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Agenda Introduction/Motivation Research Design Secondary Data Results/Analysis Recommendations Questions.

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2 Agenda Introduction/Motivation Research Design Secondary Data Results/Analysis Recommendations Questions

3 Introduction/Motivation “There’s an Ap for that!” Caribou’s current Smartphone experience Competition in the Smartphone space Decisions that need to be made Research Objectives to assist decision making

4 Secondary Data Sources Universal McCann and AOL Report on Smartphone usage

5 Secondary Data Sources


7 Insight Express: Mobile Research on Research Mobile Phone penetration Internet penetration Gen Y (18-24) 85%87% Gen X (25-44) 82%83% Younger Boomers (45-54) 80%65% Older Boomers (55-64) 79%65%

8 Focus Group Purpose: Smartphone usage Consumer preferences for a Caribou Coffee application Size: 5 respondents Criterion: Currently use a Smartphone and are familiar with application downloads Platforms 3 iPhone 1 Palm Pre1 Google

9 Focus Group Results Multiple application downloads: FREE Spend maximum time using the internet Learn about apps via friends or ads Convenience of using mobile web, from 2-5 hours a day Caribou Coffee specifics: location, store hours, order via phone, review menu items, pay in advance, incentives/ deals

10 Survey Electronic survey via email – Time constraints – Perceived greater response due to easier accessibility – Easier to interpret results Sampling procedure – Emailed to 65 friends/ co-workers → 82% response rate – CONVENIENCE Sampling NOTE: It is assumed that the sample is representative of the entire population

11 Survey Questionnaire

12 Survey Questionnaire Challenges: Non responders: 18% - But we had 53 respondents in four days Pre-test survey if time permitted Assumption of sample size representative of population – Preferences and attitudes limited to local population

13 H1: Mobile Web vs. App Very Easy = 2 Easy = 1 Neither Easy Nor Difficult = 0 Difficult = -1 Very Difficult = -2 P = 0.032P = 0.13P = 0.044

14 H2: App Feature Importance

15 H2: Likelihood of more store visit Featuresstore locatormenuCouponorder in advance Mean for all samples1.582.111.742.35 Likely to shop more at CaribouNoYesNoYesNoYesNoYes mean1.541.591.542.312.091.622.912.16 p value0.430.0360.0460.028

16 H3: Application Usage

17 Results indicate iPhone users download more applications than other Smartphone users Average applications installed on iPhone compared to other Smartphone handsets

18 H4: Ordering via Mobile Test reveals that owning an iPhone handset does not make a person more likely to order coffee using their mobile phone

19 H4: Loyal vs. non-loyal

20 H5: Increase in Caribou Frequency Results indicate a statistical relationship between people who would use the order feature and an increase in their shopping frequency

21 Recommendation Two Phases Approach 1.Phase I – Standalone iPhone Based Application 2.Phase II - Standalone Android Based Application

22 Recommendation – Phase I Supporting Platform – iPhone Format – Standalone Application

23 Recommendation – Phase I Major Features 1.Store Locator 2.Order in Advance 3.Mobile Coupons 4.Online Menu

24 Recommendation – Phase II Supporting Platform – Android Format – Standalone Application

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