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1 CORE LAB STAFF MEETING October 2007 Al Valentine.

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1 1 CORE LAB STAFF MEETING October 2007 Al Valentine

2 2 Quality Assurance Bulletin Board Patient Safety Goals QA Plan – Working with our customers Disaster Plan Mislabeled Specimens – How we compare to other institutions

3 3 Joint Commission Tools Orange BadgeFire, Disaster, Security Blue Badge Patient Safety Goals (know examples) * Patient Identification * Communication * Infection Control * Patient Involvement

4 4 Patient Safety Issue Phlebotomy 3 Errors in September ! Always Remember: 1.Ask the Patient’s name. 2.Compare the tube label with the Patient’s wristband. 3.Label tubes in the presence of the Patient.

5 5 Patient Safety Acknowledgements Bulletin Board Patient with the wrong wristband. Discrepant result confirmation Other

6 6 Eye Wash Protocol Weekly Run water for 3 minutes 4-6 inch even flow Clear water Wipe nozzle & inside cap with alcohol Access should not be obstructed Document success.

7 7 Open Benefits Enrollment October 31 – November 14 Health Risk Assessment $520.00 Credit if completed $260.00 Credit if not completed

8 8 Disability Insurance PTO – First 2 Weeks Short-Term Disability – 3 rd through 13 th Week Included in Base Benefits Disability 24 Hours per Week PTO 16 Hours Long-Term Disability – >13 Weeks Extra Benefit Expense Can be Denied due to Existing Condition Paid from External Insurer Medical Layoff – FML & PTO Exhausted Bidding Rights Sole Responsibility for Health Insurance Expense

9 9 Overtime Growing Trend Basic Rules: No More than 40 Hours O.T. in a Pay Period 16 Hours Off between Doubles Safety Issue

10 10 Weekend Rotations Bayview CoreEvery 2 nd or 3 rd Bayview Micro & BBEvery 3 rd MicrobiologyEvery 3 rd or 4 th Blood BankMinimum every 4 th w/pool schedule VAEvery 3 rd Univ. of MarylandEvery 4 th Union MemorialEvery 3 rd

11 11 Core Laboratories Every 4 th Weekend Proposed effective date - January 1 st Staffing Patterns Saturday Sunday Creative Suggestions Welcomed

12 12 True or False? I can accumulate Earned Time by skipping lunch.

13 13 Home Pages and Shortcuts We appreciate it when you change the Lab Home Pages and delete the technical shortcuts because: a.The new Home pages allow quick updates to NFL scores. b.Shortcuts just clutter nice wallpaper. c.It’s fun to watch staff attempt to find MSDS sheets without shortcuts. d.It’s job security for the I.T. staff changing them back to the Department standard. e.None of the above.

14 14 Don’t change Home Page. Don’t delete Shortcuts.

15 15 Annual Competency JCAHO Requirement Employee Responsibility Completed as Part of Evaluation Delays could result in: Lower Evaluation Suspension from Work

16 16 Equity Adjustment Currently under review with HR. Requested for all staff. Graduated adjustment proposed. Targeted for early January.

17 17 United Way Campaign of Central Maryland 2008 Campaign eos.cfm

18 18 We’re 100% Behind United Way! Please join us !

19 19 We’re 100% Behind United Way! Please join us!

20 20 I’m 100% Behind United Way! Please join me!

21 21 Employee Flu Shots Oct. 22 - Nov. 16 Inactivated influenza vaccine (injectable) - current Live attenuated vaccine (FluMist) Hope Forest Corridor (near CMSC elevators) Monday – Friday, 7:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Phipps 351 Clinic Monday – Friday, 6:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

22 22 The New Lab

23 23 Blood Gas Analyzers Decision in the Final Stages Radiometer vs. I.L. Target Delivery – January

24 24 Congratulations and Best Wishes to our New Lead Techs: Edgar Calderon Sondra Conway Kathleen Lewis Daria Sembrat

25 25 Edgar Calderon Promoted to Phlebotomy Lead, Evening Shift, effective August 2007. Studying for M.T. degree, currently at CCBC, will attend Morgan State next semester. Core Lab since 2002, hired as Lab Tech I, later promoted to Lab Tech II.

26 26 Sondra Conway, MT(ASCP) Promoted to Chemistry QC Tech effective September 2007. B.S., Biology/Medical Technology, Carlow University, Pittsburgh, PA, 1987. 19 years employment at JHH as Medical Technologist, Lead Tech on night shift in Main Chemistry, evening shift MT, most recently in Special Chemistry day shift.

27 27 Kathleen Lewis, MT(ASCP) Promoted to Dayshift Hematology Lead effective 8/07. B.S., Biology, Oakwood College, Huntsville, AL, 2002. 2 nd B.S. in Clinical Lab Science, Andrews University, Berrien Springs, MI, 2003. M.T. in the Core Lab since 2003. Studying for Masters in Public Health at JHSPH.

28 28 Daria Sembrat, MT(ASCP) Promoted to Special Coag Hematology Lead effective August 2007. B.S., Biology, Misericordia University in Dallas, PA, 1985. 10 years experience at Johns Hopkins Core Lab.

29 29 Sudi Soleimanpour, MT(ASCP) On board June 2007, Supervisor, Technical Operations, Johns Hopkins at Green Spring Station Supervisor of nine other Outreach facilities, as well B.S. Biology, Duke University, Durham, NC, 1985. Formerly with University of Maryland Medical Center

30 30 Thank You Administrator Finance Clinical JHH, Bayview, HCGH JHU Clinical & Research New Assistant Administrator?

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