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AIDC 100 Members - Workshop - Reception - Dinner - Annual Meeting AIDC 100 Members - Workshop - Reception - Dinner - Annual Meeting.

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1 AIDC 100 Members - Workshop - Reception - Dinner - Annual Meeting AIDC 100 Members - Workshop - Reception - Dinner - Annual Meeting

2 AIDC 100 Strategic RFID Workshop Radio frequency identification is part of a broader category of technologies that fall under "automatic identification and data capture," or AIDC. Because other AIDC technologies, including bar codes, have been so successful, AIDC professionals have gained a tremendous amount of knowledge about the pitfalls of implementing systems, the course standards development takes, ways of leveraging the new technology with legacy systems and how to take advantage of emerging opportunities to improve the synergy within and across business functions based on a variety of automatic identification technology solutions. This uniquely interactive workshop is offered to augment the other "technically-focused" vertical market pre-conference sessions to allow end users to send a team member to understand the "strategic" approach to RFID technology adoption. Brought to you by the AIDC 100 organization of professionals who have significantly contributed to the growth and advancement of the AIDC industry, this workshop will provide you with insight on how you can avoid problems and save implementation costs by understanding the parallels of RFID by way of the lessons learned through the adoption of bar codes.

3 9:30Coffee and Networking Bring your challenges and questions, and let the AIDC experts respond live, one-on-one. 10:30RFID Basics New to RFID? Here's your opportunity to gain a basic introduction to the fundamentals of RFID. The differences between the various classes of tags will be explained, including active and passive systems. The need for additional IT systems to build upon RFID in real-world applications will be highlighted. The session also includes a very brief overview of the EPCglobal Network, the future of ISO standards, ETSI reader regulations and the latest standardization efforts worldwide. Finally, the relationship between different standards in the area of RFID and EPC, including the latest EPC generation 2 standard, will be presented. Speaker: Mark Roberti, Founder and Editor, RFID Journal LLC 11:15Move to AIDC 100 Breakout Room 11:20Welcome Remarks Speaker: David Allais, Founder, Path Guide Technologies 11:25Learning from History: How to Avoid RFID Implementation Missteps Gain a perspective on how developers overcame key industry implementation issues to provide practical solutions for users, and how they relate to current RFID deployments. End users will discuss the adoption issues they faced when implementing new technologies, including bar codes, 2-D bar codes and RFID. Moderator: Richard Billo, Associate Dean of Engineering Research, University of Texas at Arlington Panelists: H. Sprague Ackley, Staff Technologist, Intermec Technologies Clive Hohberger, Vice President, Technology, Zebra Technologies Patrick F. King, Global Electronics Strategist, Michelin Harry Ramsey, Senior Package Development Engineer, Purdue Pharma 12:25Getting Comfortable: The Role of Standards in Technology Adoption Standards are critical to lowering the cost and increasing the benefits of RFID and other AIDC technologies. This session will explain why standards are so important, as well as the critical role they play in specific applications. Attendees will also receive a general overview of the various standards bodies, where standards are heading and how RFID standards overlap and intertwine with other AIDC standards. Speaker: Stephen Halliday, President, High Tech Aid

4 1:10Networking Luncheon: Open Dialogue With Speakers Participants will be able to sit with the expert speakers of their choice, depending on topic interest. Table topics will be announced. What would you like to accomplish at the event, to take back to your business? Ask your questions, one-on-one, with industry experts, and meet your objectives in attending LIVE! 2009. 1:45Demystifying RFID and Automatic Identification Technologies RFID is still viewed by many as mystifying and complicated, putting it outside the grasp of some companies that would otherwise benefit from its use. This session will explain the true simplicity of AIDC — data, structure, carrier — and how understanding this simplicity unlocks the ability to see the many ways in which the technology can benefit a company. Learn how you can transition from one AIDC technology to another, and how new and current technologies can co-exist. Speaker: John Hill, Vice President, TranSystems|ESYNC 2:30Crossing the Chasm A panel of experts will engage attendees in an interactive, open format asserting contrasting positions: the Skeptic, the Champion and the Believer. This session will help you achieve an understanding of where the industry is at present — and where it's heading — by listening to diverse viewpoints. Following the panel discussion, attendees will be invited to participate in the conversation. Moderator: Richard Bravman, Chairman, President and CEO, Intelleflex Corp. Panelists: H. Sprague Ackley, Staff Technologist, Intermec Technologies Kenneth Porad, Associate Technical Fellow, Boeing Gerhard Schedler, President & CEO, IDENTEC SOLUTIONS AG Joe White, COO, RFID Global Solution, Inc. 3:15Networking Break 3:40Mapping the Future and Taking Advantage of AIDC Technology It took 20 years for bar codes to become ubiquitous. Those who helped drive adoption by implementing new bar-code applications will discuss adoption models for RFID technology, provide a roadmap so companies know what to expect and when to invest, and lay out evolutionary milestones to watch for to ensure you are adopting at the right pace for your business. Speaker: Chris Hook, Executive Vice President, Business Development, RF Controls 4:15AIDC 100 Strategic Workshop Concludes

5 getting ready….. David, Jane and Chris Chris, Jack and John

6 very effective panels…….

7 The Menu

8 Clive Paula Jack Dick Paul Jack Dick Jack Don Mark Dan

9 Connie Chuck Paul Bob Sprague Sonia Don Rich Mark David Paula John Connie

10 Rick Bert Jack Nicole Jane Paul Don Mark Bert Clive

11 Sprague Dan Dan Paula Sprague Don Jack Rich Mark

12 and our “1 st Lady” with David, Dick and Chuck

13 Gay David Mark Chuck Dick Jane and NicoleMike and Sonia


15 Ackley, Sprague Allais, David Bergé, Paul Billo, Rick Ertel, Don Furedy, Chuck Giovannetti, Paula Goldberg, Teddy Halliday, Steve Hill, John Hohberger, Clive Householder, Jack Kindsvater, Jack LaMoreaux, Bob Meyers, Dick Moore, Bert Mullen, Dan Ohanian, Mike Reboulet, Mark Vossel, Rich Wray, Bruce Yallum, Jane MEETING ATTENDEES

16 Left to Right… Clive Hohberger, Mike Ohanian, Bert Moore, Sprague Ackley, Dan Mullen Bruce Wray, Jane Yallum, Jack Householder, Richard Billo, David Allais, Teddy Goldberg, Paula Giovannetti, Paul Bergé, Dick Meyers, Jack Kindsvater John Hill, Mark Reboulet, Steve Halliday, Don Ertel, Bob LaMoreaux

17 “Changing of the Guard +” Meet our new: Chairman Paul Bergé and President David Allais

18 plus a very proud moment with Mark Reboulet and the “Wright Flyer”


20 For those that came, a good time was had by all. For those that missed this memorable event, we hope to see you next October at Merrimack College – date TBA! For those that came, a good time was had by all. For those that missed this memorable event, we hope to see you next October at Merrimack College – date TBA!

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