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Recording BlackBerry ® Smartphone Voice Calls © Voxsmart Ltd 2010 Strictly Private and Confidential The BlackBerry and RIM families of related marks, images.

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1 Recording BlackBerry ® Smartphone Voice Calls © Voxsmart Ltd 2010 Strictly Private and Confidential The BlackBerry and RIM families of related marks, images and symbols are the exclusive properties of and trademarks or registered trademarks of Research In Motion Limited – used by permission.

2 About Voxsmart…  UK company, over 4 years of development  ISV BlackBerry ® Alliance Select Member  5 BlackBerry ® voice applications  Orange Partner in UK  Deployed by a mobile carrier - StarHub Mobile (second largest carrier in Singapore)  Exclusive provider of mobile recording solutions to Orange Business Services Etrali worldwide

3  Fully integrates BlackBerry ® smartphones with voice recorders  No new hardware needed  Compulsory, Automatic or On Demand recording of calls  Proven in financial services  Simple to use and deploy  Recorded calls connect in 1- 4 seconds  Secure About VoxRecord

4 VoxRecord Requirements  BlackBerry ® smartphone O/S 4.2+  SIM with GSM conferencing enabled  BlackBerry Enterprise Server ® (Compliance only)  Active Voice Recorder

5 VoxRecord Options HIGH SECURITY ALL calls recorded If the recorder line drops, call terminated 8 Risk Alerts HIGH/MEDIUM SECURITY ALL calls are recorded If the recorder line drops, calls continue 8 Risk Alerts MEDIUM SECURITY ALL calls recorded User option to turn recording on/off from handset 10 Risk Alerts LOW SECURITY Recording is User Initiated No Risk Alerts VoxRecord Compliance VoxRecord Compliance2 VoxRecord Automatic VoxRecord On Demand Traders in Financial Services BCP Tool Doctors on Call, Emergency Services, Executives Anyone needing ad hoc recording VoxRecord Compliance1 VoxRecord Professional Compulsory Recording of User User Controls Recording

6  Calls connect (Incoming or Outgoing)  Screen goes blank for a second or two  VoxRecord locks the device to the recorder  Recording Active displayed on the installed device only  Call logs are sent over e-mail and/or HTTP POST VoxRecord Compliance and VoxRecord Automatic User Experience Call Comes in/out Call ConnectsRecording Initiated

7 1 1.During any call, the side convenience button pressed to start recording 2.Click ‘OK’ to confirm 3.Recording starts within a second or two… 23 VoxRecord On Demand User Experience

8 8 VoxRecord Architecture Active Trunk Side Recording BlackBerry® Enterprise Server Call Connects Voice Recorder Call Connects Mobile Voice Network VOICE CDR Data Post 1.VoxRecord is automatically triggered by any incoming or outgoing call 2.The application automatically connects the call to the designated voice recorder 3.Call metadata captured by HTTP post after call for audio file storage and retrieval 1 2 3

9 9 Transferring Call Data Records Other-Party CLI call data is collected either using HTTP POST, email or SMS for integration into the recorder’s call log database

10  Risk Management  Provides impartial, verifiable evidence of conversations in case of a dispute/investigation  Ensures accuracy of instructions  To deter and identify fraud  BCP  Use in emergency scenarios where recorded desk phones are unavailable  Enables staff to work securely from home eg pandemics, weather, transport issues  Regulatory compliance  FSA announcement expected in July 2010 to make recording of mobiles a requirement.  Norway’s financial regulator will require recording of all communications from 1 July 2010  Other financial regulators expected to follow Why Record Mobiles?

11 VoxRecord USPs

12 FSA Telephone Recording Requirements  FSA wants to deter insider trading  Recording landlines a requirement since March 2009. Mobiles exempt.  FSA published CP10/7 on removing mobile exemption in March 2010  It is expected recording of mobiles will become a requirement in 2011  FSA requirements affect 50,400 staff in banks, stockbrokers, fund managers, hedge funds etc  FSA said : “it seems unlikely to make regulatory sense to record landlines if you cannot cover mobile phones as well (otherwise one creates clear incentives to conduct illicit conversations through mobile phones, and the cost of installing and maintaining the fixed-line-only recording machine is incurred for no reason)”

13 Announcement from Norway’ s Financial Regulator, the Finanstilsynet, requiring recording of mobile and desk phone calls from 1 July 2010

14 VoxRecord Case Studies 1.Thesis Asset Management plc  Large UK asset management firm  Need to record telephone calls for FSA compliance and risk management  Recorded desk phones in satellite offices replaced by 25 BlackBerry 8900s  Looked at PBX based solutions but decided VoxRecord more cost effective and easier to use  Integrated VoxRecord with new voice recorder specifically for mobile calls  case study

15 VoxRecord Case Studies 2. Canaccord Adams  Canadian investment bank  London office records all desk phones of salesmen and traders for FSA compliance  Compliance officer insisted key mobiles need to be recorded where traders work away from their desks  Chose VoxRecord because more cost effective and easier to use than alternative technologies “With no new equipment to buy and no additional call costs, Voxsmart’s VoxRecord made recording our BlackBerry devices straightforward and also very inexpensive”. Chris Mann Head of IT, Canaccord Adams

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