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Information of the Ukrainian Chapter of the International Association of Workforce Professionals (IAWP) at the 95th International Educational Conference.

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1 Information of the Ukrainian Chapter of the International Association of Workforce Professionals (IAWP) at the 95th International Educational Conference “The World Market Place – Working with Foreign Companies” Ihor Tsvilynyuk Lviv Ukraine


3 BASIC COUNTRIES-RECIPIENTS of UKRAINIAN LABOR FORCE Country % of the general amount of migrant workers Russia 35-50 Poland 15-20 Czech Republic 10-17 Italy more than 10 Spain 8-9 Portugal 5-8 Among other countries : Belarus, Hungary, Slovakia, Greece

4 GENERAL AMOUNT OF MIGRANT WORKERS IN COUNTRIES-RECIPIENTS OF UKRAINIAN LABOR FORCE Country Amount of migrant workers (thous of people) Russia 1000 1 Poland 300 Czech Republic 200 Italy 200 Spain 100 Turkey 35 the USA 20 Portugal 15 1- In a seasonal peak –up to 3000 (by estimation of embassy of Ukraine)

5 THE QUANTITY OF EXTERNAL MIGRANT WORKERS BY ESTIMATION OF DIFFERENT INSTITUTIONS Institutions The quantity of external migrant workers, thous of people Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine 2000 Ministry of labor and social policy of Ukraine 3000 Representative of Supreme Soviet of Ukraine on human rights 5000 Experts– economists up to 7000

6 SALARY OF SOME CATEGORIES OF UKRAINIAN MIGRANT WORKERS Salary $ USA 1. Involved in building in the countries- neighbors of Ukraine (Russia, Poland, Czech Republic, Hungary) –non-qualified workers 200-400 – qualified workers 500-800 2. Involved in Germany, Italy and other countries with the developed market economy 2.1.sailors –soldiers 600-1400 –officers 1800 to 5000 2.2.programmers 5000 - 6000 and more 2.3.cleaners, waiters, invalid tenders 200 to 1000 2.4.physicians 1000—3000

7 SOME INDEXES OF ECONOMY OF UKRAINE GDP per capita $ USA External labor migration, thousand of people * Real salary $ USA % by the previous year 1996871,8211,816-3,4 1997989,4218,741-3,4 1998832,8224,397-3,8 1999832,8228,224-8,9 2000631,5933,735-0,9 2001780,8836,329 19,3 2002879,5440,683 18,2 20031048,4338,161 15,2 2004 1370,5 46,182 23,8 *Official statistics (or deception?)

8 BENEFITS FOR UKRAINE FROM LABOR MIGRATION Inflow of capital New possibilities of laborers Reduction of unemployment Borrowing of new technologies Positive changes in psychology Investments growth (of those who haven’t returned) Multiplying of trade streams between countries Reduction of risk of economical collapse during crises Integration in a world culture Gaining experience, establishing of human connections

9 LOSSES of UKRAINE FROM LABOR MIGRATION Loss of experienced and/or well-educated specialists Slowing down of rates of economical growth and labor productivity Low efficiency of state investments in education Financial stratification of society Reduction of level of profits of the state budget Reduction of cash inflow is from migrant workers in a long-term perspective Socio-economic negatives ( divorce with family, risk of decline of professional level, absence of stability in a social environment, discomfort dealing with a stay in other cultural environment, discrimination) Social threats (destructions of families are possible, one of the married couples «falls» out of reproduction processes, negative consequences in bringing up children)


11 1995 1996 1997 1998 1999 2000 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005 STRAIGHT FOREIGN INVESTMENTS IN UKRAINE (IN MILLION $ USA)

12 GENERAL VOLUME OF DIRECT FOREIGN INVESTMENTS, BROUGHT IN THE ECONOMY OF UKRAINE, DATING BY JULY, 1, 2007. Country General volume of the drawn foreign investments, million $ USA Germany 5677,9 Cyprus 4130,4 Austria 1957,0 Netherlands 1864,3 The United Kingdom 1796,8 The United States of America 1380,7 Russian Federation 1236,2 France 935,4 Virgin Islands 813,0 British Isles 580,5 Switzerland 580,5

13 SOME SUGGESTIONS OF WORKPLACES OF COMPANIES WITH FOREIGN CAPITAL CityCompanyPosition Salary $ USA Working experi- ence Desired age years Kyiv”Shift Labs”a manager of projects27002–5- Kyiv”Veld”business manager25002–5- Zaporozhia”Аvis”leader of department30003–6- Lugansk”Mars- Ukraine” manager of department of sale 25003–6- Ternopil’”Wester”director of hypermarket40003–6- Slavutych”Light technologies director of factory30003to 35 Kievleader of international analytical department 2500from 6to 40 Ukrainea manager of personnel30003–6-

14 TOP-10 of SPECIALITIES WHICH ARE OF THE BIGGEST DEMAND in UKRAINE PlaceProfession% applications 1 A manager from sale/purchase 14 2 IT-technologist, programmer, system administrator 12 3 Accountant, public accountant 10 4 Economist and financial worker 9 5 Engineer, technologist, designer 7 6 Secretary, office-manager 6 7 Leader of higher link 5 8 Marketing specialist, PR-manager 5 9 Auction representative, supervisor, merchandiser 4 10 Manager, customs official, logistic 3

15 Thank you for your attention

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