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Monthly Management Report November 2012. Submitted By Facility Management Team 1 Monthly Report-(Jul 2011)

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1 Monthly Management Report November 2012. Submitted By Facility Management Team 1 Monthly Report-(Jul 2011)

2 EXECUTIVE - SUMMARY 2 This report is a review on our performance during the last Month and is an attempt to analyse and evaluate our service delivery and make a progressive step forward with improvement plan. The following points are put forward for review 1. Scope and nature of services 2. Proposed manpower distribution. 3. Availability of manpower. 4. Major incidents summary. 5. Initiative taken. 6. Initiatives planned for next month. 7. Power failure analysis 8. Monthly HSD consumption. 9. DG- Generated power KWH. 10. EB power consumption. 11. Average power consumption EB+DG. 12. Liquid nitrogen consumption. 13. Suggestions and requirements. 14. Transition pending works. 15. Help desk, Complaint register

3 1.Scope & Nature of Services 3 CeNSE-Facility Management Electrical HVAC Plumbing Help desk ETP BMS RO Plant Ultra pure water system


5 3.Availability of Manpower 5 DESIGNA TION P la n e d Jul- 11 Aug- 11 Sep- 11 Oct -11 Nov -11 Dec -11 Jan- 12 Feb- 12 Mar -12 Apr -12 May -12 Jun -12 Jul- 12 Aug -12 Sep- 12 Oct -12 Nov -12 Facility Manager 111111111111111111 Technolo gist 333333333333333333 Electricia n 402334444444444444 Chiller operators 101111111111111111 BMS operator 301111111111113222 Plumbers100001111111111111 Asst.Tech nician 202222122222222222 Total1515 41011 131213 1514

6 4.Major Incidents Summary 6 DateLocationFailure detailsAction taken & Status 9-11-12Cleanroom Plenum area Seepage water from ceiling from cafeteria drainage. Drain connection diverted as temporary arrangement. After that civil works done by Nano clean. 20-11-122 nd floor Ele room CeNSE LDB MCB tripping due to MCB malfunctioning. MCB changed. 22-11-12CharacterizationLighting problem- Ballast changed2nos ballast changed. Need to replace more damaged ballasts to complete the lighting issue.

7 5.Initiatives taken 7 DG B check completed. CeNSE electrical system transmission done. CeNSE PA system repaired. Characterization PAC issue closed. 2 Nd floor LDB tripping issue solved. Leak detector system installed. DG-4 surrounding area cleaned, bushes cut. PPM general exhaust, Wet exhaust, DG, UPS, ETP, RO, DI plants, FPS, Chiller, AHU, Pumps, PCW, Compressor, H Vacuum done.

8 6.Initiatives Planned for next month 8 PCW water refilling with RO. CCTV old camera installation. VFD repair- PCW & Wet scrubber. New bore well water tap connection for chiller cleaning. Partition of utility 1st floor area. A/C works at UPS area 1st floor utility. AHU all- filters changing. DG-4 B check. DG-4 Exhaust extension works. PCW low level & emergency exit door alarm installation.

9 7.POWER FAILURE ANALYSIS 9 SLSL DateFromToTotal 13-11-1215:30,18:2015:40,18:3020 Mins 24-11-1215:4015:5010 Mins 315-11-1216:2016:4020 Mins 416-11-1211:0511:2015 Mins 530-11-1211:15,13:1011:25,13:2020 Mins TOTAL HRS1: 25 Hrs


11 9.DG Generated Power KWH 11

12 10. EB Power Consumption 12



15 13.Suggestions and Requirements 15 Shelters to be provided for DGs, Utility terrace & Fire pump house to avoid rain water and leaves come inside the DG cabin, utility building & Raw water tank in side. Shelter with closed fencing can make on the Fire tank & this area use as storage place. Uniform & Safety shoes to be provided for all maintenance staffs. Walky-talky to provided for maintenance staff. Dg-1&2 (CeNSE Building) B-Check pending. A/C for UPS to be provided. Chemical & Gas cabinet exhaust to be provided.

16 14.Transition – Pending works 16

17 15.Help desk, Complaints register 17

18 Thanks by, Facility Management Team 18

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