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1 Part 1: Elevator Speeches Facilitated by Judith Hale, Ph.D., CPT.

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1 1 Part 1: Elevator Speeches Facilitated by Judith Hale, Ph.D., CPT

2 2 Purpose  Part 1of a Marketing Series  Designed for chapters to help members stay employed  Tentative series topics 1.Elevator Speeches 2.Using Strategic Stories 3.Visualizing your story 4.Using Pod Casts and YouTube 5.Using Wikis and Blogs 6.Simulation 7.TBD

3 3 Credits  ISPI Professional Services Team:  Ken Junkins, CPT  Gordon Newman, CPT  Michelle Painchaud, CPT  Deborah Rivers, CPT  Ken Steinman, CPT

4 4 Objective & Agenda  Objective:  For you to develop and become facile in responding to commonly asked questions  Agenda:  Demonstrate  Practice  Debrief

5 5 Definition  Elevator Speech:  A short response to commonly asked questions that communicates a point while opening the door to further questions from listeners and eventually leads to a dialogue.  Attributes/Tips:  Keep it short  Be complete yet open ended  Foster dialogue  Reframe to make it personal  Include key discriminators

6 6 What do you do?  “I help managers improve productivity. More specifically I help them make sure their people have what is required to do their best whether that is training, better work procedures, performance support tools, clear direction, appropriate incentives, the right equipment, and so forth.”

7 7 What do you mean? Give me an example.  Trigger  Goal or result  Cause/diagnosis  Solutions  Results

8 8 What is HPT?  Human Performance Technology  Professional discipline focused on achievable sustainable worthy results  Start with results  Look for what’s missing & present  Resources  Job design  Incentives  Skills & knowledge  Suggest feasible solutions & how to reinforce them

9 9 How does HPT differ from ………… 1.Look at work, workplace, & worker 2.Start with worthy results – not the solution 3.Diagnose before we prescribe the appropriate combination of solutions 4.Get measures – baseline & success early 5.Know what works 6.Leverage resources so can be cost effective 7.Play the odds – consider what is feasible & sustainable 8.Collaborate

10 10 What is CPT?  ISPI Designation  Based on proven repeatable ability to achieve lasting results  Only proficiency & competency-based certification  Based on:  Code of Ethics  10 standards  Peer review  Attestations by clients  Recertification requires continuing education

11 11 What is CPT? 2 examples  “CPT means ‘Certified Performance Technologist.’ It is a designation given by ISPI (an International Society) to people who have proven they have helped organizations achieve positive, lasting results through the use of human performance technology. CPTs work in industry, education, the military, schools, social service agencies, even government.”  A more personal twist:  “CPT is a professional certification that reassures my clients that I use a proven and systematic methodology to improve the performance of their business. It is awarded by the International Society for Performance Improvement (ISPI). I received it after submitting client testimony and documented evidence that I expertly apply ISPI's professional standards and code of conduct.” Dawn Papaila, CPT

12 12 Your turn  Use your worksheet  Draft responses to the questions  Add questions if you want  Raise your hand when you are ready to share

13 13 Your Worksheet  How would you answer the following questions?  What do you do?  What do you mean? Give me an example?  What is human performance technology (HPT)?  How does HPT differ from Six-Sigma, OD, and others who claim they improve performance?  What sets HPT apart? Makes it Different?  What is this CPT?  List other commonly asked questions you have heard or want to prepare for and how you would respond.

14 14 Debrief & Next Steps  Debrief:  What have you learned or heard that you can use in your situation?  What would have made this session better for you?  Next steps  Follow up  Future series  Strategic story telling  If you complete the survey, you will be sent a complete workbook

15 15 Resources  Education  Skill Cast Webinars  Pro-Series  Conferences  Publications  PerformanceXpress  Fast Facts  Performance Improvement Journal  Performance Digest  Subscription only  Performance Improvement Quarterly  Tools  Organizational Diagnostic  Online  HPT Connections Professional Services Group

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