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What Career is Right for You? By: Lizzie Heilmann.

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1 What Career is Right for You? By: Lizzie Heilmann

2 Overview You have completed the necessary activities to help determine the careers that will most likely fit into your lifestyle. I have analyzed the information from your profile in the Choices Explorer Program. With this information I have concluded that the best career pathway for you is Health and Human Services. Specifically, I have chosen a Clinical Laboratory Technologist and Forensic Investigator.

3 Choices Explorer Results Investigative A “Thinker,” also inventive and original Likes thinking through problems using math and science skills Artistic A “Creator,” also imaginative and creative Enjoys art to express oneself Realistic A “Do-er,” also athletic Prefers hands-on and outdoors activities

4 Your Career Pathway Health and Human Services Occupations relate to diagnosis and treatment of diseases, and therapy Also, customer services and legal and protective services Careers include: Teacher Dental Hygienist Career Counselor FBI Agent Politician

5 Your Two Career Choices Clinical Laboratory Technologist (Also, Medical Laboratory Technologist) Job Description (Changes with each specialty): Analyze blood for abnormalities in the cells Analyze blood for STDs Analyze urine for diseases Analyze hair follicles for drug history Forensic Investigator and Scientist (Also, Crime Scene Investigator or CSI) Job Description: Documents, identifies, and collects physical evidence at a crime scene Uses this evidence to identify and capture the criminal

6 More About Your Career Possibilities Clinical Laboratory Technologist Specialties within the field: Hematologist Endocrinologist Immunologist Histotechnologist Chemist Urinalysis Specialist Molecular Biologist Cytotechnologist Forensic Investigator and Scientist Specialties within the field: Toxicologist Biologist Chemist Fingerprint Analyst Firearms and Tool Marks Analyst Psychophysicologist

7 Even More About Your Careers Clinical Laboratory Technologist Specific Aptitudes Accuracy Attention to detail Logic Patience Problem-solving ability Teamwork Scientific ability Forensic Investigator and Scientist Specific Aptitudes Communication skills Independence of mind Logic Not squeamish Patience Teamwork Scientific ability

8 Another Slide About Your Careers Clinical Laboratory Technologist Physical demands: Must be able to walk and stand for long periods of time General good health because of the chemicals used Forensic Investigator and Scientist Physical demands: Should be agile and able to lift heavy objects General good health to be protected from common illnesses

9 One More Slide About Your Careers Clinical Laboratory Technologist Work environment: Hospital and individual laboratories Forensic Investigator and Scientist Work environment: Crime laboratories Offices Crime scenes Court

10 Some More Career Information Clinical Laboratory Technologist Employment outlook: Increase of about 18-26% by the year 2014 Forensic Investigator and Scientist Employment outlook: Increase of about 9-17% by the year 2014

11 Other Info. About Your Possibilities Clinical Laboratory Technologist Salary: Anywhere between $63,120 and $32,240 Forensic Investigator and Scientist Salary: Starting pay is between $20,000 and $40,000 Experienced pay is between $40,000 and $85,000 Lab Directors can earn up to $100,000

12 A Little More Important Info. Clinical Laboratory Technologist Level of education:: Bachelor’s degree in life science –Usually Biology or Chemistry Certificate for1 year in Clinical Education in a Medical Technology Program Forensic Investigator and Scientist Level of education:: At least a bachelor’s degree in biology, chemistry, forensic science, physics, or physical anthropology Usually also studied in one of the forensic specialties

13 Comparing Your Career Choices Clinical Laboratory Technologist Pros: Steady work hours, about 40 a week Very high job outlook, higher than Forensic investigator and Scientist Many specialties to choose from Forensic Investigator and Scientist Pros: Sometimes work is outside Pretty good job outlook Higher salary than Clinical Laboratory Technologist

14 Still Comparing Your Possibilities Clinical Laboratory Technologist Cons: In risk of infection from patient samples You stay inside a lot Not as high a salary as Forensic Investigator Sometimes on call Forensic Investigator and Scientist Cons: Not as routine a schedule as Clinical Laboratory Technologists In danger of illness from lab chemicals and hazardous evidence

15 Your Perfect Career!!!!! Forensic Investigator and Scientist!!! You enjoy solving problems and working toward a goal. You can adapt easily and do not mind hard work. You are interested in all sciences and you like to apply them to your daily work. Look on this site for more Forensic Science information:

16 Career Preparations High School Courses: Science: chemistry, physics, and biology Math: trigonometry, geometry, and analysis and statistics Other: Computer courses and Language Arts as required College and Beyond: Bachelor’s degree in any forensic science related subject, usually a forensic science specialty Attend workshops on lab procedures and experiments offered by crime labs It is advised to also become a police officer because of the higher salary and better benefits

17 Summing It All Up To summarize this presentation, I have concluded that the best career choice for you is a Forensic Investigator and Scientist. You will be very successful in this field, in any specialty you may choose. For additional information on the two careers I have presented to you, I hope you will look at the sources listed on the remaining slides. If you have any questions about this presentation or the career I have chosen, always feel free to contact me.

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20 THE END!!!!!!!!!!

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