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Exploring a Partnership for Success. Contents About Nagarro Why Nagarro is right for Mobile Nordic Mobile Experience Case Studies Processes.

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1 Exploring a Partnership for Success

2 Contents About Nagarro Why Nagarro is right for Mobile Nordic Mobile Experience Case Studies Processes

3 ABOUT NAGARRO A little bit

4 Nagarro Snapshot Nagarro is a high-end application development company with expertise in developing software solutions tailored to customer’s requirements. Mission Statement: We shall employ our areas of expertise to seek out, understand, innovate for, and solve the most difficult business challenges for our clients. Founded in 1996, privately owned, and continuously profitable. Over 500 employees worldwide (San Jose, New York, Atlanta, Frankfurt, Stockholm, Gurgaon). Elite Workforce:  Founders and lead engineers are from Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) (considered amongst the best technology universities in the world).  80% of employees hold Computer Science degrees.  50% hold Post Graduate degrees.  Extremely selective recruitment (1 in 1000 fresh graduate applications, and 1 in 250 experienced applicants).  Our attrition rate is 8% (as compared to an industry average of 15%). We consider ourselves the best for projects that require:  Small to medium development teams between 2 and 30 people.  Challenging and complex functional and technical requirements.  Need for continuous collaboration with the customer’s technical team.

5 Awards and Partnerships

6 AN IDEAL PARTNER Why Nagarro is

7 Nagarro’s Focus Area We are positioned at the top of the software development pyramid – where the most complex work is done. We put emphasis on understanding the business complexities of our clients and creating domain knowledge around it. We apply this understanding of the business complexities in designing and developing line-of-business applications for our clients. We give priority to quality over quantity - we are happy to work on small challenging projects. Nagarro Focus

8 Nagarro’s Technical Experience We have technical domain expertise relevant to your current line of business.  Over 150 person months of experience developing software for mobile platforms.  Experience in working with a variety of mobile platforms and technologies:.Net Compact Framework, J2ME, FlashLite, Symbian, Windows Mobile, Windows CE, BlackBerry, iPhone, BREW, etc.  Experience in developing a variety of applications on mobile platforms ranging for a variety of functional domains (calendar syncing, field service management, mobile games, etc).  Experience in developing mobile optimized Internet applications.  We strive to keep ahead of the curve by adopting the latest technologies and learning to develop on the latest platforms. We have already developed iPhone based applications, and are ramping up on Android competency.

9 Nagarro’s Experience with ISVs Almost half of our clients are software solutions providers themselves. We have a lot of experience partnering and collaborating with our clients’ development teams.  Collaboration over requirements.  Combined discussions on design.  Coordinate QA and testing activities. We have strategic partnerships with most of our ISV clients.

10 To summarize, Ideal Partner Great technical acumen and grasp on relevant technology Previous experience in working with ISVs Experience in understanding business complexities

11 MOBILE DOMAIN EXPERIENCE A little more detail on our

12 Overview Over 150 person months of experience in developing applications for the Mobile Platforms:  Technology Symbian C++ BREW J2ME FlashLite iPhone SDK BlackBerry.Net Compact Framework  Mobile Platform Features GPS Network Connection Management Camera Bluetooth SMS/MMS We have experience in building mobile applications for the Enterprise environment as well:  Smart clients for mobile access to enterprise applications.  Advanced HTTP techniques for authentication and session tracking.  Mobile databases and synchronization engines.  XML and mobile web services.

13 Sample Projects Done Google Calendar Sync Application – Windows Mobile application that lets you sync your pocket Outlook calendar with a Google calendar. Mobile website for Infrastructure Management System – Pocket PC application which allows access to this complex application using a handheld device. Physicians Database Applications – A PalmOS based application for synchronizing latest data from a central DB over Wireless. Chat Application – FlashLite based mobile chat application for a dating website. Field Service Management – Blackberry and Windows Mobile based applications for assigning tasks to service representatives in the field and tracking task progress. Friend Tracking Application – Blackberry application which updates geo-location information from enabled devices to a central server and uses profile information to provide alerts about nearby contacts.


15 Infrastructure Management System Client Overview and Business Need Our client is one of the largest telecom service organizations in Europe, Asia and America Client had an existing application which is used to manage various entities like users, computers, devices, software and other infrastructure related items Client wanted us to develop an application facilitating information access for mobile users Nagarro Solution Nagarro developed IMS Pocket PC application as a plug-in for IMS with the following features: Data is transferred from IMS to Pocket PC, and vice-versa using a web service Online and offline modes supported Connection to the IMS server is through the wireless n/w Information retrieval from IMS database into local Pocket PC database through Pull method Data is pulled from SQL Server 2000 database on to the SQL CE pocket PC database Benefits Efficient user management: The application could support 10000 user records at a site Very short turn around time thereby reducing the deployment time frame Reduces paperwork in scenarios where sales people require updated product and stock catalog with them Useful in scenarios when headquarters want correct, and frequent reports from operations’ personnel away from base offices Technology C#, ASP.Net ASP.Net Web Services,.NET Compact Framework 2.0 SQL CE Database

16 Web Based Management Server for Wi-Fi Handsets Client Overview and Business Need Client is involved in developing innovative communication technology for Wi-Fi enabled handsets Client needed a web based management system to store the profile information of the customers’ handsets. The solution was also required to communicate with the handsets for profile synchronization over XML-RPC Nagarro Solution An easy-to-use web portal was developed for the management of the profiles over the web The system has been enabled to communicate with Wi-fi handsets for configuration upgrades and routine monitoring. Using the system, handset users can manage their device configurations and profile settings A handset simulator was provided for testing of the server also formed a part of the solution Mongrel Configuration on Apache server was used as web server to provide response time of less than 1 second and better optimization Benefits Quick development time of ~ 2 months The application running on Linux provides a very fast interface to end-users and handsets Easy to extend and maintain due to use of Ruby on Rails Low cost due to use of open-source tools and frameworks Technology Ruby on Rails, C++ Apache 2.1 and Mongrel over Linux, Nokia S60 series SDK and Emulator, Symbian OS 9.1 MySQL 5.0 libwww, XMLRPC-C

17 SyncMyCal Mobile Client Overview and Business Need This is a home-grown product by Nagarro that allows synchronization of phone’s calendar with Google calendar. There was a need for a tool that can:  Synchronize and keep PDA (Pocket Outlook) and Google calendar updated.  Allow users to view schedules of other people.  Allow multiple calendar synchronization.  Supports sharing permissions in Google calendar and allow users to make changes. Nagarro Solution Nagarro developed windows based mobile phones’ application that allows synchronization between the phone’s calendar and Google calendar Application supports:  One way as well as two way data transfer of events.  Time zone differences.  Internationalization (I18n).  Multiple calendar synchronization and at the same time, allows multiple users to share the same calendar.  Supports MS Exchange and Google Application for domain.  Allows wireless ‘over the air’ synchronization. Benefits Quick turnaround time to roll out the product. Ease of compatibility ensured. Low cost calendar sync solution with 24X7 technical support. Scalable architecture ensuring further growth. Technology C# WM 5.0 SDK,.Net Compact Framework 2.0 MS Active Sync 4.5, Google Calendar Data API

18 CMMS System for Windows Mobile Nagarro Solution Nagarro ported their application from blackberry to Windows Mobile with integrated Bar Code Scanners using Opticon H19 devices. Nagarro emulated the functionality of Blackberry to make it faster and better by modifying the server. Nagarro implemented new features like action logging for better management. Benefits Enabled the client to give better offering to their customers. Enabled the Client to use integrated Bar Code Scanner instead of external ones. Offered the Client an application which runs faster than the earlier application by providing through custom web service which takes the request from windows mobile to web service and then direct web server and vice versa thus preventing customer from unnecessary maintaining one more Blackberry server Technology C# WM 5.0 SDK,.Net Compact Framework 2.0 MS Active Sync 4.5 Client Overview and Business Need Our client is a company which provides facility management and maintenance services to hotels, offices, etc through their Web-based property maintenance and service solution that fully automates maintenance management using the Internet and wireless hand held devices. The client wanted the application to run on Windows Mobile platform also in addition to the Blackberry. New feature enhancement like integration with barcode scanners was also required.


20 Project Management Methodology

21 Project Execution

22 Thank You Jesper Sørensen

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