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Sameera Wijerathna. Agenda The Need Uniqueness Recognition How it works The Potential.

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1 Sameera Wijerathna

2 Agenda The Need Uniqueness Recognition How it works The Potential

3 The Need of Early Warning Due to the Tsunami 2004 Sri Lanka lost more than 35,000 lives unnecessarily. Most of the development activities were put on hold due to the destruction. Countries economic system was set back by years.

4 TV Radio Satellite Radio HF and VHF radio networks Mega Phones Temple/Church Bells Etc. Conventional Early Warning Methods

5 The Uniqueness of DEWN Effective in alerting citizens at day or night Immune to communication network congestion Comprehensible in terms of local dialect Directed to specific location or person or equally applicable for mass dissemination

6 The Uniqueness of DEWN Contd. Affordability Can be accessed even through low cost handsets Accessibility Through mobile phones as well as alarm devices Availability Anywhere within a GSM or 3G coverage

7 Recognition

8 Dialog Telekom’s DEWN is an integrated disaster and emergency warning network that incorporates network based as well as device based technologies to deliver an end to end disaster warning solution through the centrally configurable carriage and dissemination of alerts Disaster Management Centre (DMC)

9 Network Technologies SMS for limited/selected recipients Cell broadcasts for mass alerting even under conditions of network congestion Location based cell broadcast and location directed SMS

10 Delivery Methods Unique delivery methods to close the loop between dissemination and effective interpretation SMS and CB messages in to screen flashes and audible alarm Handset resident applications Tri-lingual from encompassing Sinhala and Tamil

11 GSM DEWN Alarm Device High volume alarm Alarm Lamp Inbuilt radio which can be tuned remotely Interface to domestic devices (temple/church bells, loudspeaker systems) Delivery Methods Contd

12 Process Technologies Message authenticity verification and multiple key verification Anti-spam protection Database technologies for location, group or individual directed messaging SMS/voice based call back Administration and control front end for centralized management

13 How DEWN Works The authorized body to disseminate disaster related info in Sri Lanka Disaster Management Centre Meteorological Department of Irrigation National Building Research Organization World Meteorological Organization USGSHawaii

14 Execution Flow

15 Disaster Information Dissemination

16 How DEWN Works

17 Java/Symbian Handset Terminal resident warning application Customizable and situation specific presentation Downloadable over GPRS Special alarm tone

18 GSM DEWN Alarm Device Multiple wake-up measures Power source compatibility Backup power Multiple alarm interfaces

19 GSM DEWN Alarm Device Architecture

20 Cell Broadcast and Mass Alerts Immune to network congestion Ideal for mass alerts Configure by location specific basis

21 Cell Broadcast Dispatch of messages to the masses at an instant within a geographic area. Geographic area is controlled via the BSCs and cell where the broadcasting will take place

22 UoM lab “The Dialog-University of Moratuwa Mobile Communication Research Laboratory is proud to be a partner in this innovation which has the potential to save thousands of lives”

23 Info dissemination Hierarchy/levels

24 DEWN – The Potential Instant Alerting Mass and Directed Dissemination Wide Availability Affordability Applicability and effectiveness Reliability and authenticity Scalability

25 Applicability of DEWN in other natural or manmade disaster situations Flood, Cyclone Dam Burst Epidemic Forest fire Bomb explosion, Chemical attacks DEWN – The Potential

26 Inclusion Converting a GSM mobile phone to an affordable alarm terminal within the national disaster warning infrastructure. The rapid growth of mobile network coverage around the world will catalyze the inclusion DEWN – The Potential

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