplace embracing green design in a BIG way Making better choices for the planet; using fewer resources, less energy, and ensuring indoor environmental quality = Better profit margins!

7 7 Certified Staging Professionals (CSP) International Business Training Academy: 92% of people surveyed said “green” features are important when buying a property Green Building is Popular

8 8

9 9 Development Alternatives World Headquarters, New Delhi One of the first aims at zero emissions property Green Building is Popular

10 10 India Tower, Mumbai, India considered amongst the tallest, greenest building in the country Green Building is Popular

11 11 Almaden Tower, San Jose, California, USA LEED-certified platinum building owned and retrofitted by Adobe Systems Green Building is Popular

12 12 Eldorado Business Tower São Paulo, Brazil Green Building is Popular dorado_Business_Tower.jpg

13 13 Bloomberg Office 38 Finsbury Square London, England Green Building is Popular http://greencon structionuk. 2010/04

14 14 ACROS building Fukuoka, Japan Green Building is Popular a-giant-japanese-pyramid- blanketed-in-green-grass/

15 Introduction 15 Green Building is Popular

16 Accessibility / Universal Design 16 Where green design used to be – a maturing idea within the design/construction industry Awareness increasing / Slowly losing stigma Recognize diversity of human abilities across the entire population -various ages, sizes, sensory abilities, language skills, and cognitive abilities. Reality of our aging populations

17 Green Design / Universal Design 17 Completely separate concepts? No obvious relationships? The more we look at the requirements for sustainable design, the more convergences and overlaps we see with universal accessibility. Largely unrealised opportunity to add value to their buildings

18 LEED - NC 18

19 LEED - NC 19

20 LEED - NC 20

21 Introduction Convergence Examples Conclusion 21

22 22 Convergence Examples The Site Green Roofing Windows Washrooms Flooring User Controls

23 The Site 23

24 24

25 hear-about-your-walk-to-work-day/ 25

26 26

27 27

28 the-school-bus/ 28

29 29

30 Redeveloping Brownfield Sites 30 Reusing existing buildings Reducing expansion Infrastructure costs Urban intensification strategies Locate people close existing amenities Increase users for public transit Increase “walk-ability” improving air quality and health Increase urban safety

31 31 Reduces walk/wheel distances Seniors with stamina limitations Younger children People who use mobility aids Persons carrying groceries/objects Creative planning/grading strategies Urban environment simple Intuitive to use with minimal effort Redeveloping Brownfield Sites

32 Green Roofing 32

33 33

34 34

35 s-going_green/t/green-roofs-popping-big-cities/ 35

36 with-roof-gardens.html 36

37 Green Roofing 37 Replacing some of habitat lost to plants and animals by footprint of the building Improving the air quality around a building Reducing rain water run-off Reducing need for rain water run-off and/or city infrastructure Reducing roof summer heat build-up Conserving energy with reduced air conditioning requirements

38 Green Roofing 38 Open to public-use Controlled exterior environment at the building Amenities close to home – low physical effort Raised beds Flowers closer to all users Deeper soil base for larger plants Easier to maintain reducing potential for back strain

39 Windows 39

40 ning/Daylight___Natural_Air_Flow.aspx 40

41 windows/ 41

42 behaviour/ 42

43 setups/ 43

44 Windows 44 Taller windows Maximizing access to daylight Reduces required artificial lighting Operable Windows Natural ventilation reducing air conditioning requirements Improved air quality

45 Windows 45 Taller windows Views for seated and standing users Wayfinding and Well-being Operable Improves air quality providing fresh air Connection with outside world Window hardware needs to be low enough to reach and easily operable

46 46 Washrooms

47 47

48 48

49 49

50 Washrooms 50 Automatic Washroom Faucets, Urinals and Toilets Controls temperature Reducing energy used Reduces waste Reduces water usage Prevents taps from being left on

51 Washrooms 51 Touch-less Washroom No fixtures or controls to twist or turn Reduced strength or manual dexterity; helps those with Arthritis, amputees, children Minimizing shared touching surfaces Reduces risk of infection; helps those with immunity deficiencies

52 52 Flooring

53 11017/ 53

54 601/ 54

55 48817/ 55

56 489/ 56

57 installation-photos/263/Kress-Family-Library-Green- Bay-WI/ 57

58 Flooring 58 Cork flooring Sealed with a low or no-VOC finish Natural material produced from a fast growing source that can be made from waste a source

59 Flooring 59 Cork flooring Low friction surface Easy to walk on or roll across Cushioning Safer and easier on knees and joints Acoustic absorbing qualities Reduces reverberation and background noise Low/No-VOC finish Preserves air quality

60 60 User Controls

61 61

62 62

63 User Controls 63 Automatic sensing lighting Reduces energy use Lights on only when occupied or Not enough natural daylight

64 User Controls 64 Automatic sensing lighting Removes space impact No of path of travel to access and reach control Control does not need to be seen Easily activated Standing or seated user Person with low vision or Reduced dexterity Someone who cannot use their hands

65 Introduction Convergence Examples Conclusion 65

66 66 Conclusion: Opportunities Galore! Simple and obvious connections Accessibility can enhanced by carefully selected green product and material choices. Complex connections Design skills from architects and accessibility consultants to maximize opportunities between green and universal design within their disciplines

67 67 Bob Topping, Architect Thea Kurdi, Architectural Technologist DESIGNABLE ENVIRONMENTS Inc. It’s just smart design! Thank you!

68 68

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