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Copyright © 2006 Knovel Corporation Streamline Your Science and Engineering Research

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1 Copyright © 2006 Knovel Corporation Streamline Your Science and Engineering Research

2 Copyright © 2006 Knovel Corporation Overview Our Subscription to Knovel Library How it works Time-saving research tools Real-life applications

3 Copyright © 2006 Knovel Corporation What is Knovel? Search reliable information with the ease of Google Browse 900+ pedigreed references in 18 Subject Areas Interact with graphs, charts and tables Compare data from multiple sources in the same interface Export results to your desktop applications Your Gateway to Science and Engineering Information

4 Copyright © 2006 Knovel Corporation Wiley Encyclopedia of Food Science and Technology Below is a sample of the titles that are integrated together in the collection. Food Processing Technology – Principles and Practice Food Chemicals Codex (5 th edition) Hawley's Condensed Chemical Dictionary Yaws' Handbook of Thermodynamic and Physical Properties of Chemical Compounds Perry’s Chemical Engineers’ Handbook The Knovel Library

5 Copyright © 2006 Knovel Corporation Pinpoint information in Minutes, not Days! Smart Searching, Sorting and Filtering

6 Copyright © 2006 Knovel Corporation Interactive Productivity Tools Tables- find, filter, sort and customize data as you would with spreadsheet applications. Export to HTML, PDF, Excel, and ASCII Digitized Graphs- display, capture, and export coordinates of any point on a curve Equation Plotter- calculate and plot scientific data using parameters stored in the database Graph Plotter- plots up to 12 curves on the same diagram from data points stored in the database Spectra Viewer- displays NMR and MS spectra data along with the chemical structure of an element or compound Chemical Structure Search-draw the structure of an organic or inorganic compound, then search hundreds of thousands of chemicals and associated data on Knovel Unit Converter- convert values from one unit of measurement to another Excel Spreadsheets- populate Microsoft Excel on your PC with data and equations that allow you to calculate various process parameters Slide Show Viewer- designed for convenient viewing and printing of images Knovel Reader- supports full-text search and find functionalities. Print or export a specified page or range of pages

7 Copyright © 2006 Knovel Corporation Knovel Technology – Interactive Tables & Graphs Sort, filter and find data on materials, properties, compositions, behaviors and more. Follow links to related information in the text. Plot points, digitize, calculate, save, print and export information.

8 Copyright © 2006 Knovel Corporation Equation Solving DO IT!

9 Copyright © 2006 Knovel Corporation Real-Life Application Scenario: A food manufacturing company plans to produce a new spice flavor by using an oleoresin (prepared by solvent extraction of ground spices). The food technologist in charge of the project plans to use acetone as the solvent for extraction, given its wide availability and economical cost. However, it is necessary when using chemicals in commercial food preparation to ensure the correct purity of the substances used. The food technologist would like to know the purity of acetone needed to meet acceptable standards, and what tests can be performed to measure its purity. Knovel can help. Knovel can help.

10 Copyright © 2006 Knovel Corporation Step 1: In the Search box on the Knovel Library home page enter the term acetone. In the lower right drop-down box, change the selection from "All Subject Areas" to "Food Science".Knovel Library home page The query entered means, "find any page of text or row of data from an interactive table where the term acetone is present AND the title must be part of the Food Science Subject Area." Click the button. Real-Life Application

11 Copyright © 2006 Knovel Corporation Step 2: The search results page shows 53 titles that match the search query. The second title listed is Food Chemicals Codex (5th Edition)--this issue's Featured Title.Food Chemicals Codex (5th Edition) Click on the name of that title. Real-Life Application

12 Copyright © 2006 Knovel Corporation Step 3: The Table of Contents appears. Only those sections/chapters containing hits for the search query are displayed by default. Click on the Table (2) link next to the entry called "Interactive Table - Monographs". Real-Life Application

13 Copyright © 2006 Knovel Corporation Step 4: A Knovel Interactive Table opens displaying properties information for acetone and acetone peroxides. Also included in the table are links to the corresponding monographs with full details.Interactive Table Click on the first view monograph link (the first row shown, record #3). Real-Life Application

14 Copyright © 2006 Knovel Corporation Step 5: The Knovel Reader launches showing the full text of the acetone monograph from the FCC, including the Assay value of "Not less than 99.5% and not more than 100.5% of C3H6O, by weight."Knovel Reader Solution: The food technologist now has the needed information to proceed. Real-Life Solution Also shown, when scrolling down the page, are a variety of tests to verify purity.

15 Copyright © 2006 Knovel Corporation Always Up to Date Regular new title releases and productivity tools The latest editions and addendums Addresses your requests for hard to find or in- demand resources

16 Copyright © 2006 Knovel Corporation New Releases Steam Tables and Calculators Exclusive features include: Digitized graphs, unit converter Interactive tables High resolution calculators Power cycle efficiency calculators. Knovel Steam Tables are seamlessly integrated with Knovel Library's collection of mechanical and chemical engineering references

17 Copyright © 2006 Knovel Corporation Beam Analysis Tool Site-Wide Chemical Structure Search Upcoming Releases A robust tool designed specifically for calculating stresses and deflections of linear structural beams and shafts Draw and perform searches on chemical structures across all content in Knovel Library, includes exact and substructure searches. Resize, reposition, and rotate the structures and upload, modify, and search on your MOL files.

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