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Report of Activities of Regional Centres & Organisations (2009-2011) RECTAS (Ile-Ife, Nigeria) RCMRD (Nairobi, Kenya) AOCRS (Algeria?)

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1 Report of Activities of Regional Centres & Organisations (2009-2011) RECTAS (Ile-Ife, Nigeria) RCMRD (Nairobi, Kenya) AOCRS (Algeria?)

2 Mandates The centres’ mandates covers capacity building -long and short term trainings -seminars and workshops consultancy services -projects execution -equipment maintenance -advisory services

3 RECTAS Programmes DepartmentProgrammeDuration Photogrammetry & Remote Sensing (PRS) Starting Date: 1/10/11 (i) Technologist. Dipl. in Geoinformation Prod. & Mgt. (ii) Professional Masters in Geoinformation Production & Mgt 18 months 12 months Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Starting Date: 10/01/11 (i)Technician Dipl. in Geoinformation Prod. & Mgt. (ii)M.Tech in Geoinformation Technology (with FUTA) (iii)MSc. Geoinformation Science (with UAC) 18 months Cartography (CAR) Starting Date: 1/10/11 (i)MSc. Geoinformation Science and Land Admin. (with Univ of Ghana, Legon) 18 months

4 RECTAS Masters Specialisations GIS DepartmentSpecialisations (i)M.Tech in Geoinformation Tech. ( with FUTA ) (ii)MSc. Geoinformation Science( with UAC ) Starting Date: 10 Jan 2011 (i)GIS in Disaster Management (ii)GIS in Land Resource Management (iii)GIS in Natural Resource (oil & Gas) Dev (iv)GIS in Hydrology & Water Resource Mgt (v)GIS in Meteorology & Climate Change (vi)GIS in Soil Survey & Agricultural Mgt. (vii)GIS in Health & Social Development (viii)GIS in Crime Mapping, Peace &Security (ix)GIS in Military intelligence

5 ProgrammeNo of Students 2009-2011Total AngloFranco Technician (GPM5)152035 Technologist (GPM4)91928 Postgraduate (GPM3) 372360 Masters18826 Total7970149 STUDENTS ADMISSION (2009-2011)

6 RECTAS Consultancy Short-term training programmes & Projects PGD in Geo-information and Environmental Management (GEM) for 11 students from Sokoto State Government in Nigeria (12 months) GIS Applications for 53 staff members of the Ministry of Mines and Steel Development, Nigeria (4 weeks) Remote Sensing and GIS Applications for Climatology and Vegetation analysis for a staff of National Centre for Remote Sensing, Jos (3 weeks). Digital Cartography and Information Extraction for 15 staff members of the Office of the Surveyor General of the Federation, Nigeria (3 weeks). 1: 25,000 Topo mapping for Ondo State, Nigeria

7 RECTAS Seminars & Workshop International Training Workshop for AFREF Scientific and Spatial Application, 3-5 Aug. 2009 AFREF Experts Group Meeting, 9-11Feb. 2010 Spatial Data Infrastructure for West-African Professionals, to be held at RECTAS from 22nd to 28th May, 2011. UN-SPIDER missions on Application of sapce-based Tech for DMER ( Togo, Sudan, Cameroon ) GARNET-E workshop on Application of GME products for DMER.

8 Consultancy Services 1:25,000 Topographic mapping for Ondo State

9 MSc Students

10 Report on Activities of Regional Center for Mapping of Resources for Development (RCMRD ) Second Meeting of the Committee on Development Information, Science & Technology (COODIST-II) Addis Ababa, Ethiopia 02 – 05 May 011

11 Training: Geoinformation and IT applications, Advisory Services: mainly to member States Project Services: at Local, Regional and Continental levels Research and Development: both applied and fundamental researches Spatial Data: acquisition, archiving and dissemination Early warning and forecast: Disaster early warning (flood, famine, epidemic diseases, etc. ) Engineering Services: Maintenance, repair and calibration of survey and mapping equipments 1. Major Activities of RCMRD

12 2. Management Activities RCMRD held its 7 th Conference of Ministers and 44 th Governing Council Meetings in Cape town, South Africa – Approved a new four years (2011-2014) Strategic Plan – Reviewed the implementation of previous Strategic Plan (2006-2010) – Revised the mission and vision of the Center – Three new countries (Burundi, Seychelles and Rwanda) were admitted as full member States


14 3. Capacity Building Activities Offered short-term training for its member States Offered professional Geoinformation training at RCMRD Training for its Staff members Enhanced data acquisition, processing, and archiving and dissemination capacities through projects, e.g AMESD, SERVIR-Africa Projects Revised the Curriculum for IWRM course Prepared new training courses

15 4. Advisory Services Mainly provided to member States – Disaster Risk Management through GARNET-E – In development of Project Proposals (LMIS projects) – Held National workshops on the Role of Geoinformation in National Development Planning – Establishment of CORS – Establishment of NSDI – Development of Land Policy, Space policy – Land use Land cover Mapping

16 Zambia BotswanaNamibia Ethiopia

17 Mapping of Gum Arabic And Aloe Vera in Karamoja Region Uganda

18 5. Implementation of application projects AMESD (African Monitoring of Environment for Sustainable Development) Project – Land degradation assessment for IGAD countries including Burundi and Rwanda – Three years project funded by EU SERVIR-Africa Project – Build capacities of spatial data processing and interpretation – Make available data and tool to respond to the GEOSS Nine societal benefit areas – Funded by USAID and jointly implemented with NASA GARNET-E Project – Rapid Mapping of Disaster – Capacity building in Disaster Charter Training – Two years project funded by EU GMFS III (Global Monitoring for Food Security) – Crop Acreage mapping methodology development – Crop Yield forecast – Funded by ESA, three years project SSWICH (South Sudan Water Information Clearing House) Project – Develop national capacity in water information management – Develop database on water resources – Funded by Unicief and jointly implemented with ECA

19 6. Disaster Early Warning Flood forecasting and post event mapping system was established Drought Forecasting Rift Valley Fever Forecasting

20 7. Research Activities Tsetse fly distribution and genetic mapping (IAEA funded) Rapid Land Cover Mapping (RLCM) tool development and testing CREST Model development for both flash and stream flood forecasting

21 8. Major workshops hosted by RCMRD TIGER Capacity building workshop IGAD Livestock Policy Information workshop USGS Flood forecasting models workshop Geonetcast / Devcocast workshop

22 Contact Information: Director General RCMRD 254-20-856-1775 254-20-856-0335 Thank you very much! Merci Beacoup!

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