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AHDB Organisation Structure as at 1st April 2011

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1 AHDB Organisation Structure as at 1st April 2011

2 AHDB CEO PA Director of BPEX Stakeholder Comms. Director of EBLEX
Director of DairyCo Stakeholder Comms Director of HGCA Stakeholder Comms. Director of HDC Stakeholder Comms. Director of Potato Council Stakeholder Comms Chief Scientist Director of MI Head of Comms Director of Finance & Business Services Director of HR & Corporate Services MI Team Internal Comms Finance HR R&D Team R&D Team R&D Team R&D Team R&D Team R&D Team IT Corp Services KT Team KT Team KT Team KT Team KT Team KT Team Levy Collection Facilities Estates Marketing Team Marketing Team Marketing Team Marketing Team

3 AHDB Chief Executive Tom Taylor
PA Sue Walker Director of BPEX Sector Mick Sloyan Director of DairyCo Sector Duncan Pullar (Interim) Director of HDC Sector Bill Parker Chief Scientist Ian Crute Director of Market Intelligence Ken Boyns Head of Comms Guy Attenborough Director of EBLEX Sector Nick Allen Director of HGCA Sector Rebecca Geraghty Director of PCL Sector Rob Clayton Director of Finance and Business Services Chris Goodwin Director of HR & Corporate Services Jackie Dubery

4 Director of EBLEX Nick Allen
Senior Administrative Secretary Claire Sayers-Smith Industry Development Manager Chris Lloyd Head of R&D Kim Matthews (Interim) Regional Manager Clive Brown Regional Manager Phil Hadley Head of Trade Development Peter Hardwick Communications Manager James Wilde

5 Industry Development Manager Chris Lloyd
Regional Manager (North) Clive Brown Industry Development Manager Chris Lloyd Regional Manager Steven Dunkley Administrator (Askham Bryan Office) Sandra Wilson Better Returns Administrator (Huntingdon Regional Office) Heather Stewart Regional Manager Michael Richardson Better Returns Project Manager On Hold Regional Manager Steve Powdrill Events Coordinator (Askham Bryan Office) Hellen Tordoff Regional Manager (South) Phil Hadley Administrator (Taunton Office) P/T Selma Todd Regional Project Co-ordinator Katie Brian Regional Manager Jonathan Eckley Events Manager Mandy Robins Special Events Assistant P/T Mike Brenchley Regional Project Manager Liz Ford

6 Kim Matthews (Interim)
Head of R&D Kim Matthews (Interim) SIGNET Breeding Services Manager Sam Boon Senior Beef & Sheep Scientist Mary Vickers Beef & Sheep Scientist Liz Genever Breeding Specialist Carol Davis Breeding Specialist Alison Glasgow Customer Services Manager Natalie Dodd Meat Scientist Vacancy Breeding Technician Robert Paton Meat Technologist Dennis Homer Bureau Administrator Kay Shone Bureau Administrator Francesco Quagliano Breeding Technician Andrew Steele Project Co-ordinator Karen Morris (Interim Maternity Cover) Bureau Administrator Amanda Lovett Bureau Administrator P/T Pragna Patel (Interim Maternity Cover) Breeding Technician Stewart Nellist R&D Co-ordinator Claire Taylor (Interim Maternity Cover) Information Officer # Amy Cawood # Information officer provides library/information service to BPEX

7 Denise Spencer-Walker
Head of Trade Development Peter Hardwick Consumer Marketing Manager Jane Ritchie-Smith Retail Project Manager Chris Leeman Retail Project Manager Mike Whittemore Marketing Communications Manager P/T Mo Fisher Supply Chain Project Manager Dick Van Leeuwen Marketing Communications Manager P/T Nicola Dodd Foodservice Project Manager Hugh Judd Food Advisor Denise Spencer-Walker Marketing Manager Quality Schemes Laura Bishop Marketing Assistant Zhenya Dewfield Education, healthcare and nutrition services bought from BPEX

8 Head of Trade Development
Peter Hardwick Brussels Office Policy Analyst Kathy Rousel Brussels Office Administrator Claudine Colline French Office Export Manager France Remi Fourrier Promotions Manager P/T Carole Rivere Administrator P/T Catherine Jeffery Marketing Assistant P/T Josee Hofstetter Meat Export Team Export Manager Jean-Pierre Garnier Assistant Export Manager Susana Morris Export Marketing Administrator Helen Strider Cross sell of services to BPEX, HCC, LMCNI, QMS

9 Assistant Communications Manager
James Wilde Assistant Communications Manager Jo Biggs Administrator (Huntingdon) P/T Diane Northrop

10 Director of BPEX Mick Sloyan
Senior Administrative Secretary Sonia Bryson Head of KT + R&D Mike Varley Head of Marketing Chris Lamb Head of Communications and Supply chain Development Andrew Knowles

11 Head of KT + R&D Mike Varley
Administrator Susan Wickham KT Manager Southern Helen Thoday Veterinary Programme Manager Derek Armstrong Environment Programme Manager Nigel Pennington Business Manager Vacancy KT Manager Northern Lis Ravn (Interim Maternity cover) Veterinary Projects Manager Charlotte Evans Environment Projects Manager Anna Davis KT Manager Eastern Colin Stone ZNCPig Manager Katrin Turvey KT Manager Midlands Angela Cliff Health Database Co-ordinator Adam Szcewoka Skills Development Manager Tess Howe (Interim Maternity Cover) Health Programme Coordinator – Yorkshire (co-funded) Helen Clarke Technology Translator Miriam Drewett Health Programme Coordinator – East (co-funded) Ross Lake Welfare Outcomes Research Assistant Nina Taylor

12 Head of Marketing** Chris Lamb
Product Manager Claire Holland Retail Sector Manager Jane Chapman Senior Administrative Secretary Naomi Page Product Manager P/T Tina Mulholland Retail Sector Manager Simon Brookes Education / Health Manager P/T# Nicola Wilde Administrator P/T Charlotte Pratt Food Service Manager Tony Goodger Nutrition Manager # Maureen Strong Butchery Development Manager Keith Fisher # Joint working with EBLEX ** Includes export marketing services bought in from EBLEX

13 Head of Communications and Supply Chain Development
Andrew Knowles Industry Communications Manager Jon Bullock Website Manager P/T Alaina Arnold E-AML2 Project Coordinator Dorothea Schiniemann KT Communications Manager Helen Brothwell Graphic Designer # Vacancy # Joint working with EBLEX

14 Duncan Pullar (Interim)
Director of DairyCo Duncan Pullar (Interim) Senior Administrative Secretary Sharon Brown Board Secretariat Officer Wendy Jackson Head of Genetics Marco Winters Head of R&D Ray Keatinge Head of KT Vacancy Head of Dairy Development Wales Delyth Davies Head of Marketing & Communications Amanda Ball Admin Sarah James Administrator Jennie Tanner Administrator Tracy Dell Comms Officer Menna Davies Genetics Manager Vacancy Web & CRM Manager Vacancy Marketing & Event Manager Joanna Cowie Education Manager Diane Cannon Comms Manager Helen Fina R&D Manager Elizabeth Berry Senior KT Product Manager Kate Cross EO Team Leader Judith Stafford EO Team Leader Piers Badnell EO Team Leader Jo Speed Team Leader Wales Richard Davies EO Hugh Black EO Rachel Grigg EO Heather Wildman Web & CRM Officer Harpal Paneser R&D Manager Karen Wonnacott PR Manager Vacancy KT Product Manager Vacancy EO Chris Duller EO Vacancy EO Chris Coxon EO Karen Lancaster Regional Milkbench + Officer Louise Thomas PR Executive Emma Morris KT Product Manager Vacancy EO James Hague EO Izak Van Heerden EO Sophie Kinnear Regional Milkbench + Officer Ffion Jones Administrator P/T Rose Topliff EO Andy Dodd EO Sarah Bolt EO Vacancy Admin Sarah Nesbitt

15 Director of HDC Bill Parker
PA and Team Secretary Dale Goodall Communications Administrator Vacancy (Interim Maternity Cover) Business Development Manager Steve Tones Crop Protection Liaison Officer Vivian Powell Outreach Communications Manager Ruth Ashfield Technical Manager Cheryl Brewster Assistant Crop Protection Liaison Officer Bolette Palle Neve Technical Administrator Helen Williams Communications Manager Grace Choto Technical Manager Becky Turner Administrator Kirsty Nichols Communications Manager Scott Raffle Technical Manager Andrew Tinsley Technical Manager Jason Pole Communications Manager Wayne Brough Technical Manager Debbie Wilson Trainee Communications Manager Rosie Atwood Technical Manager Jim Dimmock

16 Martin Grantley-Smith
Director of HGCA Rebecca Geraghty Senior Administrative Secretary Christine Standley Head of R&D + KT Susannah Bolton Head of Stakeholder Communications Anna Farrell Head of Marketing Roz Reynolds Head of Business Development Martin Grantley-Smith Business Analyst Vacancy

17 Head of R&D+KT Susannah Bolton
Administrator Anne-Marie Sonko Senior Research & KT Manager (RL & Agronomy) Jim McVittie (until 31/05/2011) Senior Research & KT Manager Vicky Foster Project & Finance Administrator Clare Hill RL Technical Manager Bill Handley RL Analysis & Publications Manager Claire Osborne Research & KT Manager (Agronomy) Vacancy Research & KT Manager (Crop Protection) Jenna Watts (Maternity Leave) Research & KT Manager (Crop Nutrition) James Holmes Research & KT Manager (Food & Feed Quality & Safety) Dhan Bhandari Research & KT Manager (Natural Resources) Clare Stirling Research & KT Manager (Non-Food uses) Vacancy RL Trials Consultant Peter Hanson RL Project & Finance Administrator Denise Lawson RL Database Administrator Joanne Soule Assistant Research & KT Manager Vacancy Assistant Research & KT Manager Caroline Nicholls

18 Head of Stakeholder Communications (HGCA)
Anna Farrell Administrator P/T (0.5) Sue Fox Web & Database Manager Matt Clarke Communications Manager Caroline Slay Events Manager Sara Dickinson Publications Manager (Technical) Emily Boys Database Administrator Andrew Kirk Communications Executive (Corporate) Jo Crowley Events Executive Vacancy (on hold) Events Executive Vacancy (on hold) Customer Information Analyst Vicky Horbury Communications Executive (Technical) Laura Temple Events Assistant Jennifer Birrell Communications Administrator Emily Bennett Web Officer Nick Lucey Communications Executive (Technical) Jennifer Forrester

19 Head of Marketing (HGCA)
Roz Reynolds Administrator P/T (0.5) Kate Saunders Consumer Marketing Manager Elsa Brown BCE Manager Sarah Mann Supply Chain Manager Vacancy Supply Chain Project Manager (Fixed Term) Steve Barras Marketing Executive – Breakfast Karen Levy Marketing Executive – Nutrition Donna Neary Senior Events and Marketing Executive Dorit Cohen-Lewis Project Executive – Business Management Amie Burke

20 Senior Administrative Secretary (shared with Head of Marketing)
Director of PCL Rob Clayton Senior Administrative Secretary (shared with Head of Marketing) Rita Hall Head of R&D Mike Storey Head of Communications Sharon Hall Head of Marketing & Corp Affairs Caroline Evans Head of Sutton Bridge Crop Research Adrian Cunnington * Head of Seed & Seed Exports Edinburgh Office Mark Prentice Project & Quality Management Officer Kate Balloch * Technical Executive Gary Collins Project Manager Sue Cowgill Marketing PR Executive Stuart Baker Technical Executive Edinburgh Office Drummond Todd Technologist Adrian Briddon* Pathologist Glyn Harper* Project Executive Alice Sin Marketing PR Katie Cox Office Manager Edinburgh Office Margaret Skinner Data Management Executive Emrik Tut Seed & Export Executive Sophie Lock Technical Officer Steve Saunders* Technical Officer Graeme Stroud* Project Administrator Sue Lawton Technical Executive Chris Steele Events Coordinator Miya Kotecha Administrator (shared by Heads of R&D and Comms Rebecca Rooum Corporate Affairs Manager Maria Ball Development Executive Ajay Jina* Lab Technician Darran Bill* Technical Executive Phil Bradshaw Lab Assistant Steven Seamark* Experiential Assistant Geoff Wright* *Sutton Bridge Crop Research Office

21 Director of Market Intelligence
Ken Boyns Administrative Assistant Dawn Buttery PA Laurain Wood Consumer Insight Manager Richard Cullen Dairy MI Manager David Swales Cereals & Oilseed MI Team Red Meat MI Manager Jo Knowles Benchmarking Manager Peter Thorne Senior Analyst Mark Topliff Senior Analyst Potato Jim Davies Senior Analyst Jack Watts Systems Analyst Karolina Klaskova Senior Analyst Arnaud Haye Senior Analyst (specified duties) Debbie Butcher Senior Research & Insight Executive Matthew Southam (Interim Maternity Leave) Senior Analyst Michael Archer Analyst Shamal Mohammed Senior Analyst Julie MacLeod Senior Analyst Martin Doherty Senior Analyst Vacancy (on hold) Regional Milkbench + Officer Jim Samson Senior Analyst P/T Patty Clayton Administrator Vacancy Senior Analyst Matt Johnson Senior Analyst James Park Analyst David Eudall Regional Milkbench + Officer Derek Carless Analyst Tosin Onikoyi Analyst Richard Veit Junior Analyst Thomas Allan Research & Insight Executive Vacancy (Matthew Southam Cover) Analyst Charlotte Smyth Analyst Anand Dossa Junior Analyst Georgina Cox Regional Milkbench + Officer Tina Swainston Analyst Vacancy (on hold) Analyst Paul Heyhoe Analyst Helen Plant Analyst David Potter Analyst (0.5) Vacancy (on hold) Regional Milkbench + Officer Rebecca Miles Customer Services & Publications Assistant Dorian Harris Student Placement Audrey Dambaza

22 Director of Finance & Business Services
Chris Goodwin Senior Administrative Secretary Ros Webb IT Manager Mick Brown Procurement Controller Alison Churchill Finance Controller Kevin Kendall Transaction Controller Jan Spencer Executive Assistant Fiona Bye Management Accountant Hannah Dumper Administrator Ashleigh Hurrell IT Infrastructure Manager Keith Hubner AP Team Leader Nicky Wildman AR Team Leader Sarah Jackson Acting Levy Team Leader Ciaran Grace Trade Auditor David Green Agresso Analyst Matt Perkins Management Accountant Paul Bachelor Levy Assistant Jane Rigby Levy Assistant Sue Saunders Buyer Stuart Hinde AP Assistant Temp (Interim Maternity Leave) AR Assistant Olufunke Amodu Information Security Manager (Fixed Term) Vacancy Field Officer Terry Hunt Management Accountant Paul Flowers Levy Assistant Maggie Haycock Levy Assistant John Eccleston Buyer Julia Burger Senior IT Support Coordinator Dean Smith AR Assistant (Fixed Term) Temp Field Officer Mark Colmer Levy Admin Assistant Lilian Smith Levy Admin Assistant Naomi Lee Management Accountant Jane Willis AP Assistant Amanda Young IT Assistant Kamil Chrabonszcz IT Assistant Andrew Weston

23 Director of HR and Corporate Services
Jackie Dubery Training & Development Manager Vacancy (on hold) Head of HR Kath Whigham Legal Adviser Michael Fogden Company Secretariat Sharon Anderson Payroll Manager Sue Melia Estates Manager Stuart Skate Facilities Manager Andrew Holt Health & Safety Manager (Fixed Term) (On hold) Payroll Assistant Alison Harrison HR Project Co-ordinator (Fixed Term) Matt Perkins Senior HR Adviser Anita Kambo HR Adviser Alex Colvin HR Administrator Emma O’Shaughnessy Facilities Admin (Temp) Nicola Garside Receptionist Tracy Power Receptionist Claire Holt Facilities Support P/T Tony Gooch Facilities Support P/T Mike Brenchley

24 Head of Corporate Communications
Guy Attenborough Internal Communication Manager Ellie King Print Procurement Manager Howard Ralley

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