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Kick-Off TDT4290Customer-Driven Project Customers & Supervisors.

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1 Kick-Off TDT4290Customer-Driven Project Customers & Supervisors

2 Customers Short presentation of customers Background Experience with previous student projects Intention with project Expectations

3 Customer Projects

4 General Course Characteristics The entire project life cycle Focus on early phases (Analysis & requirements specification) Product to be considered a prototype or a part of the full deliverable Project methodology is waterfall model or SCRUM Project meetings and coaching every week Normally very good results! Customer needs to: Allocate time to meet the group and ensure that the students know what to do Make available necessary information/documentation to the group Allocate time to read phase documents and provide timely feedback Allocate time to answer questions within reasonable time Make available special software or hardware before end of September Show up at NTNU on 20 November for presentation and demo

5 Confidentiality We prefer open and ungraded projects Normally the report will be available afterwards, but we can withhold the electronic version if needed IPR normally regulated by NTNU’s regulations Ongoing work on new IPR policies: Liberal and BSD-inspired IPR: standardavtale08e.doc standardavtale08e.doc

6 Economy Customer needs to provide necessary software if NTNU does not have student licences Students cannot be offered money for the work they do, but it is acceptable that the customers invite the students for example to dinner, e.g. after the presentation/demo. Further work – customers can hire students to complete the product after the project has been terminated.

7 Project Deliverables Final report Maximum 200 pages + appendices Documentation of all phases Prototype of (parts of) solution Final report and prototype to be presented to customer and examiner on 20 November.

8 Supervisors Every group is allocated one main supervisor and one assistant supervisor Supervisors’ responsibilities: Coaching Project progression Correction and crisis management Verification of documents produced Weekly meetings between student group and supervisors

9 Main Supervisors Jon Atle Gulla jag@idi.ntnu.notel 73591847 Reidar Conradi tel 73593444 Geir Solskinnsbakk tel 73594218 Gustav Aagesen gustava@idi.ntnu.notel 73594427 Shang Gao shanggao@idi.ntnu.notel 73550241 Sundar Gopalakrishnan sundar@idi.ntnu.notel 73550241 Sundar Gopalakrishnan

10 Main Supervisor’s Tasks: Should meet assistant supervisors at the start of the term to clarify expectations and coaching approach Clarify meeting schedule with assistant supervisor before notifying the students Meet assistant supervisors regularly to discuss state of project and correct any problems Proactive supervision of work on preliminary analysis. Many groups find it difficult to get started.

11 Assistant Supervisors Hong Stig Basit A. Kahn Bian Meng

12 Assistant Supervisor’s Tasks Remember that you are not the one to be graded You should be a discussion partner/motivator/coach You should read in detail. Main supervisors do not read in detail There is no excuse for showing up unprepared to meetings You should be available to your groups You supervise together with the main supervisor You should take part in meetings with the customer You should ensure that the customer respects the limitations of the course (response times, equipment, software, work load, etc.). Contact main supervisor in case of problems. You should check your groups’ user manual and installation guides against the implemented prototype. Decide on date and time with your groups.

13 Some Tips to Supervisors Be familiar with ”kursheftet” Be proactive in the early stages of the project Structure of report: Introduction in every chapter Systematic presentation of results Consistency Terminology Numbering of figures and tables Decisions well justified Style of language Report maximum 200 pages + appendices

14 Agenda for Today 9:00-11:45: Introduction to customer driven project for supervisors and customers. Room: G-144 in the "Elektro" building (map).map 11:45-12:15: Lunch for supervisors and customers. 12:15-14:00: Introduction to customer driven project for students. The students will be organized into groups and introduced to their customers. Location: EL3 14:15-16:00: First customer meeting. The students get to know their customer and the details of the assignment. Location: Next slide

15 Customer Meetings Today Customer meeting kl 14.15 – 16.00 CustomerGroupRoom eSporing (Geir Kuvås)Group 1ITV-054 (IT building) Extend AS (Kjell Husby)Group 2ITV-354 (IT building) Fundator (Bo Kähler)Group 3ITV-464 (IT building) Telenor R&I (Frode Flægstad) - Information and network security in the aquaculture industry Group 4ITS-236(south IT building) Rolls-Royce Marine AS (Eva Brox)Group 5E204 (Electro E-block) Signicat AS (Nils Tesdal)Group 6E304 (Electro E-block) SINTEF Fisheries and Aquaculture (Vegar Johnsen)Group 7E404 (Electro E-block) Tekna (Thomas Hofmann)Group 8F204 (Electro F-block) Telenor R&I (Brynjar Viken) - Wireless shopping trolley Group 9F304 (Electro F-block) Tieto Enator AS (Eirik Tryggeseth)Group 10F404 (Electro F-block) Trådløse Trondheim (Thomas Jelle)Group 11G012 (Electro) NTNU University Library (Ole Husby)Group 12G022 (Electro)

16 First Meeting with Supervisors The first supervisor meeting for each group is on 27th August. The following table shows the time and place for these meetings. Note that Group 4 Telenor R&I and Group 6 Signicat AS will have their first supervisor meeting 28th of August. Group 4 is scheduled at 8:15 and Group 6 is scheduled at 9:15 (room IT242 for both meetings). TimeITV-054ITV-354ITS-236 12:15-13:00Group 1 eSporingGroup 2 Extend AS 13:15-14:00Group 3 Fundator Group 9 Telenor R&I Group 10 Tieto Enator AS 14:15-15:00 Group 5 Rolls- Royce Marine AS Group 7 SINTEFGroup 8 Tekna 15:15-16:00 Group 11 Trådløse Trondheim Group 12 NTNU University library

17 Overall Course Plan DateTimeActivityLocation 26/08 12:15-16:00 Kick-off (M) EL3 27/08 12:15-16:00 First supervisor meeting(M) See above 28/08 12:15-16:00 Seminar in group dynamics (M) – 1S2 2/09 14:15-16:00 Scrum introduction S7 5/9 09:15-16:00 Seminar in group dynamics (M) – 2 K4, Nidarø 16/09 14:15-16:00 Requirements analysis, Bearing Point S7 23/09 14:15-16:00 IT-architecture, Einar Landre - Statoil S7 30/09 14:15-16:00 Use-case estimation S7 2/10 14:15-18:00 Seminar in technical writing (M)TBA 11/11 14:15-17:00 Course in presentation technique S7 20/11 09:15-16:00 Final project presentation (M) TBA

18 Good Luck! TDT4290 Customer-Driven Project Jon Atle Gulla, Professor Reidar Conradi, Professor Geir Solskinnsbakk, Coordinator

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