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Cisco IP Phone Onslow County Schools VoIP Training.

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1 Cisco IP Phone Onslow County Schools VoIP Training

2 Description of Phones Cisco 7911 Display Scroll Menu Volume Soft keys Hold

3 Description of Phones Cisco 7942/7962 Scroll Display Features Volume Soft keys Line Buttons

4 Description of Phones Display: −The Display area is where you will see your extension. Line Buttons: (for 7942, and 7962) −Use these buttons to select which line on the phone to use. Every user has anywhere from 1 to 6 lines. Soft Keys: −These keys change their function according to what you are doing on the phone. Their function is identified in the LCD Display directly above the key. Scroll: −Use this button to scroll between various menus, fields and screens. Features: −Use these buttons to access various menus and/or voicemail.

5 School Extension List Each school has a two digit prefix for their 5 digit extension. Replace the xx with the two digit prefix for the school to get their 5 digit extension. Example: OCBOE’s two digit prefix is 20 IT Helpdesk is xx555 5 digit extension is 20555

6 School 2 Digit Prefix List LocationPrefix OCBOE 20 BFES23 BCES24 CEES26 DES27 HCES30 JCES32 MES35 NWES38 PWES41 QCES42 RPS43 RES44 LocationPrefix SRES46 SDES47 SWES48 SSES52 SBES53 TECC56 DMS28 HCMS31 JCMS33 NBMS36 NPMS39 SWMS49 SBMS54 LocationPrefix TMS57 DHS29 JHS34 NHS37 RHS45 SWHS50 SBHS55 WOHS58 Bus Garage21 OCLC40 CFES25 MVES22 STES51

7 3 Digit Suffix Front Desk xx000 Principal xx001 Asst. Principal(s) xx002 – xx004 Data Manager xx005 Media Center xx006 Secretary xx007 Cafeteria xx008 Nurse xx009 Guidance Dept Head xx010 Guidance Dept xx011 – xx014 Social Worker xx015 Bus Coordinator xx016 Classrooms xx(Room Number) If a school has phones in classrooms then the phone number for the phone will be xx plus the 3 digit room number. Example: room 100 = xx100

8 Using the Phone Dialing Numbers To dial 5 digit Extensions just dial the 5 digit number. To make calls Outside the District, you must first dial the number 9 and then the rest of the phone number. To make Long Distance Calls you must first dial 9 1 and then the rest of the phone number. To make International Calls first dial 9 0 1 1 and then the rest of the phone number. IMPORTANT: If you accidentally dial 911 stay on the line and tell them you dialed it on accident! Long distance and international calling is not available unless approved by a department head.

9 Using the Phone 7911 The 7911 phone has almost all of the features that the 7942 and 7962 phones have. The difference is you have to press the menu button and use the scroll button to select: settings, messages, directories, etc. Example: in order to go to the settings, press the Menu button then scroll to settings and press the select soft key.

10 Ring Volume To change the ring volume, follow these steps: Press the Volume button on the phone to the desired ring volume. This will change the ring volume for all future calls.

11 Features Directories There are four Directories on the phone. −Missed Calls −Received Calls −Placed Calls −Corporate Directory The Missed, Received, and Placed Calls directories can be cleared, however the Corporate Directory can never be cleared by a staff member.

12 Features Corporate Directory The Corporate Directory lists all staff members in the District and their 5 Digit Extension. To use the directory to find a personal phone number, follow these steps: −Press the Directories button on the phone. −Using the scroll button select the Corporate Directory. −Using the number pad and the corresponding letters on the numbers, enter either a partial or full first name, or last name of the person you are looking for in the system. −Then press the Search Soft Key button on the phone.

13 Features Corporate Directory −Your results will then be displayed and you can use the Scroll button to scroll through the names. −Once you have highlighted the name of the person you wish to call, you can pick up the handset of the phone. −The phone will automatically dial the number for you.

14 Features Corporate Directory −If you want to find every number at a school enter in the 2 digit extension in the number: field and press search.

15 Features Conversation Volume To change the volume of the conversation you are having while on the phone, follow these steps: −Press the volume button on the phone to the desired volume level. −To save the volume level for all future calls, press the Save Soft Key button after you have reached the desired volume level.

16 Call Transfer To Transfer a call while on the phone, follow these steps: −Press the (Transfer) Soft Key. −Using the number pad on the phone, enter the 5 digit extension of the person to whom the call should be transferred. −Press the (Transfer) Soft Key again. If you do not press the transfer key the second time, the phone call will not reach the intended person, instead you will be connected to the person whose extension you dialed.

17 Conference Calls To make a Conference Call please follow these steps: −Call the first party involved in the conference call. −While on the line with the first party, press the More Soft Key button on the phone. −Then press the CONFRN Soft Key button on the phone. −You will then hear dial tone. −Dial the phone number of the second party involved in the conference call. −Once the second party is connected, press the CONFRN Soft Key button. −All three lines will now be connected and able to talk together.

18 Voice Mail Not all staff members have access to voicemail. If a person doesn’t have voicemail, and they aren’t available to answer the phone, the call will be sent to the receptionist for him/her to take a message.

19 Voice Mail To access voicemail then press the messages button on your phone. −If it is the first time you are accessing your voice mail account, your password will be “612345”. −Follow all prompts and don’t hang up until it says you’re finished. If you hang up early it will not save your settings.

20 Call Park allows you to place a call on hold, so it can be retrieved from another phone. −While in an active phone call: Press the “more” soft key, then the “Park” soft key. −The call will be placed on hold, and you will be prompted with “Call park At ###”. −The ### will be a number. To Retrieve the call enter the number that showed up for “call park At ###” and press dial from any Cisco phone. Call Park

21 MCID (Malicious Caller ID) MCID – pressing the “MCID” soft key will flag the call as “malicious” and make information about the call be readily available. Press the “MCID” soft key while on the phone. NOTE: Still follow all previous steps regarding threatening phone calls, including calling the police immediately after the phone call ends.

22 QRT (Quality Reporting Tool) QRT – the QRT or Quality Report Tool collects streaming data about the phone call. Pressing this button during statically, or “Robot” sounding phone calls can help locate the source of the interference. To use, press “more” 2 times and then the “QRT” soft key. Follow this with an email to the IT department with your phone number, time of call and that you pressed the QRT key.

23 Troubleshooting If you are having any problems with your phone check these things before opening a work order. −Make sure the cable plugged into “SW” goes to the wall network jack not a PC. −Computers are plugged into the “PC” Port. −Press ( settings **#** ) this will reset your phone. −If the screen isn’t powered on check the power cable.

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